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The Humanitarian Club

The Humanitarian Club


When a 'cure' is finally found for a terrible disease, the 'cure' turns out to have unexpected side effects.... These gifted humans now have to be taught how to control their abilities by the Humanitarian Club.

770 readers have visited The Humanitarian Club since Bleh~ created it.


Once there was a time we could walk with another. What happened? When did you start becoming... a monster?

The Disease:

The sun was shining harshly as the clock hit high noon. Normally, the pools would be packed, screams of laughter from cold water from balloons or hoses would be heard across the neighborhood, but yet barely a noise echoed through the dead streets filled with broken cars and dead bodies. Worldwide the same was for every town on every street in every city, but there in only few houses lived survivors of this deadly disease, in once was one of the busiest towns in America became a small camp out in the New York Time Square. Only 5 years ago, an unknown epidemic occurred in a small farm in Myra, Demre, Turkey where a sheep had fallen ill and died, so they had butchered it and shipped it out. One of the younger workers on their way home on a bus had started coughing and got a headache, over few days of time he started to get the chills, feel light headed, dizzy, nauseous, fatigue, runny nose, and caught a fever of around 100.4- 102.3, and his 3 year old daughter had caught the same thing. When he got off the bus and went home a week after starting to feel sick and getting better, his daughter collapsed and started foaming out of the mouth and writhing on the floor until she had no heartbeat. When the medical examiners opened her body and all of the organs were destroyed or deteriorated. But the days before this, the meat they shipped out had reached its destinations of Sacramento, Phoenix, Houston, and Kolkata where at the restraunts of Paromount(in Kolkata), Ambrosia Cafe(in Sacramento), Hacienda De Sol(in Houston), and Hyott Regency(in Phoenix), many adults had started to spread the disease, but only infants of age 0-5 seemed to be dying most often of the unknown disease. It grew slowly, creeping in on humanity with quiet steps and hushed breathing. Slowly, ever so slowly, the human race began to break apart. People were moving away from cities, for fear that the massive populations were helping the spread of disease. Doctors and scientists value were increased, lighting the spark for a new age of medical and scientific advances. The problems of the old world were dealt with, fossil fuels replaced, and the thing called ‘cancer’ was tamed and was used for assisting against alzheimers, and war was a thing of the past. And finally, after numerous testings on animals and artificial human cells, the Scientific Commute finally came up with a Cure.

The Kids:

Five newborn babies were randomly chosen out of the multitudes expected to die. They were given the Cure, and within minutes their symptoms have all but vanished. Now, after that their families whisked them away in a parade of celebration and hope. Finally! A prototype for salvation! Unable to stop the what was left of the media, soon the whole world knew of the five young that had survived their birth, the first checkpoint you had to pass in the journey that was surviving the disease. The way each kid was raised differed, but one thing remained the same. For the first years of their lives, they were treated with the highest care and regards. However, despite everything, there were many who refused to believe in the Cure. They had to eat their words when the five five year-old kids were publicly presented as healthy, meeting each other for the first time since they were cured. But that was the last time they would see each other, for the government wanted them only to come together when a public statement was needed. So the five grew up separated, as different from one another as can be.

And from everyone else, for that matter.

Thanks the the side effects of the cure, the kids were uncontrollable. During private classes (the kids were forbidden to go to public school) their ‘special talents’ would explode periodically. Sometimes they would appear to be triggered by something, other times for no apparent reason. Teachers would quit almost as soon as they signed on, though one commendably managed to stick with his student for a whole month! As a result the children never really had an adult to look up too, as their parents were either busy with work, fending off the press, or basking in the money and fame gifted to them by the government. Eventually it got to the point even the stubborn scientists admitted the Cure was a failure unless the children could get control over their, well just going to up and say it, powers. And since no human has ever had powers, they were forced to turn to the Others for help.

The Others

We have been shunned by humans throughout the years. Our one race had broken into many, and our power has been scattered among them. We have divided ourselves further, refusing to acknowledge the other clans as our brothers and sisters. The humans have greater numbers and stronger weapons, and as such they have forced us into the worst corners of the land. While there was a time we could have triumphed against them, that time is over. But this disease, it offers us a new chance. With the humans weakened, this is our time. We have to do something before this ‘Cure’ has it’s way. Will we strive for equality, or seek revenge?

