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The Hunger Games: A Tide of Blood

The Hunger Games: A Tide of Blood


The 34th Hunger Games are about to begin! Should you be chosen as a tribute, you'll have to put yourself to the ultimate test of survival. And of course, kill your fellow tributes. May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

536 readers have visited The Hunger Games: A Tide of Blood since Moksha-Achieved created it.


This is an RP based of the first book of Suzanne Collin's series, The Hunger Games. If you have not read this book, I'd quit reading now.

...BUT if you really don't care about spoilers!!!

The basic plot of the story is that the nation of Panem, which was formerly America, is divided into 12 Districts and the Capital. Sometime before the book there was a war, and the Capital completely annihilated District 13 because it rebelled, and in order to quell future rebellions among the remaining Districts, the Hunger Games were established.

The main idea of the Hunger Games is that two children from each of the 12 Districts (One boy and one Girl), have to pitch it out to the death while the rest of the nation is forced to watch and pretend to enjoy it. Over the years the Games have become more and more complex, eventually getting to be where the kids were placed in an arena with provisions to last about a week, and are forced to kill each other off to survive.

After each tribute is chosen, they are then sent to the capital to be examined and interviewed and a bunch of other stuff that the gamemasters use to keep things interesting during the game. They are also judged, and given a score between one and twelve, so that people can place bets on who will win, and sponsors can choose to donate supplies to the tributes in game.

Our story will begin as each tribute is arriving to the capital for the pre-games interviews.


Some things to keep in mind as you fill out the sheet:

Each District has a specialty. This oughta be a part of your characters history, or something.

1 - Jewelry
2- Medicines
3 - Electronice
4 - Fishing
5 - Animal herding
6 - Science
7 - Lumber
8 - Textiles
9 - Oil
10 - Mathmatics
11 - Farming
12 - Coal

Your character can be either a 'Career' or a 'Loner'. The difference being that Careers were trained from an early age to be a part of the Hunger Games, while Loners were chosen and just have to deal with it. Careers have a beter chance of winning, but everyone generally views them as assholes, so they might not be getting help from sponsors.

There is a limit of 24 characters that will actually be competing in the RP, but if you wish your character can play a supporting role as a Sponsor. Sponsors will decide what supplies their District gets based on their score during Judging. I will accept 12 Sponsors.

Sponsors: You don't need to pick what district you are sponsoring until after the judging. Once the judging is complete, choose the one you think is best, first come first serve on this one.

Finally, to fill the number of spots in this RP (36 is a LOT!!) I will accept a maximum three characters from each person. Two are allowed to be tributes, one must be a Sponsor if you have three. Also, if you have two tributes, they cannot be from the same District.

Available positions:

District 1 Male: Andre Ern
District 1 Female:
District 1 Sponsor: Reserved for fierytempest

District 2 Male:
District 2 Female:
District 2 Sponsor:

District 3 Male: Reserved for 13lazer31
District 3 Female:
District 3 Sponsor:

District 4 Male: Ari Kirchner
District 4 Female: Reserved for fierytempest
District 4 Sponsor:

District 5 Male: Jason Fletcher
District 5 Female: Addilei Smith
District 5 Sponsor:

District 6 Male:
District 6 Female:
District 6 Sponsor:

District 7 Male: Reserved for fierytempest
District 7 Female: Joslyn Oak
District 7 Sponsor:

District 8 Male:
District 8 Female:
District 8 Sponsor:

District 9 Male: Jonathan Jay
District 9 Female:
District 9 Sponsor:

District 10 Male:
District 10 Female:
District 10 Sponsor:

District 11 Male: William Bravo
District 11 Female:
District 11 Sponsor:

District 12 Male: Ethan Andrews
District 12 Female: Katima Inu
District 12 Sponsor:


If you have a particular position in mind, you may reserve it for up to 48 hours. If an application is not accepted before this time is up, the spot will open up again.

Character sheet: (Place in description)

Name: (Your name. Include nicknames if you have any.)
Age: (Tribute ages must be between 12 and 18, but Sponsors ages are unrestricted)
Gender: (I hope this needs no explanation o.o)
District: (Enter your District number or the word Sponsor)
Appearance: (How do you look, physically)
Personality: (How do you act, what is your personality)
History: (Give me a back story to prove that you can write well)
Career: (Is your character a Career, or a Loner?)
Volunteer: (Did your character volunteer themselves, or were they chosen?)


