Barbara Molly

"I loved you so much once. I did."

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║Name ║
Barbara Elizabeth Molly

Barbie, if you're a friend. To everyone else, Molly or Alpha.




Gray-Asexual (Biromantic)

║Citizen's Code║

Power Manipulation: users have the ability to create, alter, remove, and manipulate the supernatural energies in all beings, including themselves, thus allowing every variation of superpowers manipulative abilities.

║Power Limitation║
Using that amount of power is detrimental to any body, and that includes Barbie. She also has to be in close vicinity of the person she is manipulating, or she can strain herself for farther distances but she tires quicker. She trains her powers as much as possible, but hardly uses them except for in dire situations, especially because of her upbringing.

║Role in Roleplay║
the First

She used to have many when she was a teenager, but all she keeps in now is a stud in her left cartilage.

She has one on her back and one at the top of her ribs.

║Scars and Birthmarks║
When she was caught in a fight with a government agent, he branded her with an A (for Alpha) on her hip, so he'd always know who she was. Other than that, her body is relatively clean.


Brave | Mistrusting | Loyal | Possessive | Charming

Barbie has always been leadership material. She has superior focus that allows her to achieve her goals quickly and efficiently. Her undeniable charm lures followers in to hang on to her every word. Though she's never been modest, she does like to give credit where credit is due, and is not egotistical. But she is a badass, as many people say to her.

But, being very faithful and loyal to the other Humanly, she becomes very overprotective and possessive towards them, especially in times of danger. She can also be a very jealous person, and will manipulate others to achieve what she thinks is necessary. Being manipulative as she is, she doesn't trust someone who she can manipulate easily, which makes her a very secretive person. There is only one person she can completely confide in, after years of trust building and teamwork, and that's her Second. She doesn't trust her life to anyone but him (and her brother), and would take a bullet for her Second. She did have someone she was close to once, an old friend, but when she was taken by the government, she lost faith in herself, and vowed never to let her guard down, even for people she trusts with her life.

Biological family doesn't mean much to her, considering her brother is the only one left, but the people that have become her family are her everything. Above all else, she protects her family. When one of the Humanly is captured, hurt, or even killed, she goes into a certain mood, blaming herself and keeping a silent desire for vengance. She is very bad at expressing her emotions and likes to bottle them. But she's there when it counts and that's good enough for her. Her brother is teaching her a lot about emotions and how to be a more expressive person. It's not like she isn't talkative, or charming, it's the crying, or angry yelling, that kind of just... explodes.


║Zodiac Sign║

•singing in the shower (as long as no one can hear) •long, hot showers •espresso with foam •coffee shops in general •listening to music •driving a car •strategy and mind training •superpower training •physical training •the outdoors •hot weather •hiking •canoeing/kayaking •nature in general, including gardening •hanging out with her brother •long morning naps •watching the sunset •sleeping on the beach or in a tent •having traditions •people having trust in her •being able to protect someone •romantic sex •cuddling after sex •alcohol, preferably a beer to sip on •having someone to fall in love with everyday

•above all else, loneliness •getting into fights •coffee with too much creamer/milk •silent treatments (especially from her brother or Second) •being late •being unprepared or weak •being unable to protect someone •very cold weather •cursing •almost violent sex •losing control of the Humanly •any type of recreational drug •losing trust from someone •small talk

She dreams of one day being able to settle down with her true love and have a family. It's cliche, but it's something she's never had, so she desires it.

She fears ultimately that someday she won't be able to protect her brother from harm or even death. She also fears seeing the close friend again, afraid of what the government has done to her. Below those are the fear of being captured by the government and turning on her friends, and then normal stuff, like the dark. No one knows she's afraid of the dark except for her close friend.

She was in love with her close friend and contemplated turning herself in just to be with her again.


She works at a strip joint about three nights a week to make some extra cash, and will even have sex for money, but most of her finances are covered by her uncle's money.