Now, the Others were always a small race. While there was a time when the Others and humans walked hand in hand, but then the Others decided, in the early days of humanity, to dominate their fellow race. The humans, not having any weaponry or any other means to defy them, were forced to submit. The Others, once named after the Babylonian word for ‘friend’, soon became known as, for lack of a better word, gods.

So the Others ruled over humans, spreading out over the ages, and forming their own little groups and clans. But then, surprise, surprise, humanity grew stronger. They began to discard the Other ways, turning instead towards a God not of the Others. Their way of life began to deteriorate. At best, they were feared guardians of the forests of old, but only a few could be that lucky. While some of the more privileged became known as 'demons’ and 'angels’, others were degraded to the point where their only powers were to tie knots in a maidens’s hair and sour the milk. Some, even, lost their ‘humanity’ completely. A sea god of old was downgraded to a mer, and then, depending on his nature, to a sea-monster or human talented in swimming. It was thanks to these kinds of humans that any peace between the two races could be found. The Others were viewed as second class citizens, shunned and scoffed at. They had a whole set of rules regarding their powers set up in such a way that not only could they not have equal rights, but would never be able to use their abilities for the benefit of their people. The Others were divided into clans, a good example being the exceptionally powerful Kitsune Clan with mafia-like tendencies. Another would be the Sidhe Clan, renowned for it’s contributions to the world of science and underground architecture.

However, with every generation the Others takes a step away from their old powers and traditions, instead heading closer and closer to humanity. Even those clans that had once turned to beasts, have started to take human forms. It takes more and more effort to keep their original, monstrous forms.

And yet, despite all of this, the pride of the Others still stands. An antique and sacred tradition, all their young is sent there to learn, make a name for themselves, and find their perfect mate. The future life of every Other hinges on their performance in this place, this school. Or, more specifically, the Festival. During this 24-hour long event, there will be a series of contests the decide the value of every single student, marking his or her status permanently for the rest of his or her life. All students attend their first Festival at the age of 15, and attend each one annually until they graduate. Altogether, these four Festivals are called ‘The Four Days of Trial’. And where to you prepare for the trial of your lives? Where, as an Other, do you learn about your heritage and powers? The Universal-T, named after the legend of being built to protect time and space from a forgotten enemy.

You can guess where the five humans are going to be sent.

The Universal-T:

Dear Headmaster,
We, of the Science Commute and of the United Nations, would like to request the admittance of five humans into your school. We understand that this had never happened before, but considering the special abilities of these humans, we are sure you will make an exception. Of course, considering the unfortunate circumstance the Vampire Clan is in, this could be your family’s salvation if we manage to make these children a success.

-The Science Commute and United Nations

The Vampire Clan, the remains of the long-dead Demon Clan, has been on the decline for quite some time now. An aristocratic bunch, they have always been fairly powerful politically and in combat. But, there has been a food shortage ever since the Disease broke out, and the vampire’s population has dropped alongside that of the humans. They are basically the only ones who support the ‘Cure’. Traditionally, a vampire has always held the position of Headmaster, a very weighty and influential political position in the Other society. Though outside the school he upped by the Alpha, the leader of the Others, on matters of the school he is the supreme voice. And when the Headmaster agreed to the request of the Science Commute and United Nations, despite the uproar and outrage from almost every clan, he was not to be stopped. For he, the Headmaster, loves to eat humans, and would hate to see them die out.


There are three branches in the Universal-T. The First Branch, Second Branch, and Last Branch. Now, for this roleplay we will be focusing on the Last Branch, the rough equivalent of high school for the Others. But not really. It’s like grades, there is first grade, second grade, and then third grade. Within your branch, the only time you’re separated based on age is during the Festival, when certain events have age restrictions. And, unlike normal schools, once you finally hit the Last Branch, the teachers no longer care about giving you a rounded education. Their job is to pick a few things your good at (you have no say in this), then train you extensively in those few subjects/arts. Their job is to make you as successful as possible, not to make you happy. However, in order to give students a way to express themselves, the Clubs become available upon reaching Last Branch. For example, if you liked photography, but wasn’t really good at it, you could join the Photography Club. Students typically spend almost all of their time with their clubs, as each club has the same dorm buildings, eating areas, punishments, and training areas along with actual club time.

