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Cheren Lewis M'coy

"Taste the power of my stick with a pointy piece of metal on it!"

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a character in “The Hunger Games-esque”, as played by Spazmatical


Name: Cheren Lewis M'coy

Age: 16

District: 9

Fighting skills/experience: She has experience using scythes of course, and is adequately good at hand to hand combat from defending herself from her brother.

Survival skills/experience: She's awfully good with ropes.

Weakness/drawbacks: She has a very bad fear of heights.

Picture or BRIEF appearance description: She is a rather energetic girl with long brunette hair and one green and one blue eye.

Special marker: A fancy decorative necklace given to her by her mother.

Bio/history: She lived adequately well with her mother father and older brother. Her mother and father are very over
protective, and her brother is a bit of a rough-houser. That's about it.

So begins...

Cheren Lewis M'coy's Story


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Character Portrait: Cheren Lewis M'coy
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Cheren was shivering as the countdown continued, waiting for the all important moment when it would sound off, and she had to make a good decision, or she may be one of the next to die. There were many tough challengers out there, making the supplies, or, weapons in the cornucopia definitely hard to get. Suddenly, she heard a loud explosion, and looked to see one of the tributes limbs and organs tumble from the sky, and into the waiting mouth of a mysterious scaled creature below. She flinched, trying to keep her cool, but couldn't help a single tear from rolling down her cheek. She instantly wiped it away, hoping no one saw that as a sign of weakness and came after her. You can never be to paranoid here.
She looks on towards the center of the circle, clenching her fists. In the very center, there was a small scythe. Her face beamed. Getting that could give her a good chance if she accidentally got into a struggle, but on the way there...No, she shouldn't think about that. All she should do is run for the center as fast as she can, grab it, and run for cover. She can only hope she doesn't meet someone hostile on the way.
Suddenly, BONG!! the games began. everyone was running this way and that, killing those in their way. She gulped, and made a mad dash for the center, ignoring all those around her, and hopping over the pools of water in fear of the strange creatures lurking inside. After a few moments, she made it to the center, grabbed the scythe, and dashed off again, into the safety of the treeline.
She stopped for a few moments, trying to catch her breathe. She was cold, wet, and muddy, but very glad to have made it this far! She then brought herself back to reality, giving her head a little shake, and looked towards the bloodbath she had just escaped from. The strange scaled fish like things were already pulling at the corpses. It made her want to gag...but she had to keep her lunch, food would take a long time to find...She pulls herself together, and begins a brisk jog away from the bloodbath, as far away as she could get. Now, she had no idea what to do, other than to avoid other tributes. She sighed, and felt she was far enough away to cease jogging and walk, and just continued on until she thought there was a good place to stop.