Mother: Lauren Marshall Molly
Father: Ray Michael Molly
Step-Mom: Lisa Knight Molly
Older Sister: Cecila Jean Molly
Younger Brother: James Henry Molly

She has a golden retriever/jack russell mix named Edison, who she affectionately calls Eddy.

The Humanly was created before Barbie could even say the word; a branch was created in the United States in 1985, about three years before Barbie was born. Her mother Lauren was very secretive about being a part of the Humanly, and disguised herself as a helpful human ally. Her position in the group was much like how Barbie's old friend fit into the group. The First, Brandon Dunn, was in love with Lauren, but Lauren had fallen in love with a man she met at an airport. His name was Ray, and after two layovers, they were planning a date. He wooed her away from the Humanly movement and they settled in small-town Virginia to start a family. He already had a child from another woman, but he wanted to have children with Lauren as well. About two years after they moved, six-year-old Cecila helped them welcome Barbara Elizabeth Molly into the world. Barbie started displaying her powers at three years old, when she replicated her mother's ability to fly at a friend's birthday party.

Barbie learned quickly that people like her weren't accepted in the world. After the flying incident, they moved from the west side of upper North Carolina. No one knew about Barbie being special here, and they never would if her mother could help it. Barbie was punished if she used her powers, which made her instinctively wary of using her powers. She saw, at school, when kids with superpowers were open about it, the other kids would be scared of them or bully them. They were hated by most teachers, and parents didn't allow them to hang out with their own children. It was socially unacceptable for Barbie to even be friends with them, even if she wanted to.

Then her brother came along. His power was so unique, and so rare, he could use it without worrying about people finding him out. And it was with them that Barbie learned to train her powers. If he was being too bold, she would negate his powers, or if she needed to know someone's emotions, she could replicate them, or help him out by enhancing his powers. They were closer to each other than most of their friends or their older sister, who often felt isolated.

Barbie world stopped when her mother passed away. She was twelve, and she started to become very depressed. She took many school days off, and her brother stayed with her constantly to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. Her godfather Brandon, the First before she became the First, started appearing more in her life, giving her photos, journals, even jewelry and old clothing, from her mother. He told her how he fell in love with her, and he loved her so much that he let her go. They became close friends until Barbie's father found out what Brandon was talking to her about, and forbid her to see him. She wasn't old enough to defy her father so she lost that part of her mother for years.

Only two years after her mother's death, Lisa came into their life. She was this government woman who hated the Humanly and people with superpowers. She was already married to Barbie's father when she found out Barbie and her brother have superpowers.

Lisa started to make biting comments about superpowered people and the Humanly in particular. Then, there were comments about their mother, and then, them. She would scream curses and insults at them, calling them freaks and abominations. She offered to give them the "Mutant Treatment", which was a new experiment rumored to be created by the government to rid superpowered people of their powers. The rumors were that, if they didn't kill the person, it made them mentally scarred, making them insane or vegetative. Barbie got back in touch with her godfather and the next week they were gone without a word. They lived in D. C. with Brandon until both of them were over eighteen, and started to get heavily involved with the Humanly. When Barbie was twenty-three, she became the First, making her the youngest First in history.

It took everyone, especially the older Humanly, to trust her judgement and leadership. She considers herself a mother, a sister, a friend, maybe even a bedroom buddy, but a commander overall. This is war for human rights, and she won't stop until she has the freedom to be herself and no child has to be ostracized from the community for their abilities.


So begins...

Barbara Molly's Story

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Image"Elli, you know I love a date with you anytime, but I have to work tonight." Barbie giggles over the rim of her Brunello di Montalcino at the man in front of her. Elliott "Elli" Price rolls his eyes but calls the waiter over for the bill anyway, sighing dramatically. He's always been a bit of a drama queen.