So, the Headmaster took advantage of this club system and used one of the many powers reserved for the Headmaster to do something rarely done; create a new club. The Humanitarian Club, designed to help the coming humans adjust to the school life at the Universal-T. Especially since there has never been a new student at the Universal-T, and there was no systems in place for welcoming strangers into the ranks of those who had been attending since they were five years old, or First Branchers.

Doing this encouraged a great curiosity among the students of the Last Branch. But after the first inspecting looks at the club brochure, the whole populace retreated in haste. Help the humans!? Why? Humans shouldn’t even be here in the first place! And if anyone even wanted to join, their wish was crushed by the peer pressure against the club. The Student Council, surprisingly, was the most set against the club, refusing to schedual club events or include it in the school’s budgeting system. So, the Headmaster was forced to become the personal secretary for the Humanitarian Club, and he randomly chose four students to join the club, another one of the many powers reserved for the Headmaster. He then not-so-randomly selected two other students, one to be the leader of the club, and another because he was pissing the Headmaster off and no other other punishment seemed to faze this student.

Plot Conflicts:
(this section will be edited and information will be added during the course of the roleplay)

What keeps a story running? The conflict, always the conflict!

General disagreement within the Humanitarian Club!
The humans have been raised to view the Others as seedy, low slung criminals. Meanwhile, the Others all generally think of the humans as un-intelligent, weak racists. Not only that, but their personalities will collide, along with the fact that the whole school looks down on their club.

The Student Council!
Is trying to kill, maim, or otherwise do everything in their power to bring down the Humanitarian Club without ruining their own reputation. Though, for now, all those things would gain them respect in the student body’s eyes.

The legend behind the name of the Universal-T is true!
Wait, what!?

The Old Power is hidden somewhere in the school!
Oh yes. A power worthy of the ‘gods’ of old. In it, lies the downfall of the humans and the salvation of the Others.

The Journalism Club!
A meddling club, really. Known for causing quite a lot of problems....

The Festival!
Oh yes, the Festival. It will be the climax and conclusion of our roleplay, and it takes place in about three months, on the winter solstice.

Other Club/School Events!
Checkpoints in the roleplay, every one of them will trigger the surprising or reveal the unexpected.

And most importantly...

The other side effect!
What is it? What does it do? Well, let’s just say this will be revealed in time, but they say the Secretary of the Student Council might know.

Character Slots: (accepting)

The Humans!

Girl 1- (reserved)
She has a particularly uncontrollable power, resulting in many staff injuries of those around her. One day was especially bad, resulting in 57 casualties. This is what triggered the decision to send the five to school.

Girl 2- (reserved)
She grew up in a family insisting she was normal, despite all contrary evidence. She has had the most normal childhood out of the five, but as a result she is the most unprepared for the Universal-T.

Boy 1- (reserved)
He was the result of a one night stand, and his mother died giving birth to him. Consequently, he was adopted by the Science Commute. He grew up in a life behind bars and experimented on, and is only now being let out for the Universal-T.

Boy 2- (reserved)
His parents were greedy, greedy politicians, selling their healthy son when he was born for power and riches. Since he was healthy when he received the cure, he grew up physically weak, but his powers are perhaps the strongest in the group.

Girl/Boy 3- (deciding)
Their history is open for creativeness! Impress us!

The Others!

[Humanitarian Club]

Leader- (open!)
(for especially dedicated rpers only)
Chosen by his uncle to lead the club, for two reasons. The Headmaster has direct authority over him, and as a vampire he will hopefully not want to kill the humans.

The Delinquent Dragon- (reserved)
(for especially dedicated rpers only)
Twin to the Student Council President, in line for the family title. A mess of wrong-doings and other offences, xe is on every teachers watch list. Recently, xe has taken to pestering the Headmaster. Of course, now xe’s paid for it.

Kitsune- (open!)
~A kitsune is a nature spirit with fox-like appearances. Though they can no longer take a complete fox form, they can transform into a more spirit-like state with fox ears and tail

Skinwalker- (open)
~Stories of old say the skinwalkers could once take animal form, but now they are limited to changing their appearance. However, the can basically alter themselves to look however they choose.

