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Amel Thimenson

The lion hearted girl with a monster hidden inside her

0 · 165 views · located in Capitol

a character in “The Hunger Games: A Spin Off”, as played by Fredalice


Name: Amel Thimenson
Age: 23
Role: Female Victor
District: 10
Victor of: 70th

Appearance: Image
Amel has a long-ish and soft face. Her skin is a light brown with no apparent scars, or at least scars that are being covered. Her eyes are large and almond shaped and that are a dark enough brown you don't really see her pupils. Though some don't recognize it, her eyes hide the hurt and fear of one that survived through the Hunger Games, most don't choose to see it, or more accurately choose not to see it, because they ant to believe that she is as happy as she pretends to be. She has long brown hair that the Capitol has taken care of so well that it leaves plenty of girls green with envy. Her smile, though when being filmed is often fake, is usually a big toothy grin. Amel isn't normally one to wear make-up, having grown up in a place that doesn't really do that, but of course being a Victor of the Hunger Games is forced to dress up when she makes "appearances".

She is tall and lean with slight womanly curves. From a distance you wouldn't normally think she had gone through and won the Hunger Games as she doesn't have "bulk". Typically she prefers to wear average clothes of shorts, a plain black shirt, hiking boots, and a long brown jacket that she can either wrap around herself or let hanging close to the floor. She prefers to keep her hair down because she loves the feeling of the wind blowing through it, though while working she will braid it and wrap it up into a bun. The scars that you can see are on her arms and back from getting stabbed and cut during the Hunger Games she was in. She prefers to keep them covered at all times since they bring back bad memories for her, she won't even look at them while changing clothes. On her left ear she always wears a small golden lion earring. This small symbol has become associate with her, often times she is called "the Lion hearted".

Personality: On the surface, Amel is a very nice and kind woman; the type that would help an old woman carry her things or pick up something some one had dropped. She is seen to be someone who has not survived a killing spree, but someone who has one a game almost like winning an athletic event. And at one point she was like this both on the outside and inside. She enjoys listening to classical music and opera, she prefers walking through museums than walking outside, and has an amazing talent with words; lying included. Her favorite color is red, though she will tell you it's yellow. She used to love eating meat, but not she mostly eats vegetables. She is lonely, angry at the Capitol and those that put her through what she did, sad at having to kill people, and terrified of what she became during the Hunger Games. Though you will see none of this when you look at her, she doesn't want to burden anyone and scare them as well so she puts on the facade of being excited and happy all the time, almost like a child. Though if you are willing to accept what you see, you can see how she truly feels in her eyes. She is very cunning and can see things by body language that others can't. She has learned to be very manipulative and will use almost anything she can against her enemies, disregarding the person's feelings.

Underneath the surface, and what she became during the Hunger Games is what she describes as a monster. The reason her favorite color is red is because it is passionate and extreme, reminding her of blood. While fighting she is crazed and hardly neat. A small part of her finds pleasure in torturing others. This is what came out during the Hunger Games for her and she has spent the years since trying to put it back in a dark dank cage, but is finding it difficult. She is scared of this part of her because she can hardly understand it and has known it was there since she had started work at butchering the livestock in her town. Though back then she knew she could control it. Because of this she loves being in control of almost everything around her, when there are slip ups in her control she will get too flustered trying to get back into step and scrambling to regain that control again. She is also a person who doesn't trust easily if at all, not even herself anymore, so if you find yourself being opened up to by her then you should know that you are something special to her.

History: Amel was born to your average District 10 family. She grew up, not exactly poor, but not too rich either. She had many friends, though nothing that would be considered "more", even back then she had a hard time trusting. She's the youngest in her family and grew up with three brothers and her father, not knowing what happened to her mother though her father had hinted many times that the Capitol had something to do with that. When she was fourteen she started work as a butcher, and though she wouldn't tell anyone she enjoyed it, more than one should. Life was simple, though every year her family feared that one of them would be a tribute. That fear came true when Amel was 18. She was living on her own, in an apartment close to her father's house and a fiance already picked out for her; leaving him behind was a relief to her, but that was the only silver lining to being picked.

