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Enoch Martin

"The world of tomorrow is in your eyes. I can see it."

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a character in “The Humanly”, as played by Saerith


Enoch Martin
Bad Behaviour


The Basics

Full name: Enoch John Martin
Nickname(s)/Alias: People call him by either one of his three names, though Martin is the most common.
Codename: Biohazard. He prefers to be called Martin by people on his side.
Citizen Number: 73149901
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Polysexual (preferably binary and nb men)
Role: Seconds in command of the Humanly
Face Claim: Dane Dehaan
Power: Acid Manipulation - Enoch has the ability to create, manipulate and control acids along with acid-based characteristics. Meaning he can both create and control already existing acids.
Power Limitation: Actually touching the acid, which is often necessary, causes severe burns to Martin's hands. They heal quickly and he had gotten kinda used to it, but it's still not really nice. He also has to frequently use his powers, otherwise the acid starts to produce itself inside of him, which can poison him.


Height: 6'2
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Dirty blond, straight
Eyes: Clear, very light blue eyes
Piercings: X
Tattoos: He has two: a large biohazard symbol on his upper back and a small writing that says "one kind" is simple letters on the left side oh his chest. He loves them and hopes to get more soon. They represent his belief in a united humanity, peace between humans and humanly. The biohazard symbol, on the other hand, is a symbol of the pride he has of his powers, and his denial to shy away from confrontation. He doesn't believe in hiding, and fully supports the idea of revolution of humanly, even if violent, as the only way to achieve stable unity.
General appearance: Although he could be considered good looking, Enoch has a awkward looking, unusual beauty. His long nose, pale skin, chapped lips and tired looking eyes, always underlined by dark bags, give him a sick-like appearance, but his bright eyes and smile show no reason for concern. He is also very slim for his height, which can usually get in the way of his - usually very wide - movements and make him seem a bit clumsy. He isn't muscular and actually has a rather delicate bone structure, but his posture and expression are quite imposing and powerful. Martin usually dresses more formally than casual, even if the situation doesn't require it, and his style had been described often as "grandpa". Oh well. The palms of his hands are very rough and have some spots in them, his fingernail are always extremely short.


ImagePersonality: Charismatic and bold are words that best describe Image Enoch. Being raised by two relatively wealthy and intelectual Humanly, he has always been opinionated and had very strong views that hardly changed through time. Being so young when he first started to study and understand this “outing" movement, he has also gotten used to expressing well and convincing and persuading others. However, his leadership abilities could never compare to Molly’s for one reason: he is so stubborn, and getting in a discussion with him is guaranteed Image Image
nerve wreckage. No matter who is the one disagreeing with him, he won’t think twice before responding with aggressive comebacks. It’s never his intention to hurt, really, but he gets really intense about this subject, so however he likes to lead and give instructions, he is better off just giving some eventual motivational speeches.
He has the utmost respect for the people working with him and will try to help them whatever way he can, which is why he fits so well his position and is positively eager to talk tactics with his superior. Again, being very charismatic, is easy for him to joke around and make friends, however properly expressing his feelings - outside of writing - is very hard for him, perhaps because he could never understand them very well. Therefore, he always seem more emotional than he actually is or really Image Image cool when he actually feels terrible.
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Abilities: Writing, cheering people up, cutting hair. Kinda.
Flaws: Very stubborn, sometimes impulsive, afraid of change and closed spaces. He's trying hard to quit smoking, but finding it difficult.
Likes: Shy people, jazz, writing, reading, drawing, singing obnoxiously loud, big cities, using his powers, cats, his family, sleeping, beer (all alcohol really), bad jokes, rain, playing games,ImageImage body combat, this one specific song his little sister learned at school, kids, dancing, the night and stars
Dislikes: Being questioned, controlled powers, being called names, pacifists, fiction books, cinema, summer, people getting mad at him, t-shits, country music
Dreams: He wishes his little sister can live in a world where she won't have to hide or be hunted down.
Secret: When he was younger, he got in a really bad fight and sent a kid to the hospital. As much as he still likes fighting, he is deeply ashamed of this.


