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It's shiny...

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a character in “The Humanitarian Club”, as played by XianEvermor


Night Fang


Gender Female

Age 17

Role Delinquent Dragon

Physical Description
Beautiful. Almost haunting, in fact. Zahn is tall and shapely, and not imposing at all until she's smashing concrete with her fists, or throwing cafeteria tables at people. She has brilliant amber eyes with slitted pupils, and though the power of the draconic gaze to paralyze and hypnotize anyone who makes eye contact is largely gone, it can still be quite unsettling to lock eyes with her. She has a mass of long black hair that, when unbound, falls nearly to her thighs. One could argue that her hair is the human equivalent to a tail: it seems to have a mind of its own and often blows or sways in contrary directions if left to its own devices. She spends a fortune in hair care products to keep it soft and shiny, and usually spends the effort to wrestle it into a long braid when she has the time. Her skin is pale, almost glowing. If she were to have scales, it would be safe to assume they'd be silver. Her nails are long and sharp, and glint brightly if the light hits them just so. It's because they're made of a material similar in structure to diamonds, however it's a rare day when she hasn't painted her nails some other color... she likes blue. Tattooed on her back and shoulders are arcane circles scribed in the ancient language of dragons. This same script runs down the length of her arms and down her spine.

Due to her elevated body temperature, her normal comfort zone is almost 40 degrees higher than a normal human. So while you sit pretty and comfortable at a balmy 75 degrees, she is blue and shivering. To combat this, Zahn does everything in her power to control the thermostat, even if it means defending it with violence... she also wears a lot of heavy, insulating clothing. On a typical sunny day, she can be found wearing a long black coat with a heavy winter liner in it over a long sleeve shirt, and sometimes with thermals underneath. She does love her skirts, though, and usually wears a skirt with slits up to her hip on either side to allow for mobility, with some kind of insulating liner underneath. She can often be found wearing thermal tights on her legs and tall leather boots. When the temperature allows, she can be found wearing a low-backed dress which reveals her tattoos. She never, ever wears anything that restricts her movement.

Affectionate. Stand offish. Lovable. Hateful. Cheery. Stormy. Cute. Infuriating. Happy. Enraged. Bubbly. Depressed. Ah... adolescence. Zahn wasn't always the pretty girl: in fact draconic children tend to be quite chunky, fat even. It's because the metabolism of a young dragon is a raging maelstrom of barely contained chaos. They must literally eat every hour to maintain their body weight. A healthy draconic child can lose as much as ten pounds over night while sleeping! Because of this she was often teased by the other children about her weight. Chunky-Dunky is what she was called, and the other kids never really let it go. Well, it's not unusual for dragons to have rapid growth spurts as they hit adolescence, so Dunkelzahn almost literally transformed overnight.

She was unrecognizable. Who is that new student? Why have we never noticed her before? Dude, you should go talk to her! More than one boy went to the infirmary with severe burns that day.

And this is where it began. You see, puberty affects everyone differently, especially dragons. Females are prone to sudden and violent mood swings and there's no telling what will set her off. In a single day she can hit every extreme and any point in between with no rhyme or reason. There is one exception: dragons don't menstruate, they go into heat, and during these few days she's the most affectionate, cute, person in the world, who loves everybody! Unfortunately, dragons also don't settle into a stable cycle until they start to push into adulthood so these days are sometimes few and far between, and sometimes back to back. Male dragons are prone to the same kinds of mood swings, but fortunately they don't fly quite as far off the scale.

This is also part of the source of the enmity between her and her twin. There was a time in the past when they got along swimmingly, and it lasted until about the start of her adolescent period when her father named his successor: her! It really wasn't a big deal to her, in fact she probably would have just given it to her twin if he hadn't made such a big fuss over it. The title and the inheritance mean little to her, except as a tool to infuriate her brother when he annoys her or gets out of line.

Zahn doesn't like to be told what to do, and because of this she's been a terror all over campus. She's assaulted most of the faculty at one time, sometimes more than once, and gotten into a number of fights with students over... well over nothing to be honest. The aggressive behavior is part of the maturation process dragons go through. Fighting releases an endorphin which focuses and clears the mind, and can be quite euphoric. Some dragons become addicted to this feeling and constantly seek out stronger and stronger opponents to get their glow from. While Zahn is definitely not as bad as she could be, her aggressive behavior has spiraled out of control on more than one occasion, and this is part of the reason the headmaster assigned her this new "punishment."