However, like the gentleman he is, he wraps his suit jacket around her bare shoulders and walks her out to the car. He always drives her on their dates, and makes sure to take her to work, usually even picking her up after. But tonight-

"Barbie, could you get Enoch or one of the girls to take you home? The election's coming, and I have so much paperwork-"

Since day one, Elli has always been very ambitious, and has always had the skills to back it up: charming, persuasive, daring, and a natural leader. City councilman is only the first step for a man like Elli, and if Barbie wasn't so in love with another, she could be his trophy wife, living in the lap of luxury with a man who spoils her more than she could ever spoil herself. Everyone needs someone who realizes how special they are and acts on it.

"Hey, don't sweat it, El, I'll figure it out. I'm a big girl." Barbie teases him with a goodbye kiss as he drops her off at the door of Bottom's Up. He always makes sure not to be seen, because he's one of the few councilmen with a good name. If only they saw the Elli Barbie saw in bed. But he's not the only one with a few secrets.

Like Barbie. Barbie only works at the strip club when she really needs the money.


Other times, well, Barbie just wants to have a little fun. And having fun is what Bottom's Up is all about. Tonight, they are hosting two bachelor parties, one at nine, and one at twelve, and Barbie is lucky enough to be scheduled on the nine bachelor party, so she'll be able to spend her time through the night.

"Only Barbara "Pearl" Molly would like an early bachelor's party." One of her co-workers, Emily "Candy" Madison, teases as Barbie sways into the dressing room.

"And only Emily "Candy" Madison would want to work it with me." Barbie calls back, winking at the other girl. Four nursing uniforms are laid out for each girl working the bachelor party. One of them, meant for Barbie, has a note pinned on the breast: I want the blonde one for my friend Jarek. He's not really into these things so she can show him a good time. Barbie huffs, unpinning the note from her uniform and slowly sliding into it. Must be a former customer coming in for more, because Barbie isn't that kind of girl for just anyone. "You know it's that man that works for Councilman Price, right? The one that came in the last time you work. He's pretty frisky, are you up for that?" Emily chats idly, blushing her cheeks with the hand of a professional. "Oh no, he's yours tonight. He asked me to help out a friend of his who's 'not really into these things', which really means that he thinks he's too good for a dirty stripper." Barbie mocks the note and the man she's never met.

At 9:15 the strip club is suddenly full of hollering men reduced to boys in the sight of half-naked women. "We're here for the party!" One of the men whoops, plopping down very ungracefully into one of the booths. Barbie can tell who her specialty is reserved for upon looking at the group. "See blondie in the corner?" Barbie whispers to Emily as they saunter over to the group, "He's the one, you know how I know? He's the only one who doesn't have his eyes glued to one of the dancers." Emily makes a mental note and starts toward the man of the night, blinged out in a crown and a large plastic gold necklace that reads 'Bachelor'. Barbie makes sure to swing her hips extra slow as she sways over to her man, Jarek. He's a looker, that's for sure. He has those blue-green eyes that Barbie's a sucker for, and soft blonde hair. He might even be the burliest one there, and stands out from the pack of brunette men who surely peaked in high school.

"Hey there, darlin'. My name's Pearl, and you must be Jarek. You're friend over there asked me to check you out." Barbie purrs, sitting on his lap. His pose is relaxed but it's obvious to a vet like her that he doesn't belong here. And he knows he doesn't belong here, judging by the shocked look on his face. "Are you feeling a little blue? Let me know whatever I can do to help." Barbie whispers seductively in his ear.

ImageThe man makes some comment to her but she tunes him out to read his body signals. With one seductive glance and a bit of fancy lap-work, she'd have him, surely.

And that she did. The simple gyration and eye contact motivated a flurry of lips as Barbie found her way in. Her could taste her own cherry lip gloss after a few minutes of constant making out. There's certainly more going out, especially with the way Barbie moves her body, and she breaks from him to figure out where this is going. "As much fun as this is, gorgeous, I'm wondering if you have anything... else, in mind." Barbie tempts the man, drawing her hand up his chest, motioning with her eyes toward a side-room.

Oh, this is going to be a fun night.

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"Seriously, you guys suck."