Occupation: Martin works for a relatively large newspaper, mainly doing obituaries.
Pets: He can't help bringing in stray cats, but they don't stay at his place 24/7. Most of them just come to eat and sleep - these are about 5, give or take - but two of them hang around him a lot. One of them is all white and the other is kind of a grayish brown dirty color, Martin named them Mr. Crumbles and Beardy.
Family: Both his parents are still alive and together. His father is a well known lawyer, Harry Martin, and his mother, a psychiatrist name Valerie Munch. They live in a large house in a neighboring city with his little sister, Abigail, who is 4 years old, and the apple of Enoch's eye.
History: As much as Enoch loves to go on about the suffering of people born with powers and the oppression of his people, truth is he was born with a silver spoon. Not only were his parents wealthy and respected in the community, they were also secretly very powerful people inside the Humanly. Obviously, as they were trying to conciliate their regular life with the movement, their position wasn’t very high, but her mother’s mental suggestion powers were astonishing and his father was a potent fire manipulator. Therefore, when Enoch was born, not only did they know he would have similar powers, they got him engaged in the discussion of rights for humans with powers.
At age four, when he first got in contact with his abilities, his parents were quick to put him in a special school, one that had a very severe bullying policy, so to make sure he had a safe environment and his abilities were not shamed in any way. They also encouraged him to train often, even more so when they found out about the dangers of him abstaining from using his powers. Although his upbringing was clearly so careful and nurturing, constructing this safe environment required a lot of prohibitions and restriction from his parents, which made him awfully curious about the world, relatively rebellious, and also created a unrealistic notion of what the world was for Enoch.
At school, he made a lot of friends, a lot of whom also had special abilities. However, when he started noticing not all of them had curfews, were aloud to run most of the city, ride public transportation and get to know people from outside of the school, he started sneaking around, got into a boxing club, started smoking. This was what one could call his awful teenage years, and Enoch was the definition of a Rebel without a cause. This was only aggravated by his parents constant fighting, which left very little time for him to actually discuss about how he wanted to see more of the world.
That’s when the incident happened. He was sixteen, and him and his friends were out drinking in a bar. It was a really shady place, but basically the only place that accepted their lousy fake IDs. None of them really had any real notion what kind of discrimination they could face for using their abilities in public, and Spender, one of Enoch’s closest friends, used his telekinesis power to move a bottle from behind the bar. They didn’t get caught, but as they were about to leave, a group of boys approached them as if to make small talk but, eventually, one of them called them freaks and, without breaking a sweat, told Enoch to “die already”. Martin doesn’t like to talk about what happened next, but his dad went to a lot of trouble to keep it from becoming a situation, as he called it.
This was the first push, but the real wake up call for Enoch came a year later. After a lot of fighting, came a lot of… reconciliation, and, exactly a month after his seventeenth birthday, Valerie gave birth to a baby girl. The first time he saw her, in his mother’s arms, at the hospital, she seemed to him like a beam of light. After all the hate he had understood existed, after all the bad decisions he had made, that baby only caused him to want to love and do good. He knew, from day one, she was somehow his salvation, and everything changed.
The very next month, he moved so to get more involved with the Humanly. He was eager to learn, and his charisma, outgoingness and knowledge quickly raised his position, until, at age 19, he became the Second. He still visits his family every month and, and Abby is now 4 years old, and loves to sing.


So begins...

Enoch Martin's Story

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#, as written by Saerith


”See you tomorrow?”

”Yeah Spence. See ya.” Enoch answered distractedly, shoving paperwork inside his top drawer before practically dragging himself to the elevator. There had been some problems with the printing for the next day, and of course Enoch was the one they called to solve it. He didn’t mind doing it, but hadn’t been able to get to headquarters all day.

The night air was cool outside, and Enoch took a deep breath. Checking his watch, he figured there was still time to drop by and train, even if there was no one there. It was Barbie’s working night, so it would probably be empty, and he could even put on some music. He smiled at that idea and started walking towards the car. You know what else could relax you?, he though, but quickly shook the idea. He had a pack of smokes in the glove compartment, but had already smoked twice today.

It started raining a little before he could get in and turn the key. The drops taped on the glass, the car smelled like warm leather and Ella Fitzgerald sang quietly from the stereo. This was going to be a good night.