Sidhe- (open!)
~They were once the guardians of the old, but the Sidhe has been reduced to living underground. They are a kind of mix between elves and fairies, the Sidhe possess strong nature magic and even wings on occasion.

_____- (open!)
You get to pick!

[Student Council]

The President- (taken)
A dragon, with dragon temper to match. Is furious that his twin gets to be the heir, even though nobody knows who’s older.

The Vice President- (closed, will open when Humanitarian spaces are filled)
Something mysterious about this person....

The Secretary- (npc for us gms)
Keeps the Student Council in power thanks to her physic skills. A mermaid.

Treasurer- (closed, will open when Humanitarian spaces are filled)
Why is someone like this on the Student Council!?


The Headmaster- (npc for us gms)

Teachers- (closed, but will open when Humanitarian spaces are filled)
Though we have no set slots yet....

The Journalism Club- (npc for us gms)

*If you have any other ideas, pm Flippy or me!*

Code: Select all
[size=150]NAME HERE[/size]


(boy? girl?)

(15-19, all humans are 16 going on 17 soon)

(human girl 1? kitsune?)

[b]Physical Description[/b]
(what’s not in the picture? what kind of clothes does xe wear? why? what do people first notice about xe?)

(these two are together because I want a reason why your character is the way xe is, of course, there are some personality traits one is born with)

(if xe doesn’t have one, then what’s xe’s type?)

(at least 4)

(at least 4)

(humans can only have one power, and remember they can’t control it very well yet so you need to include what xe can do [to be updated accordingly] and what xe will eventually be able to do when trained, make sure your power has limitations if needed)

(what’s xe’s style? their opinions of fighting? what can they do? what weapons do they use? no being a super-amazing fighter without proper history, delinquent and kitsune will be good in this)

(a few things your character is good at that will be their classes)


(anything else?)

Toggle Rules


1. No bullying- Absolutely NO bullying. Which is punching, kicking, spitting, threatening, taking lunch money/lunch, etc. While this is certainly going to happen in the roleplay (we support violence) please keep the OOC nice and friendly! ^-^

2. No weapons- Knives, guns, etc. etc. are not permitted... except during training.

3. You may only enroll 2 students. This is not recommended, though, and will only be allowed if your second student is a small role that won’t distract you from your bigger roles.

4. Romance is encouraged, but if you're about to do anything... weird, just don’t say it here! o.O

5. No controlling other peoples characters. However, we, as the GMs, reserve the right to control small actions for the sake of keeping order if need be.

6. Dont kill off other peoples characters without their permission! But, if needed, we GMs will use our infinite powers and... kick you out. Which means killing you.

7. Girls can go into boys dorms, but boys can't go into girls dorms (we don't trust all these men

8. If you are joining, be committed and don’t just up and leave.

9. Speaking of leaving, if you’re going to be gone for any significant period of time, please let us know!

10. Have fun! Where I can be scary and mean, Flippy is very nice!

NOTE: WHILE IT CAN BE FOR ANY LEVEL AND THIS IS A BEGINNER-FRIENDLY ROLEPLAY, please have good grammar and decent sized posts?

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Character Portrait: Anabelle Flandoris
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Character Portrait: Ceilas Saerell
Ceilas Saerell

"Humans, huh? Inferior creatures, but perhaps I can use them...." WIP

Character Portrait: Mizu Tenshi
Mizu Tenshi

"I love my technology. Without it, I am nothing."

Character Portrait: Anabelle Flandoris
Anabelle Flandoris

"I don't want no one on my bad side this year... hopefully."

Character Portrait: Azura Hunter
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Character Portrait: Dunkelzahn

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Character Portrait: Azura Hunter
Azura Hunter

"Uh...Hi..." She smiles slightly.

Character Portrait: Anabelle Flandoris
Anabelle Flandoris

"I don't want no one on my bad side this year... hopefully."

Character Portrait: Ceilas Saerell
Ceilas Saerell

"Humans, huh? Inferior creatures, but perhaps I can use them...." WIP

Character Portrait: Mizu Tenshi
Mizu Tenshi

"I love my technology. Without it, I am nothing."

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