Jarek knew he was going to go out with his friends tonight. He was thinking maybe they would go and hit a new movie. Or maybe play the newest First-Person Shooter while ordering a truckload of Mountain Dew and Doritos. Heck, maybe even going to a sports bar, order some buffalo wings and yell at the TV screens as if the athletes could hear them. But nooooooooo... Bruno had other plans, especially when he found out that Jarek had never been to a strip club. He did try to fight back but he didn't want to hurt anyone.

Jarek really wasn't looking forward to this.
10 Minutes Earlier

Jarek pulled up to his buddy's house and exited his black Infinity, looking forward to releasing some steam Jarek made his way into Bruno's house. Bruno was well off because of his parents. Jarek never asked but as far as he knew they had some political power in the local government. Bruno was sure to use this as he found trouble in his life. Jarek really wasn't sure how they became friends but it was probably because of how opposite these two were.

It was quiet as Jarek entered, he thought to himself that maybe he was late because their cars were outside. Maybe they already headed to a sports bar or something. As Jarek went for his phone Bruno revealed himself as he stepped out of a hall and exclaimed,"Welcome Jarek! Have we got some plans tonight! As he said this 4 of Bruno's friends gathered around Jarek making him feel a bit uncomfortable, he found himself clenching his fists but he remembered that these were his buddies not enemies, so he relaxed.

Jarek sighed,"It looks like I wont be wiping the floor wit yall in Battlefield 7, does it? Bruno gave a huge smirk,"Games are for kids! Tonight we are going to make you a man! I've heard you've never been to a gentlemen's club, guess that's gonna change!" Jarek started to step back,"You guys know that's not my style, if I want to see a girl naked its because of my charm. Not because some one paid them! Well, I will let yall go on your marry way and I'll go and hit a movie or something." As Jarek turned around someone placed a canvas bag over his head and he felt all the guys jump and constrain him. Jarek thought about fighting back but he did want to give them a struggle. As he tried to gain distance from his "buddies" he felt metal wrap around his wrists and heard a slight click. Someone just shoved handcuffs on him. "Seriously?!" He yelled. With much hollering the guys shoved and pushed Jarek into someone's SUV.

"Seriously, you guys suck."

Bruno replied,"Awwww, don't be like that Jare-Bear! I just want to do something good for you! Trust me you'll thank me later!We have hooked you up good tonight! "Gee, thanks guys!" Jarek sarcastically said,"But is the hood and handcuffs necessary? I'm not that kinky!" This wasn't the first time Jarek was constrained like this, the last time their was a ton of blood and bruises but tonight it seemed like it was going to be booze and boobs. Definitely not his thing. Bruno pulled off Jarek's hood and gave him an ugly looking smirk, he brandished a key from his pocket and unlocked the handcuffs. Jarek rubbed his wrists from where the metal scraped his skin,"You guys seriously suck though." As he finished saying this the guy behind him threw a gold necklace around Jarek's neck and place a crown on his head, both of which were plastic and said "Bachelor" in big letters."You'll still thank us later! All Jarek could do was sigh.


The lumbering SUV pulled in front of the gentlemen's club. Jarek cringed at the name,"Ah 'Bottom's Up' sounds like such a classy place!" As if simultaneously everyone in the car exclaimed,"Shut up!'' Jarek smiled, at least he knew he was starting to get on their nerves. The guys all emptied out of the car and made their way to the strip joint. Bruno took care of the cover charges for everyone. Then the frat boy yelling commenced with the occasional wolf whistle. As Jarek entered the smell of smoke and alcohol stung at his nose making him cringe a bit. His ears were assaulted with the beats of a song about 'booty'. As if that wasn't enough the place was dimly lit with reddish light accents scattered throughout playing with his vision. Exotic dancers moved around on a stage with a few poles scattered on it. Guys and even some girls were throwing money at these dancers. Other scantily clad women roamed the establishment serving their clients with dances.

This was definitely not Jarek's thing.