From the Journal, it was about a 15 minute ride to HQ, which was right next to Enoch’s place, so he parked in his own garage and went upstairs to get some fresh training clothes. A white tank, sweatpants and running shoes, which he put on, then headed to the neighboring parking garage. As discrete as he was, it would still seem a bit unusual if anyone was in the streets; the tall man walking alone into a parking garage through the "exit only" passage, past mid-night, carrying nothing but a change of clothes. But he had to be somewhere. After he was in, Enoch headed to the elevator which was further away from the entrance. It seemed like a service elevator, larger and older than the other two, and a small sign on the wall next to it stated STAFF ONLY. The red light turned on as he pressed the button and waited for it to arrive.

Once inside, he stared a bit tiredly at the buttons. One of them had a small bell drawn on it, signalizing an alarm. It’s not gonna be very useful to train today, really. But I need some fun for once, he though as he carefully removed said button. Under it, there was another one, a smaller, black button, which he pushed. Immediately, part of the chromed surface of the elevator slid, revealing a square surface, gleaming with a white light. Enoch placed his hand on the detector, and after a few seconds, the light turned blue. He proceeded to push the button with the “-2” symbol on it and lowered him self until his face was immediately in front of the detector while elevator moved. It stopped, and the small part of the elevator slid further, revealing another button, a blue one, right next to where his face was. With a slight squint, he pressed that one too, causing a the blue light to extend into a triangle shaped beam. This was the worse part. The light reached his right eye, the base of the beam adjusting to the size of it. It didn’t hurt, but it was a foreign feeling.
The elevator doors opened with a loud thud and Enoch sighted in relief, the more open space the better. As he walked out, a familiar voice - that never failed to surprise him - echoed through the room.

Citizen 73149901. Hello, Biohazard, and welcome! Have a good night

It was Levi’s voice. The intonation was a bit different in all of the personalized bits, and he sounded cheerful, almost excited. Enoch felt a cold sensation run through his arms and legs, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and bringing a bright, tender smile to his face.

”Thanks, kid. It’s nice that you’re around.” He said quietly, and hoping he was.

The second underground floor consisted in less, but larger rooms then the other levels, located on both sides of a extensive and wide corridor. Most of them had large acrylic walls, so you could see the inside as soon as you entered this floor. Enoch walked slowly, the lights turning on automatically as he passed, until he reached the physical training room. It was divided in several stations for different kinds of training, with different equipment, including a ring, workout equipment, etc. Enoch always stuck to the mid section, where all the boxing equipment was. Since no one was around and, at that time of night, it was basically impossible for anyone to be anytime soon, he changed into his workout clothes right there, leaving his white shirt, sweater and slacks, which were now a bit humid from the rain, on a corner on the floor. Although cold, it felt good to be a little more free and comfortable, which lead him to also remove his shoes and lazily stretch his body. Barefooted and once warmed up, he approached one of the five blue leather punching bags close to the wall and started punching, first lightly, but stronger with each hit.

While Enoch had serious issues with powers that had a large range of capacity, he was practically unbeatable on physical combat. Not only this is how his powers worked best, his fighting skills were also amazing. He was never especially strong or coordinated, no; but he was fast, and unpredictable. As he skillfully worked his way around the bag, his feet rapidly leaving and touching the floor, the object didn’t seem to move even the slightest. Anyone could tell, by the look in his eyes, by the sweat traveling down his forehead, by the tenseness on his back he was extremely concentrated.

After little less than two hours, he laughed out, threw a sloppy final punch that made the bag swing wildly, and fell to the floor, sweaty, giggling, exhausted. ”You always leave half of your legs unprotected, y’know? If I could kick, you’d be screwed” He remember Spencer telling him when he was younger. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his legs. They were sore, warm, and hopelessly unprotected. Somethings never change. Do I really have to get up?, he thought, running his hands through his wet hair, pulling it away from his face.

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ImageAs regular humans go, Levi only as a few he can call friends.

Caroline Dunn, a curly-haired waitress who had a superpowered brother that was kidnapped, and Jordan Ringley, Caroline's sassy girlfriend who owns the antique shop Levi works at and a superpowered person that had her powers taken from a government experiment.

No, not all of Levi's human friends are related to superpowered people.

But the best of them are.

