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"I shall guide you, shape you, for I am the future."

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a character in “The Human-Hybrid War”, as played by Binsetsu



Name: W.H.I.S.P.E.R. abbreviated to simply WHISPER without punctuation for ease when communicating. The acronym stands for: Wired, High, Intelligence, Special, Personnel, Effectiveness Reinforcement.
Age: 8
Organization: UHO Military Research and Development
Rank: None, WHISPER is an artificial intelligence.

Description: WHISPER is an AI developed entirely for the purpose of enhancing the performance of young and inexperienced mech pilots on the field. To WHISPER, its existence is to correct flaws in pilots personalities and to enhance their capability of using the complex systems of mechs. Its real body is a relatively good example of a common AI core, just bigger. The ‘public face’ it portrays to its charges is that of a glowing, vaguely humanoid, blue head, with glowing eyes. Apparently, the somewhat unsettling appearance does not interfere but in fact enhances its ability to perform its prime directive.

Personality: WHISPER is a unique AI , as it is completely self-aware. It can think for itself and even learn should the situation call for it. In order to carry out it prime directive, it is highly versed in human, and by extension hybrid, psychology and knows how best to influence both psyches. Its personality can best be described as manipulative, as its main goal is to manipulate pilots in order to erase their fear on the battlefield and allow them to perform better. However, its creators have stated that WHISPER was a failed product and could be described in terms of human psychology as ‘insane’. The UHO brass has dismissed these claims, saying that an AI could never truly be insane as it functions only to the limits of its pre-programmed directives, but insane could still be a good adjective to describe its personality. It is known to be highly zealous when it comes to preparing inexperienced pilots and has on many occasions driven them insane. It also seems to relish bloodshed, combat and war, though those are likely results of its prime directive.



Model: DB-SM 01a
Series: Experimental S.U.M. Project “Disintegrator”
Nickname: “Bloodlust”
Overall Height: 23 Metres
Base Weight: 8 Metric Tons
Full Weight: 11 Metric tons
Armour Materials: Trillanium Alloy
Shielding: Experimental High Density Energy Emitters.
Power plant: Experimental Star-fusion core, output unrated, theoretical limit placed at 195.923 KW, though the ouput potential is considered limitless.
Propulsion: 4X Garlov Industries “Supreme” Boosters
5x Garlov Industries “Booster” Medium Thrusters
24X Garlov Industries “Manoeuvrability” Micro-thrusters
Performance: Untested, tests suggest at least 6,5G while accelerating at full thruster and booster output.
Equipment: 1X Garlov-Himiko Technologies Experimental Molecular Disintegrator Blade.
2X Garlov Industries High Frequency Vibration Claws
1X Trillanium Alloy Shield
Special Equipment: Himiko Technologies Experimental Battle Analysis and Assistance AI: WHISPER
Himiko Technologies Experimental S.U.M. “Slave Master” System

Description: The DB-SM 01a is the brain child of some of the greatest minds in the UHO. An experimental S.U.M. whose theoretical origins can be traced back to times even before the war. It’s true origin, lies with both its unique blade and power plant and to truly understand this masterpiece of war, one must understand those components first.

The Star-fusion core, once considered a theoretical fancy for both human and hybrid theoretical physicists, is exactly what it says on the tin. A reactor core which has mimicked the unique properties of a star. While the very concept of the fusion core is exactly that, the Star-fusion core has taken it a step further and succeeded in mimicking a star much more closely than any reactor core before. Although its inventor, Dr. R. Weinz called it a miniature star, it is a misnomer, though the comparison is apt in creating a proper image of the sheer power of the Star-fusion core. It could potentially generate near-infinite amounts of energy and a single Star-fusion core could power a ship ten times that of an average UHO carrier and still have energy left to spare. Research into making the Star-fusion core applicable to modern day life however, ground to a halt when researchers were incapable of rectifying its debilitating stability issues.

The molecular disintegrator blade finds its roots in similar origins. Although never considered an impossibility, the weapon was considered inhumane and far too dangerous to ever produce. However, when the UHO began expecting a war with the IHA, they produced the weapon anyway, hoping it would give them an edge in the war. It didn’t. In practice, the molecular disintegrator blade is actually nothing like a blade. Even though the blade is shaped like a sword, its edges are blunt and rounded, leaving little capability for cutting. Yet, the molecular disintegrator blade is capable of cutting through any known material with ease. So far, only Trillanium Alloy has been capable of resisting the blade, if only for a split second. This immense cutting ability actually comes from energy waves consisting of disruptive non-harmonic energy fired in rapid succession, that excite molecules to the point that it breaks the bonds that holds the constituent atoms together. In simpler terms, it uses massive amounts of energy to destroy matter on a molecular level. Unfortunately for the UHO, the weapon devours energy, making it impossible to fit the weapon on conventional mechs and even later S.U.M. models and its fabrication costs were so prohibitive that building a larger version to mount of ships would be impossible financially. This combination of unfortunate events made the weapon useless.