Humans are a curiosity, in fact before they came to the school she probably would have told you that she hated them... and she did at first. That was until the headmaster chose her to become a part of this new Humanitarian club. At first she hated the thought of helping the humans vehemently. After all, what had they ever done for her? Then her contrary nature kicked in: this is punishment right? Wouldn't it be infuriating if she actually enjoyed it and it didn't curb her behavior? And not just to the headmaster... to everyone! Oh the fights that would cause...

None as of yet. Her type? With her being so all over the place it's been difficult for her to pin down a type. Someone who will cuddle, but who's not afraid to fight with her. Someone who will weather her advances on the days she loves him, and not be offended on the days she hates him. During that certain time, however, if it walks... not even other girls are safe.

Spicy things... like SPICY things. she eats jalapeno peppers like humans eat apples.
Steak (well done)
Being as infuriating as possible
Humans (see: above)
Shiny things. (emphasis on shiny and not necessarily valuable.)
Has a weak spot for things that are furry and cute... nobody's perfect.

Her twin (see: being infuriating)
Snow... anything cold for that matter. Don't take her out for ice cream, she'll consider that a death threat.
Things with a strong odor (spicy food excluded.)
Quick and flighty opponents... stand and FIGHT dammit!

Breath: What dragon doesn't have a breath power? Zahn's element is fire, suitably matching her personality. She can breath fire in a variety of of temperatures and strengths, and very precisely if need be. She can also choose not to ignite her breath and instead breath an explosive gas.

Hot Blood: Being of fire element makes her very resistant to heat. She's largely immune to fire (though her clothes are not) and even very hot ones do little to harm her. Since her blood runs so hot, her body temperature tends to be very high and to withstand her own blood her body has become very tough. Zahn's draconic blood grants her increased strength and endurance.

Claws: Natural weapon. Zahn's nails are very sharp and hard as diamonds.

Senses: Not really a power. She's a dragon, not a human. Dragons have very acute hearing, smell, and vision... but not necessarily attention spans.

Frostprone: Also not a power... being a hot-blooded creature of fire element has its disadvantages as well. Zahn dislikes the cold, in fact intense cold is quite harmful to her. 110 degrees is her regular comfort zone, and since most of the mortals on campus don't find that to be an agreeable temperature, she's constantly fighting with faculty and students alike over the thermostat.

Dunkelzahn prefers to forgo weapons and fight with her body, claws, and breath. Weapons, even masterfully crafted ones feel clumsy and awkward to her. She's more apt to injure herself than anyone else with any kind of weapon, and has never had any talent whatsoever with them. The exception is hammers... or any heavy, blunt object that could resemble a hammer, like a table, or a fire extinguisher... or a large rock. She has a lot of brute strength, and swinging a heavy object is easy: no skill required. She likes make the environment her ally. Fighting in cluttered, awkward spaces is something of a specialty of hers: nobody can beat her in the cafeteria what with so many tables and chairs to throw laying around. Zahn does have a tendency to over-rely on her superior strength and swing it about recklessly, so fighting with her usually involves a lot of collateral damage.

Zahn will fight with anyone, for any reason, sometimes for no reason. The opponent doesn't matter to her, and this... above all else, has gotten her into the most trouble.

Chemistry... what were you expecting math? Chemicals explode. Explosions are shiny. :3
Art / Music
Creative Writing / Prose... yes... yes flatter me, Barrel Rider.

Lost Painting (Solitude)
Clockwork (Battle)

Like most dragons, Zahn is very vulnerable to flattery. She loves to hear other people talk about her, and loves to play word games with people and speak in cryptic riddles. On certain days, having a silver tongue may just be the difference between a hug and the infirmary. Also like most dragons, she has an irresistible compulsion to collect shiny things. She has a very large collection of shiny glass beads, baubles and other things people generally label as junk. In this manner she also loves jewelry, but almost never wears any... it all goes into her horde.

So begins...

Dunkelzahn's Story