Tonight is supposed to be a night off from the Humanly and the world of super powers and trying to save the world. Tonight, Levi is just Levi, hanging out with a few friends. Jordan and Caroline invited him and a couple of their friends for some quality hanging-out time, which Levi hasn't had since... well, since Lacey was kidnapped.

"Jordan, you know I don't drink anymore." Levi scoffs at his friend, trying to deny the tempting shot glass in front of him. One of their friends is a well-known bartender around D. C. and is showing off his skills with alcohol. And as much as Levi is supposed to stay away from alcohol, due to family and personal alcoholism, he downs the shot without too much protesting. "See Levi, this is the problem with you. You say you don't drink anymore, but when I give you a kickass drink- thank you Ricky, by the way- you take it." Jordan teases the younger boy, ruffling his hair and replacing the empty shot glass with his favorite beer.

Jordan isn't just his boss, but a high school drinking buddy. They've known each other for years, and she knows his alcohol choices more than anything else about him. "Okay, but this is it! I don't even live around here and I need to drive home." Levi is strict with his words, but not with his mouth.

The beer is definitely not the last drop of alcohol to grace his lips.

Bartender Guy proposes a few drinking games, and Jordan continually calls Levi a wuss until he joins in. "Come on, Lele!" Jordan whines using her favorite nickname, "even Caroline the prude is playing." Caroline gasps, turning to her girlfriend with an angry gaze, but Jordan kisses her anger away until all ten of the guests are at the table.

"I'm not sure if you want me playing, Jordy, you know how much of a badass I am at drinking games." Levi challenges the black-haired woman, sitting across from her with a devious glare in his eyes, and a bit of beer goggles. "Okay, this is like Never Have I Ever, but instead of ten fingers, we're just going to keep going until someone's smashed. Preferably Caroline." Jordan laughs, getting another glare from her curly-haired girlfriend. Contrary to that belief, it wasn't Caroline, though she was close. It was Levi. Levi is a giggly, drunken mess by the end of their game, taking shots for every experience he'd missed out on. Some people may think that Levi's done everything and everyone, but in reality, he hasn't had any kind of intimacy since his junior year of high school and he spent most of his days drinking and getting high at home. He didn't really do much, quite honestly.

Jordan seems to realize a little too late that Levi really didn't need to get drunk tonight. "Hey, Lele, baby, look at me," the drunken man, looking more like a kid in his state, has a hard time concentrating both of his eyes on Jordan, "can I give you a ride somewhere? Your apartment or something?" Jordan isn't exactly the most sober, the bartender is the most sober out of all of them, but even he's a little buzzed.

"Don't you worry... your pretty little head, Jordy. I can walk with my own two feet." Levi giggles, patting her cheek then making an effort to get out of the seat he's been in for an hour now. It doesn't go that well. He pushes away any form of help, laughing at his own expense, and manages to walk over to the door without much swaying or wobbling. Caroline and Jordan look at him with worry in their drunken eyes. "I am a slightly drunk... incredibly drunk man who is going to take a walk, and there's nothing you two cheeky things can do about it." Levi opens the door and walks out, shutting it with his body weight. He sits there for a second, thinking slowly about where he can go, and realizes that the Humanly headquarters is like, a block away.

That's a lot of walking, he thinks to himself as he sets out on his mission to make it there. One foot in front of the other, that's all he has to do, until he makes it there.

"Lele, just stay here for the night!" Jordan calls out, watching Levi drunkenly stagger down the sidewalk towards an unknown location.

ImageUpon reaching Humanly HQ, he wanders through the empty ground floor of the parking garage until he can remember where exactly he's supposed to go. The elevator, right.

Levi pounds on the door without noticing the blinking lights that would let him in if he pressed them. "Hello? Anyone? This door doesn't have a handle! How am I supposed to get in?" Levi sounds ridiculous, but hey, he's drunk, he can't help it. He slides down the elevator door, slumping against it. This would be a nice place to sleep. Sleeping is nice, Levi thinks dreamily. He is half-asleep when the door slides open, leaving him to fall on his back and halfway in the elevator room onto a certain young man's feet.

"Wha? Oh, Enoch! Hey man, what's happenin'?" Levi giggles, picking himself up off the floor with a dangerous swaying to his body. Levi falls onto Enoch, letting him catch his body weight. Enoch smells so nice, and his shirt is so soft, it makes Levi sleepy again.