We start when we have 14 characters to play with. Don't worry about joining late though, just pick one of the living NPC's and hop right in!! Please make sure it is a live one though. If you don't, it could be the start of.... THE NEXT ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!

And you don't want that, do you.

No, no you don't.

More information will be available in the OOC thread once you have created your character.


Now, of course, being a writer you must to write! But wouldn't you like writing better if there were prizes?!?!

THATS RIGHT! The top three finishers will receive a custom made signature declaring their excellence, and the winner will get that as well as this really official looking prize signature!

What do they look like, you ask? Well... you'll have to make it into the top three to find out!!! I mean, it's not like I haven't designed them yet or anything....

Oh fine, so I haven't. But I mean, there's plenty of time!! There WILL be a prize, I give you my word!!! :P


This area reserved for kill records. Kills recorded in order.

Killer - Killed - Means - Total kills for killer

Toggle Rules

1. Obey the rules of the RPG website
2. No one lining, put some thought into your post, it'll keep you alive!
3. No over powered characters.
4. No pulling new abilities out of nowhere.
5. Have respect for your fellow RP'ers
6. Death will be a part of this RP, if you die, accept it with grace.
7. Killing off other characters is forbidden unless you have permission.
8. No spoilers, assume that people in the RP have read only the first book of the series.
9. You are required to make one post every three days or else your character will be killed. PM me if you must leave for an extended period of time.

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Character Portrait: Addi
Character Portrait: Artison "Ari" Kirchner


Character Portrait: Artison "Ari" Kirchner
Artison "Ari" Kirchner

A Fisher from district 4 who hopes to either win, or die for someone who deserves to win.

Character Portrait: Addi

Nice, Cute, Funny, Smart, Nice


Character Portrait: Artison "Ari" Kirchner
Artison "Ari" Kirchner

A Fisher from district 4 who hopes to either win, or die for someone who deserves to win.

Character Portrait: Addi

Nice, Cute, Funny, Smart, Nice

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Artison "Ari" Kirchner
Artison "Ari" Kirchner

A Fisher from district 4 who hopes to either win, or die for someone who deserves to win.

Character Portrait: Addi

Nice, Cute, Funny, Smart, Nice

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Most recent OOC posts in The Hunger Games: A Tide of Blood

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

Yeah I just joined today and I was lookin around and saw Ethan under the Characters and About to be orphaned. Ill take him but I don't know how.

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

Hey guys if you still read this it means you are all waiting eagerly to start like me, well it seems like this one is dead, ive stumbled upon another hunger games, except its got a differnt rule where one person from a district wins, It seems ok enough, well if anyone is still interested in hunger games its called the "hunger games 2".

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

hey srry i accidently abandoned my character haha tried to get out of another one, d'oh so just remember i'll play as Ethan I think i will be able to right? idk rpg confuses me sometime

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

He gave me your name. Put your character up bro!!!

Also: Applications have been coming in slower now, so on SUNDAY posting will begin. So if anyone who reads this wants a character in from the beginning, get 'em in now :)

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

Im the one recommened by smrtazz

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

We can start then, no problem.

And I'm sorry smrtazz, I haven't been on :( Sent you a PM though, hope that helps!

I'll put you down for those spots, tempest

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

District 4 female, District 7 male, District 1 sponsor.


We begin from the day of the Reaping. If we start the day of the games, I'm not really interested.

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

thanks for answering my question

Re: [OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

hey im new who here so quick question how do you decide who lives and who dies?

[OOC] The Hunger Games: A tide of blood

Hunger Games: A tide of Blood

Ok everyone! Just a few things that make this thread worth looking at :)

We'll be starting after we have 14 characters in the game. (Or whenever I feel like we have as much as we're going to get, whichever comes first.)

Also, we'll be keeping a tab on who kills who. Person with the most kills gets a goodies basket!!! :D

I can't stress enough how important it is to read the rules. The one post per three days rule will be enforced MERCILESSLY, so make sure you PM me if you need to be gone for a long time.

Since the kill count is important, I use a random number generator to decide the order in which players get to kill off other players who have timed out. Basically speaking, when a person hasn't posted for three days, the first person on tis list has the right to kill them, and will have one day to execute the person, or I'll take the kill for myself. These kills DO count towards the kill count.

The list is as follows:


You'll probably see this shorthand a couple of times, and if you're confused, let me explain: D = District, # = District number, M or F = Male or female of that district.

That's all for now, once characters are accepted more information will be brought up as needed.