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Xavier Dietrich Niedhart

German-born Xavier was a field engineer. His veteran days made technology a second nature for him. Now he lends his talents to the IHA.

0 · 137 views · located in Year: 3254

a character in “The Human-Hybrid War”, as played by blobber101


He is a dirty blonde with dark blue eyes. Sporting combat boots and a jacket make him that much more intimidation. He wears fighting gloves and has tanned skin.


Quiet and understanding, he is quick to pick a fight. He is very aggressive and usually would show no mercy. He's the kind of guy that would rarely take prisoners. He lurks in the shadows waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. He talks only when he needs to.


He carries a holstered 9mm on his left side. He also has a small knife on the inside of his boot. His rucksack contains assorted repair and circuitry items.


He had no friends as a kid, but he enjoyed that. He sat, played, and worked alone. But, there was a girlfriend, Jenniffer Asters. His heart was broken when he was separated from her due to the war. Jumping back to his teens, he served for ten years in the army as a field engineer. Now he's a rogue, away from society.

So begins...

Xavier Dietrich Niedhart's Story


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#, as written by Polka
All Arba's ships weapons had been disabled... great.

The best course of action would be to retreat in this case, her whole fleet were outnumbered and there was no need to use the back up generator to turn on the weapons.

Just as Arba went to send a transmission to the opposing army a face appeared before her. The opposing fleets leader she assumed as the feed was fuzzy for the first few seconds. It wasn't until half way through the transmission that his face became recognizable. Her blood ran cold, panic gripped her body like a snake binding its prey. She could feel the fear rushing through every vein. He had been there watching the whole time.

It had been exactly a year since the time in which Arba had been captured for questioning by the UHO. Most of her mind had blocked out the terrorizing memories of hot iron being branded across her body but his face brought it all back.

The fear only lasted for a second before she heard a crew member shouting that the higher ups suggested that the retreat would be wise. However, this was not the plan that Arba had in mind, in fact she wasn't thinking with a 'captains head' rather a young frightened girl who was feeling brave. Rage consumed every fiber before she entered the commands to restore her back up generator. Her voice screamed loudly over the Com System. Most of it inaudible screams but one world that could be heard was something about killing that Bastard. She gripped her controls in front of her and began frantically pressing the fire button in Lev's direction.

The crew were worried. Their usual calm and collected captain had became a mess withing two minutes and she was now endangering the entire fleet and the mission at hand.

Tear's of fear and angers dripped across her scarred face, she didn't care about anything other than killing him. She was however, unaware that her own camera had been switched on so her crew could see everything in fact this was a live feed that was sent to every S.U.M any neighboring ship and her commanders.

She placed one of her hands onto a mat that could read skin imprints whilst using the other to keep shooting. Once the system read her imprints it brought up a small silver button which had access to the larger lasers.

Before she had the time to press the button she felt a small prick in her neck before drifting into darkness.
The order had been from above. Inject her and bring her back for questioning. And for God's sake retreat.