Yeah, sleep would be good.

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#, as written by Saerith

Enoch laid there for about ten more minutes until he could steady his breath and started to feel cold. He had woken up late, but still he felt exhausted, and a shower was the only thing on his mind right now. Maybe I’m getting sick or something he thought, trying to figure why so little exercise had left him this way. But he also felt a certain satisfaction. Picking up his clothes from the ground, he dressed his white shirt on top of the tank, unbuttoned, and put shoes back on his feet before leaving the room. His cellphone was still on the front pocket of his slacks, so he checked the time. It was just before three in the morning; he had completely lost track of time.

As he left the room, the lights behind him slowly started to deem, the floor turning darker as he approached the elevator, until the only light on was the one on the elevator room. He reached his hand to press the button, but before he could, he heard a loud sound coming from the inside. His heart skipped a beat. Someone was pounding hard on the door from the inside. A muffled voice also echoed inside, but Enoch couldn’t understand what it was saying. Carefully, he approached the door. Who could this be? At this time of night, someone who knew how to get there but couldn’t open the doors… Enoch was tired, alone, an unarmed, but something told him it didn’t matter, that he, particularly, was under no risk. The noises stopped. He pressed the button.

The doors opened and a dark figure landed on the ground, by his feet, with a loud thud. At first, Enoch was surprised and took one step back to maintain stability, but as soon as he heard the groggy “Wha” that left Levi’s lips, he let out a half relived, half confused sigh.

“Shit, you scared m—“ Levi crashed into Enoch’s body before he could finish. Damn. Enoch struggled to get him in a position where he could properly hold him, carefully placing Levi’s head on his shoulder. When he giggles, Enoch can feel his warm breath again his neck. And oh Lord, what a breath. However concerned, he couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “God Levi, you smell like a sewer. Or my uncle Bart.”

But Levi wasn’t listening to him; his eyes were closed and he was drooling a bit on Enoch’s shoulder. Without seeing any possible reason why Levi would have anything to do at HQ, this late, and this drunk, Enoch held him a bit tighter and slowly backed him up back in the elevator and pressed ground floor. His sweater fell to the ground, but he decided to leave it there. He could get it tomorrow.

Enoch laid Levi against the elevator wall and held his arms while staring at him for a minute. He wasn’t sure wether to scold him about drinking again or to laugh about it. After all, he was basically laughing in his sleep - or whatever that noise he was making was. But he decided they could talk tomorrow; tonight, he was just happy he was ok and with him. Well, kinda.

“Levi man, wake up. Don’t fall asleep, okay? Talk to me. Why on earth did’ya come here?” The elevator dinged signalizing they had arrived, so Enoch put Levi’s right arm around his shoulder and basically dragged him out. The only thing harder than carrying around someone on the verge of passing out is carrying someone who is equally wasted and walks with a limp. Just as they left the parking garage, Enoch realized he had left his car home and, well, he was sure Levi did not drive there. With a loud dissatisfied sigh, he slowly started to make his way to his place, which didn’t seem that close with sore limbs and all the extra weight. “My place is right there, so we’re gonna go there, ok? Now, tell me about your night out. Apparently you had an awesome time.”

It took them about 15 minutes to get to Enoch apartment, but they eventually did it. He lived on this really tiny two story house that had a kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom and the living room, which was all he really needed. As they walked in and turned on the light, tripping over each other, a loud screeching was heard and Enoch felt a set of tiny, yet sharp claws scratching his calves. Thank God he wasn’t wearing shorts.

“Sorry mate” he apologized to the strangely colored cat at his feet, who now grumpily went to sit under his center table. “You wanna go lay down or do you wanna shower first? I could get you some fresh clothes” he smiled discretely at the thought of Levi wearing one of his shirts. He carefully sat him down on the couch, smiling awkwardly at his own situation before entering the kitchen to get Levi a glass of water.

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Andrea Rose in collaboration with Saerith


Of course Enoch comes to Levi's rescue, grabbing him as he fell onto Enoch. Levi knows, in the back of his mind, that they're getting dangerously close, and the drunken part of his mind wants to kiss Enoch. You can't do that Levi, his conscience seems to tease him with that. I could if I wanted to, his drunken thoughts argue with the sober ones.

