Malcolm Edwards

"You learn to get used to it."

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Malcolm Henry Edwards

Mal to his friends (if he had any).


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║Role in Roleplay║
Controlled Power||Apocalyptic Kid

Chaos Manipulation: No one is quite sure just what Malcolm's power entails. So far, walls and floors have been known to shake, glass has been known to shatter, and power outages have been known to occur.

║Power Limitation║
Malcolm has no idea how to control his powers. They are extremely destructive, and they are tied to his emotions. Using them takes so much energy that he has fainted more than once after having a temper flare.


He has on his right underarm tattooed his subject identification code: #583 HP. He's had it there since he was six months old.



Passionate | Resourceful | Dynamic | Obsessive | Suspicious | Manipulative
Malcolm sees the world as black and white, and there's no gray area for him. He is secretive and can be very vengeful, driven to remember every wrong done against him, real or imaginary. He is often scared off by affection, especially if it happens too soon in his eyes. He has a hot temper and changeable emotions. When he gets worked up, it is nearly impossible to calm him down.

Malcolm also has ADHD, which leads him to very impulsive and reckless. He doesn't think his actions through all the way before he carries them out, and he has difficulty focusing on given tasks. Conversely, he can get very obsessive and hyperfocused on one specific task or even person. He can spend hours doing one meaningless task without realizing it. He says things he shouldn't and doesn't process deadlines or commands well. Though he means well, he has difficulty focusing and listening. Emotional responses, while appropriate as responses, get wildly out of control. This also makes it more difficult to control his power.

What Malcolm wants, he wants with fervor. He is passionate about his beliefs, and it is difficult to dissuade him of his convictions. He tends to be suspicious of people's motives when they show him kindness, and it takes him a while to warm up to new friends. He can be very analytical and calculating. Malcolm is usually either two steps ahead or two steps behind.


║Zodiac Sign║

Adventure stories
Derivatives and exponentials
Being right
Gaining approval

The Humanly (he's been lead to believe that they are a terrorist organization)

Never knowing his mother
Being killed by the Humanly
Losing control
Always being a test subject

Reuniting with his mom
Finding a family
Controlling his power

A human boy named Levi Crawford, the son of a scientist, frequently sneaks him out of the facility to have lunch and go exploring.


Malcolm Edwards was born to single mother and power person Anita Reyes on November 2nd. While she knew who his father was, she had left him when she found out she was pregnant, as he was a wealthy, married businessman living in Aspen, New York. She knew he would never leave his wife for a hotel maid and her illegitimate child. She moved from Aspen to New York City without saying a word to him about his son. Malcolm was two months old when he fell ill and half the block lost power. When the city sent investigators, they found that none of the technology had anything actually wrong with it, and a new investigation was launched. They ended up at Ms. Reyes's door. That was the last time she saw her son.

Two years later, they told her he had died. Not believing it, she joined the Humanly to search for him, to no avail. She is still part of the Humanly and still searching for him. Malcolm had become a permanent test subject in a Mutant Project lab in Washington, D.C.. His name had been buried under mountains of paperwork and he no longer legally existed. There was a small grave built for an infant with just a name and two dates in a government cemetery if anyone decided to look for him.

Growing up, Malcolm was a temperamental child. He threw fits and destroyed more than a few testing facilities in the process. Eventually, they diagnosed him with ADHD and began medicating him. While this calmed down the temper tantrums considerably, they were no less frequent, so they began to tranquilize him before he got out of control. Malcolm learned that if he didn't want to lose half his day and wake up sore, he would try to stay calm.

When he was told of his mother, he was told that she put him up for adoption when he was born, but this didn't stop him from wanting to meet her. All his life, he dreamed of finally seeing her face, and thoughts of her have gotten him through the worst of the horrific tests he has endured. He has spent his entire conscious life in the facility being tested on. Recently, Levi Crawford began sneaking Malcolm out of the facility for a couple hours over his lunch time, and Malcolm has cherished the tiny pieces of freedom it brings.


Anita Reyes|Mother
Henry Edwards|Father

Although he always wanted a pet, he was not allowed one. The scientists told him that it could tamper with the experiments and that he might accidentally hurt it.

So begins...

Malcolm Edwards's Story

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Malcolm flinched as the needle punctured the inside of his elbow. Nurse Kenneth patted his other arm softly in what Malcolm was sure was supposed to be a reassuring gesture.

"So what have you been up to today, Malcolm?" Kenneth asked.

He paused before answering. "It's test day," he replied simply. Kenneth nodded his understanding, but he clearly already knew. Every so often, usually once every two or three weeks, the doctors and scientists and nurses would spend a whole day solely doing medical tests on him. MRIs, EKGs, blood work, biopsies, whatever they could do to collect data. Once a year, he would get a full-body X-ray, but that had happened a couple months ago. Every possible vital sign in his body was measured to graph any change and compare it to an average, powerless human.

Kenneth pulled the needle out and covered the tiny spot with a cotton ball and a bandaid. "Do you have any plans for the evening?" he asked.

Malcolm shook his head. "I was just going to skip dinner and go to bed early."

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Fine," he lied. "Just tired. I'm not hungry."

Kenneth studied his face for a minute, but he didn't seem to detect the lie. "Alright," he said, "if you're sure."