The guys made their way to a section that had leather seats, all facing different directions in their own zones. Jarek found one that was really away from the group and quickly made his way to it. Bruno and his friends all forgot about Jarek, so maybe once they got drunk enough he would slip away into the night and go home. As he devised a plan he hit a speed bump.

This leggy blonde dressed in a revealing nurse outfit made her way slowly and seductively towards Jarek, she had a predator look about her and he knew he was the prey. He caught the blonde's eyes, something that he had a weakness for. Her eyes were a light green and they were absolutely stunning, even with the dim lighting. That is when things started to get fuzzy. Somehow he heard the blonde purr, "Hey there, darlin'. My name's Pearl, and you must be Jarek. You're friend over there asked me to check you out." She sat on his lap making Jarek a wee bit on the nervous side. For once, Jarek was grateful for Bruno and his maturity level. Pearly leaned forward and seductively said,"Are you feeling a little blue? Let me know whatever I can do to help."

It took every ounce of energy to form some words but he was finally able to sputter out,"I...uh... you...What?"

He shut up pretty quickly when Pearl started to gyrate her hips and work her magic on Jarek's lap. The friction of their bodies touching was turning him on but the thing that was really getting him was her eyes. She was focused on Jarek with an aggressive objective and he couldn't help but fall for her seductions. If he wasn't fuzzy before, he definitely was now. Their lips made contact, Jarek could taste the cherry flavor of her lip gloss. Somehow Jarek got even more fuzzy, increasing the intensity of their kissing. Pearl broke the contact for a second and whispered again,As much fun as this is, gorgeous, I'm wondering if you have anything... else, in mind." She then motioned for a door to what seemed like a side room. Jarek wasn't sure but he thought he saw her bite her lip.

The couple stood up and pearl led the way to the door. She opened it up and turned around continuing the kissing session as they shut the door behind them. This room was a little room that looked like it was designed for private dances with a single couch and pole just a few feet away. Jarek was more focused on the couch. As the couple continued to kiss Pearl backed onto the couch and proceeded to lay out on it pulling Jarek down on top of her. As they kissed Pearl grabbed the bottom of his shirt and began to pull it off him. Jareks abs touched the skin of the blonde, somehow waking him up from the fuzziness. His shirt made it up to his chest when he jumped off the couch and said,"Wait... I...uh... Wow! I've never done this before! Coming to a place like this I mean! "

The blonde sat up, probably wondering what the heck happened. Jarek sat back down on the couch, close to Pearl but not enough to start up another session. He continued,"I'm going to be honest, one, you win the 'Best Kisser' award by a landslide" He smiled, "Two. You are beautiful, like seriously, wow! You don't look fake like many of these other girls. And three, your eyes are just... amazing. Seriously, that is probably what made me get fuzzy in the first place." He paused for a second to see if he was freaking this girl out, which luckily it didn't seem like it so he place his hand on her thigh and continued,"I know Pearl isn't your real name, its your stage name. How about you tell me a secret that reveals your real name? Then maybe we can do something else that doesn't start with sex? I mean like the saying goes, we should probably get dinner first." Jarek winked and waited for the beautiful girl to reply.

He couldn't help but think to himself,"Well, this isn't the best way to pick up a girl..."

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Image"Wait... I...uh... Wow! I've never done this before! Coming to a place like this I mean!"

Barbie smirks, sitting up from their playful battle of mouths and hands. Jarek adjusts his position on the couch, sitting close to her, but not too close, like being in her vicinity would make his manhood act of its own accord. Honestly, Jarek as a whole is just... cute.

Not a usual adjective in Bottom's Up.

"I noticed. You were the only one not making googly eyes at one of the dancers." Barbie comments, leaning against the comfortable back of the loveseat. She doesn't want him to think that she's not paying attention, but a bit of alcohol would be good for the both of them now, and her eyes ogle the bar behind him. "I'm going to be honest, one, you win the 'Best Kisser' award by a landslide," that makes her stop, and focus on him. Before she can help it, a blush colors her cheeks. "Two. You are beautiful, like seriously, wow! You don't look fake like many of these other girls. And three, your eyes are just... amazing. Seriously, that is probably what made me get fuzzy in the first place."