Enoch is laughing as Levi clumsily leans up against him. “God Levi, you smell like a sewer. Or my uncle Bart.” Levi laughs more than he should, taking deep breaths of air and expelling drunken laughter, like his mouth muscles forgot how to move but the sound still came out. Enoch carefully maneuvers their bodies so that Levi is safely against the wall of the elevator and Enoch is holding him by the arms. "Well you smell like a cat... and rain. Cat rain, you think people would buy that? It's nice." Levi sighs, picking up Enoch's sweater when it hits the ground.

When Enoch holds him against the wall, Levi can see, even in his drunken state, that his emotions are confused. Levi's vision of Enoch starts to go black around the edges when he starts to fall asleep.

“Levi man, wake up. Don’t fall asleep, okay? Talk to me. Why on earth did’ya come here?” Levi looks at Enoch with confusion. "Why'd I come here?" Levi has a hard time getting the words to come out of his mouth, and what exactly he's going to say. Even a few hours ago is fuzzy now. "I can't drive. I'm drunk! Silly goose." Levi teases groggily, leaning heavily on Enoch for support, especially with the limp, as he begins to explain more thoroughly, "Jordan lives down the street- you know Jordan- wait, no you don't, Jordan's my boss, anyway- I walked from her place, because I knew you'd save me, you're my knight in shining armor." Levi is giggling and is too drunk to believe his own words, but there's a part of him that believes every single word.

As they walk down to Enoch's apartment, he explains the situation slowly to Levi. “My place is right there, so we’re gonna go there, ok? Now, tell me about your night out. Apparently you had an awesome time.” Levi giggles, and if he wasn't so sloppy, people might just think they're two boys walking home from a good date. If only.

"It was just me and Jordan and Caroline- Jordan's girlfriend- at first but then she invited people and one guy made shots really well so she gave me one. We started a drinking game and I lost. Then I got tired. So, I walked over to HQ. Couldn't figure out how to get that door open, how'd you do that?" Levi looks at Enoch in awe, not realizing he's equating opening an elevator to god-like abilities. They finally make it over to Enoch's apartment, which really isn't that far; unless you have to drag a drunken boy down the street. They are falling over each other until Enoch accidentally steps on one of his famous rescue cats and incites a flurry of hissing and sharp claws. Levi dances out of the way, tripping and falling on the couch.

“You wanna go lay down or do you wanna shower first? I could get you some fresh clothes," Levi looks at Enoch with a dangerously flirty look in his face. "I'll shower if you shower with me." Levi purrs, grabbing Enoch by the shirt collar and pulling him so that Enoch is straddling Levi's waist.

Before he can take one more step, Enoch feels Levi’s firm grasp on his collar, and before he knows it, Levi’s face is an inch away from his. His body is abnormally warm and fits perfectly to his, now even the scent of alcohol seems sweet and alluring to him. Levi’s words send a shiver down Enoch’s spine that makes him shiver discretely, it takes all his strength to not take the offer. Usually, the dark haired boy wouldn’t tease him like that, so this catches him completely off guard. For a second, Enoch just sits there, eyes wide, lips parted, and the weirdest feeling on his stomach. It would be so easy to just lean in and kiss him. One inch, half a second.

But that's the thing. This isn’t something Levi would normally do, but he's drunk. Actually, drunk doesn’t even begin to explain it. Enoch hates it, but knows this is the right thing to do, so he inhales sharply, feeling the warmth of the other male’s body for one more second, then jokingly runs a hand through his hair and fakes an amused laugh. ”Maybe another time, 'kay? It’s late and I’m tired too. Let’s just get you to bed.”

Frustrated but conformed, Enoch takes his time getting up and offering Levi both of his hands.

"Awh, you're no fun, Enoch.” Levi whines, taking both of the boy's hands begrudgingly. They clumsily make their way over to Enoch's bed, the clumsiness mainly in party to Levi. Once his intoxicated body it's the mattress, it is all he can do to mumble out a few words, "Will you at least come cuddle with me?" Levi pouts, batting his eyelashes all innocently. He's curled up in the comforter like a child but continues to stare sleepily at Enoch, who feels his heart warm up a bit at the sight. He groans, but approaches the bed anyway, lifting a tiny portion of the blanket so that he can get in next to Levi. ”You're such a weirdo, kid.”

