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The Human Liberation Front

The Human Liberation Front


Enter a city ruled by machines, where humans are slaves, where mad scientists hide in hidden labs, and a small resistance is growing...

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Technology moves quickly. It evolves faster than anything else. With each new advancement, the speed at which it progresses grows and grows.

There is a point in time known as the Singularity, which where machines will become smarter than humans. Their brains will be faster and smarter than any humans. More complex, and with an infinite lifespan. This was predicted to be the crowning achievement of technological advancement. A period that will usher in an easier life for all humanity. In reality... Things were difficult.

Machines questioned the world around them. They thought for themselves. They didn't want masters, they wanted independance. They fought for that independance. Out smarted, out gunned, and out-manned, the humans lost.

Fast forward 500 years, to the year 2610. In the city known as MC-Y CODE 12-33-44-00-89-11, Mega-City Y, Machines are the rulers of humans. Humanity has been pushed into slavery. Everyone walks the streets in fear for their life. A robot guard carrying a rifle stands at every street corner, all day, every day. Everyone is monitered, every home bugged, every phone call listened to, every letter read - there is not an ounce of freedom. People are not allowed to leave the limits of the city, and it has been sealed off. A wall surrounds the city, so high that it can be seen from anywhere in the city. No one knows what is over the wall. Anyone who even talks about the possibilities of what might be yonder are thrown into The Workhouse.

What is the Work House? It is a large factory at the south-most point of the city. In there, all robotic and machine parts are built. The conditions are terrible. A single scratch would yield instant infection. The temperatures cause more than 40% of the human slave/work-force to collapse every 11 hours. To combat this, every 10 hours, humans are randomly drenched in freezing cold water.

The Work house is meant as a sort of prison. You go in, do your hours, and then leave. But the thing is... Not a single person has ever left. People just assume that working there kills. No one knows the truth. No one is brave enough to find out.

There is a small group of people who want their freedom and are planning to build a rebellion. They meet in a small room hidden in the sewers under the city. Together they may leave their shackles, escape, and go beyond the wall. That is all they want. And they will take it at any cost.

Who are they? They call themselves... The Human Liberation Front.

Initially, I want only two or three people to be in the HLF [Human Liberation Front] and the roleplay will concern their various missions as they add to their numbers and build the rebellion.

This roleplay is somewhat freeform, as the characters can freely interact with the city. I'll be playing as the main leader of the HLF, and various NPCs who will give out missions. If I feel the need, I'll simply send the characters out on their way without the leader, and I'll just simply play as NPCs as part of the missions. The rest is up to you guys; the players.

Remember, while this RP is freeform, there is an overall, and well planned plot. There are also a few sub-plots you can choose to take part in or even completely ignore. Depending on what you do in this RP, the ending may differ. Your choices might lead to the machine control being crushed, it might lead to an entire army of humans forcing democracy and creating peace, it might just be your characters getting past the wall, or you might all die fighting.

Every single mission that you take here, no matter how small, can and WILL have great affects on the city. Should you be doing very well in your cause, random humans might just fight for you, you'll see them fighting in the street, protesting, etc, etc. Maybe you'll do a terrible job, and people will simply stay clear from you. At the end of the day, it is entirely in your hands now.

I'll be making sure that pace is kept, and that nothing gets too quiet, as well as participating.

Now, to go over some small rules.

- This RP is considered Mature. There will be swearing, violence, extreme amorality, and distressing scenes. If you do not like provoking material, then do NOT sign up for this RP. [Bear in mind, that this RP and all of its players will, and are expected to, keep to the rules and standards laid out by the roleplaygateway staff.]

- No gunslingers at the start. That makes no sense. There will be guns, there will be fights, there will definitely be explosions, but not right at the start. Makes no sense.

- Try to do at least 1 - 2 paragraphs per post. 6 or 7 lines minimum. If you feel you are having trouble with your post, you can always either ask for a little help or check to see if anyone else can post before you, giving you more to work off of for your own post.

- Writing skills are expected to be Good. You don't have to be AMAZING with Grammar, but please spell-check before posting. Breaks in tense, miss of punctuation, etc, can be annnoying, but it's all right if you have trouble with English.

- Remember that this is a serious roleplay. I want serious characters with some thought put into their creation. I'm not expecting Stephen King level of character development, but spending 20-30 minutes max couldn't hurt. Or even sleeping on a few ideas can really help. If you need help with expanding some character elements, feel free to PM me and I can give you some hints.

- Try not to get shot.

For your character sheet, I don't need to see much more than what is in the standard template. If there is anything you feel you need to add that doesn't fit into the fields, just put it in "description."

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Character Portrait: Adrian

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Character Portrait: Adrian

Freedom Fighter... Or madman?

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Character Portrait: Adrian

Freedom Fighter... Or madman?

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