Asher Morrisson

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a character in “The Hunger Games - Eat or be Eaten”, as played by eman447


Flirting. Talking to girls. Hunting. Running. The thrill of danger. Rain. Thunder. Daisy (His girlfriend). Flowers. Sleeping in a quiet meddow. Traps.
Dislikes: Fire. People from district 1. The gamemakers. The games. The mines of District 12. The goverment.
District: 12
Extra info: Has a small crush on Kira Isa Waiten.
Appearance:Image If That Doen't Work Copy and paste this into the addess bar http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Hmvqx2TQ0ik/S ... 00-477.jpg
Modification of Picture: Instead of the sword he should have two daggers.


Nice. Charming and cute. Asher is really good with girls and he uses his charm as a weapon. Very nice. Funny. Enjoys killing people fast and not letting them suffer.


Two long daggers.
His gloves are made to hurt people when he hits them.


Asher was the son of a father who abused him a lot. His mother died when he was 11 and his father blamed it on him even though he didn't do anything. He ran away to live with his grandma when he turned 12. He met a girl named Daisy when he was 14 and since then they have been going out, but when he was called to be a tribute he saw Kira Isa Waiten he thought he liked her a little bit. The reason he wants to win the games is so he can come home and be with Daisy. Mom is a alcoholic

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