One can now easily see that these two objects were a match made in heaven. A core that exudes near infinite amounts of energy and a weapon that devours energy at an alarmingly high rate. When a joint effort of Garlov Industries and Himiko Technologies finally acquired both of these objects, they immediately set to work on a S.U.M. prototype that utilize these two unique objects. Using the unique blade design, the S.U.M. was capable of cutting through any form of defence created so far and by using the excess energy from the Star-fusion core the machine could even project fields of extremely dense energy for short periods of time, capable of blocking nearly all conventional weaponry. Although they were capable of building a S.U.M. of power far beyond that of their competitors, it was inherently flawed. The S.U.M.’s immense power output ensured that any operator trying to pilot it would suffer immense G-forces, knocking them out within minutes of beginning movement tests with the craft. This was fixed by making a special flight suit that resisted these G-forces.

Then they were met with another problem. The S.U.M.’s Star-fusion core burned so hot, that it burned the operator to death within 10 minutes of activation. To counter this, more adjustments were made to the suit, enhancing it to also resist extreme heat. Yet it was not enough. The third problem were its core and weapon. Even though the molecular disintegration blade drained immense amounts of energy from the core, it wasn’t enough. The core overheated and nearly exploded during a routine test, leaving scientists in charge to determine that the core only had a 30 minute window in which it could operate safely and would reach irreversible core melt-down after just an hour. To make matters worse, the blade’s unique property of destroying on a molecular level turned out to be flawed as well. Although the weapon most certainly did as expected and more, it actually slowly destroyed itself while it was active. Scientists estimated that the weapon would completely disintegrate itself after just 45 minutes of use.

But still they persisted. After comparing the S.U.M.’s specs with that of the other S.U.M. prototypes the development team decided the raw potential of this machine would mean it would never be incapable of finishing off the enemy within a 30 minute window. But its fourth and final flaw would shelve the project forever. The S.U.M. was simply to powerful. There was no pilot, hybrid or human, who could ever effectively pilot the craft. The development team even repurposed an AI called WHISPER to assist the operator in managing the S.U.M. WHISPER was originally designed to assist and psychologically stimulate new pilots in an attempt to eliminate their fear of death and killing. They converted the AI, despite the fact that WHISPER was considered a absolutely flawed AI which destroyed a pilot’s sanity. The idea was a hail Mary and they were desperate enough to try anything. The fact that WHISPER was the only AI designed to be installed in a mech that had such outstanding pilot assisting capabilities made it the only option left to the development team. It was a disaster. At least 3 test operators were driven into an insane frenzy and the S.U.M. had to be shut down remotely to stop their rampage. Dozens of lives and hundreds of thousands of credits were lost trying to integrate WHISPER into the S.U.M. but they never overcame its initial flaw. The S.U.M. now had three different methods with which it could kill the pilot. UHO high command demanded the project be stopped and its blueprints destroyed. Only the “Bloodlust” and two frameworks for that machine remain of this once ambitious project.


Model: DB-SM 01b
Series:Experimental S.U.M. Project “Disintegrator”
Nickname: “Slave”
Overall Height: 22 Metres
Base Weight: 4 Metric Tons
Full Weight: 4,1 Metric Tons
Armour Materials: No Armour. Frame is made out of Ultra Flexible Composite Mercurium-Trillanium Alloys.
Power plant: Garlov Industries Ultra-Compact S.U.M. Fusion Core. Power output rated at 1982 KW.
Propulsion: 4X Garlov Industries “Supreme” Boosters
5x Garlov Industries Medium Thrusters
Performance: Maximum Thruster Acceleration 2,3G
Equipment: 1X Garlov Industries High Frequency Vibration Blade
Special Equipment: Himiko Technologies Experimental S.U.M. “Slave” System
Description: The “Slave” version of the DB-SM 01 models are actually spare parts welded together to form a makeshift S.U.M. Although they are equipped with everything needed to make a S.U.M. move, they possess none of the other features. There is no armour plating affixed to the frame, nor is there an operator suite. It doesn’t even have any weapons beyond a single high frequency blade. Naturally, these makeshift S.U.M.s are next to useless in combat, or they would be, were it not for the Experimental “Slave” system. Using this system, these S.U.M.s can be controlled remotely by the “Slave Master” of the system. Currently, the master of the system is Bloodlust’s AI WHISPER and it controls these machines from a distance to assist the Bloodlust. Although they have no armour, their frame is made from a highly flexible composite Trillanium-Mercurium alloy, which allows it to bend in ways no other mech or S.U.M. is capable off. In practice, this allows these machines to dodge shots in ways impossible for other S.U.M.s and attack from strange angles. It’s extremely light weight for a S.U.M. and lack of a human pilot to be concerned about allows it to reach extreme speeds. Currently, there are 2 functional Slaves.

So begins...