Barbie doesn't know whether to laugh or get offended because he insulted her coworkers. She decides against both, giving Jarek a pearly smile, the reason for her namesake.

Then he places his hand on her thigh, and for a moment, she thinks they're about to get at it again, but he starts talking.

"I know Pearl isn't your real name, its your stage name. How about you tell me a secret that reveals your real name? Then maybe we can do something else that doesn't start with sex? I mean like the saying goes, we should probably get dinner first." Jarek is quick and flirty with his words, placing a wink after a suggestion of dinner.

Did he really wink? Barbie thinks, laughing in her head.

"Listen, babe, you're cute and all, and I'm a sucker for guys like you, but I don't give out personal information. But, I can make you an offer. If you make the effort to come around here again Monday, seven o'clock, I will take you up on dinner. If not, then I'm sure your friend can find another busty, green-eyed blonde who may or may not be a stripper like me." Barbie sets him straight, leaving him with a kiss on the cheek and a bottle of beer from the bar. "See ya, handsome."

When Barbie walks out, she sets her course on the dressing room rather than one of the bachelor party boys in need of a stripper. On the way over, the main one grabs her by the arm. "Hey gorgeous," He reeks of alcohol and almost burps in her face, "How'd it go with Jarek?" Barbie looks at him, disgusted with his state, but replies, "Your friend needs to learn how to not ask strippers on a date."

"So you didn't fuck him? I may take you for myself. We had fun last time."

"If you call two minutes of panting before you pulled out fucking. No, I'm done for the night, but thanks for the offer." Barbie digs her nails into his arm and yanks it off of her own. Emily watches in shock as Barbie goes into the dressing room without another word.

She sits at her mirror, letting the lights bathe her in warmth. Jarek's words remind her of Adelaide, her Lemonade. She's gone Barbie, get the hell over her! No matter how many times she tries to, Barbie's heart is still full and unmending.

Barbie shakes the thought from her head, and tells Sherida that she can't work the rest of the party, too much alcohol makes Barbie nauseous. Sherida knows it's bullshit, but it's a legitimate reason if the other owner asks why Barbie was only here for two hours.

Now, what to do until I want to go home, Barbie thinks as she changes into a flannel and jeans. The only place she can go at this hour is a local bar.


The bar is packed with just-turned-21 partiers and underagers alike, and it makes Barbie smile. These are the kind of people she wants to be around right now. Not to bore anyone with details, but Barbie did get a little drunk, and had a little bedroom fun with a little brunette who was definitely twenty but used the same fake she's had since she was seventeen. She also got the number from the brunette, named Hannah, but she definitely wouldn't be calling.

It's only two when Barbie leaves the bar, and she, by instinct, drives to Humanly headquarters. It looks like someone has been around recently, but she knows Enoch likes to be here late. She does the usual tango with the elevator and makes it over to her "office", which is a room at the end of the hallway with her strategies and plans and everything a First needs to function. She flops on the couch and falls into a deep slumber, which is interrupted by a call from Elli, asking if she called James that night. Barbie usually calls James when she's going to be working, using Ellie and the political business as a cover, but tonight, she'd gone in early, and totally forgot. Shit, he's probably freaking out, Barbie mentally punishes herself and pulls out her phone as she's making her way upstairs to her car.

Image"Hey Jamie, it's Barbie. I'm heading back from Ellie's office. I forgot to tell you that he needed help with the election coming up, so he took me to dinner and then we went to the office. That boy knows his wine brands, I'll tell you what. I know it's really late, like, five in the morning, but I stopped at HQ and I'll be back at the apartment in ten. Love you Jam, stay safe." She puts her cell phone up and pulls out of the parking garage.