I better get up first, or this is gonna be real weird in the morning, Enoch thinks happily as he wraps his left arm gently around Levi’s waist and closes his eyes. Levi lets his arm settle on top of Enoch's arm and lets drunken slumber take him.


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#, as written by Saerith

Enoch rubbed his eyes softly, confused, lifting his head from the pillow. The room was bathed in a rosy light and a certain brown haired boy was laying next to him, his hand felt warm on his arm. He had been so tired last night, and had slept so little it took him a few seconds to remember how Levi had ended up in his bed and for Christ's sake what was this light? When it all came back to him, Enoch smiled lightly and, after discretely scooting closer to Levi, sighed tiredly and got up as delicately and silently as he could. He felt sorry for Levi, cause well, if he was feeling so trashed as he was, just imagining Levi's hangover made his head hurt. So he closed his window and left the room, heading down to the kitchen.

And suddenly he remembered he hadn't eaten anything in... ages. Probably yesterday's lunch or something. Still dragging his feet and yawning, he searched the kitchen for anything at all that could stop the growling in his stomach, but the only thing he did find was Mr. Crumbles half asleep under the stove. The small white cat did nothing but purr loudly and squint at Enoch when he laid down on the floor and stretched his arm to catch him.

"I'm hungry, Crumbles. You got some food? We could share." He mumbled, his voice still hoarse from sleep, holding the cat above his face while laying on his back. The cat meowed lowly with a bored look on his face. "Well I always give you food you little brat. Guess I'll go get some. Will you watch Levi for me?" As if to he intended to turn down Enoch, Mr. Crumbles suddenly began writhing furiously and left running to hide under the couch. Sometimes, Enoch wish he had dogs.

Getting up from the floor, he thought of Levi sleeping soundly on his bed and decided to leave him a note, just in case he woke up and couldn't remember what he was doing there or wonder where Enoch was.

"Good morning, drunkie! Hope you slept well. I'm surprised you're up so
early, but I guess booze will do that to ya. I woke up hungry as fuck so
I just ran to the store real quick to get us some breakfast but I'll be back
in 15 minutes tops. There's aspirin on my bedside table and some cranberry
juice on the fridge. Be my guest.
PS.: You look cute when you're asleep. Although you drool a little.

He entered the room once more and left the small note on his pillow before leaving the house. The sun was just now rising in the sky, turning the sky a pinkish orange color, and the air was filled with morning dew and the smell of rain from the previous night. Enoch could walk to the nearest convenience store easily, but his legs felt tired and his head impossibly heavy. Maybe he should have taken one of those aspirins after all. As he walked down the wet sidewalk, he though a bit of the night before. He was happy Levi found his way to him, actually. Enoch was never one to worry much, he saw no point to it, but it was somehow important for him that Levi be fine, always. More than anyone - and that included Barbie and James - he felt like Levi needed protection. Then his thoughts shifted to Barbie and James, and whatever those two were doing a few hours ago. Probably Barbara was out with Elli, doing whatever. Although Enoch wasn't Elli's biggest fan, he somewhat trusted him, especially with Barbie. It was probably the way he looked at her. He could never harm her, really. But James might not be as trusting. He pictured him playing around with Hawk, he too wondering what his sister was doing. Funny thing, Enoch thought, how those two worried about each other so much, and yet both had so much potential to defend themselves. But really, it must just be a siblings thing. In a way, Enoch knew how they felt, especially Barbie. To love someone so deeply the possibility of losing them drives you crazy.

At the convenience store, Enoch bought two large cups of black coffee, some much needed energy drinks for later, two cereal cups, milk, dried fruit and three small bars of chocolate to get some fat in Levi's body, then rushed home. God he was hungry. And tired. And somewhat frustrated, for whatever reason. He hoped with a burning passion they'd have a day off today and he'd be able to come to HQ just at night again. He entered his apartment silently, hoping to not wake Levi up if he was still asleep. Maybe even he might get some more sleep... He sipped at his coffee, which was already a little cold, trying not to shiver at the idea of getting back in bed with the other man.