The Hunger Games she was in, was in the theme of a haunted house. For those who didn't die right away it fucked with their minds and the survivors slowly lost their minds while at the same time trying to kill each other and stay alive. At first it looked as though Amel was going to die right away, but something clicked in her mind that should have stayed off, an irrational blood-lust. After that she became a monster, fitting with the haunted house theme perfectly. There were some scenes that the audience didn't see because of how gory they were, so no one except Amel saw what she actually did. Afterwards she got PTSD where she would either see images of how she killed the people or someone that was attacking in which case she would become defensive and attack the illusion back. For days she couldn't sleep because every time she closed her eyes she thought she was going to go kill crazy again. Her family never spoke to her again after that because though no one saw the details they understood perfectly well what happened and were terrified of her or angry at her. She was honestly in the same boat with them. The only thing that kept her from knocking the wall down completely was the thought of revenge on the Capitol for what they did to her as well as others. So she started building herself up respectively in everyone's eyes once again by taking on charities that others over-looked, for the people this is when she truly became "the lion hearted" in the common people's eyes, for the Capitol it was because of the fact that she was always the first to turn on someone or go running into a room. For Amel, she has yet to accept that title for herself.

Specialty: She is cunning and manipulative, playing the double-agent perfectly and her weapon of choice are small hand-axes as they work similarly to a butcher's knife.

RP sample: They had dressed Amel up in a beautiful golden evening gown that flowed like water around her. Her face was covered with sparkles and they had done her hair up in a curly waves that were bunched up behind her head. To the designer of this ostentatious outfit she looked like a Greek goddess. A small glint of gold could be seen dangling from her left ear, but that was it. She watched with her heart pounding so hard it shook her body as the other tributes walked up onto the stage to be interviewed. All of them pretending to be excited and that they were actually happy that they were the ones chosen and she knew that she would have to do the same. After they were done the tributes would come down and give evil glares to those who had still yet to go on stage. Everything was a competition now.

"Next up let's welcome Amel Thimenson from District 10 to the stage!!" the announcer yelled. Amel took a deep breath put on her best toothy grin and walked as steadily as she could while wearing heels and having her nerves practically in shock. She still waved at the audience like she was child, and they ate it up. "Well it's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful young woman with as much energy as you do."

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you as well," Amel said into the microphone.

The announcer laughed, "And with such great manners as well!! Now tell us, how does one come off so innocent when you butcher meat for a living?"

"It's all about balance, while working you keep things professional, but that doesn't mean that afterwards you can't be excited about the little thing anymore."

"Such words of wisdom! I do believe that as a whole, we need to start appreciating the little things more and I like how you said 'keep things professional', will that be what we see from you out in the arena?"

"Absolutely, this may be considered games, but I'm here to win and to do that I can't get emotionally attached," Amel answered, Blood, a voice in the back of Amel's mind said, You want the blood.

"Well then that certainly does sounds like a plan! Any last message you would like to send out there before you step into the arena?"

Blood, you want to spill all their blood, you want to see it fly, Amel cleared her throat while pushing the voice down so she could think clearer, "I'd like to say goodbye to family. My three brothers though annoying, you guys have been the best and I couldn't have asked for better, and to my dad, I know things were tough when mom disappeared and they still are and I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, that now you have to say goodbye to your little girl as well. I'll fight for you, all of you because you've already lost so much and I don't want to see you lose more," one silent tear slipped down her cheek, Amel was terrified and was fighting back more tears; unlike the announcer however. Amel looked at him and he was blubbering.

"That was so sweet, I don't think we could have been touched more by this girl, by this," he moved her hair behind her ear revealing the little lion earring, "lion hearted girl."

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

So begins...

Amel Thimenson's Story