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The Capitol's Gamemaker (MUST READ)

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a character in “The Hunger Games-esque”, as played by ColorMeCrimson



Role: Gamemaker

(Capitol Theme Song Begins)
All posts by the GM will be in this color to signify it must be read. It will have its own, separate posts. This will denote updates in obstacles, setting, supplies, and most importantly, deaths. The posts will be in the format of messages from the capitol and all tributes will have access to the information. Please be aware of this. That is all.
(Capitol Theme Ends)

So begins...

Crimson's Story


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Character Portrait: Helena Restoni Character Portrait: Mason Mitchell Character Portrait: Crimson Character Portrait: Vespia Camory Character Portrait: Glen Tanner
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District Nine Male

The male from district nine was mocking her, and why not? She looked ridiculous, a female as muscular as she was. All that muscle no doubt weighed her down, and he could outrun her easily. But his real plan was to sneak up behind her, wait until that clumsy fool started running and then get her! GONG! He waited. Pausing just a moment to see her run past, only she didn’t. Before he even had time to turn, her hands were upon him. Last breath, and then, darkness.


Glen stood frozen in fear, waiting for the others to run past before he could find a way around them, because he was for sure not going in the water behind him. Those things what were they? The water, he couldn’t stop staring at it. Then, he saw it, just a glimpse, but it looked like a strange mix of a fish and an alligator. Which meant, it could come on land as well. He panicked, turning around to run and then…there she was, Helena. Her hands wrapped around him, he tried to scream. He couldn’t go out like this, no! His mother, his sister, they were all counting on hi-...
“I’m sorry.”

Mason and the Male of District Twelve

Mason ran. That’s all it was, getting out of there. He was large, but he wasn’t careless. Reaching the edge of the tree line, he paused. Whatever was in the water was not the only thing out there; Crimson had made a note of that. He didn’t want to go out unarmed. He turned around, grabbed the club and large hatchet from the center, and turned around. Having the upper body strength he had, duel wielding these items weren’t very difficult. Besides, the hatchet could come in serious handy, it was something he could not pass up. Before he could reach the tree line a second time, he found himself facing the male from district twelve. He winced, knowing he had to get through the boy. He made a scissor like motion, a club to the head, an ax to the stomach. The boy made a small gasp before his entrails spilled out everywhere, the smell hung in Mason’s nose. It made him sick. He ran out towards the woods, not waiting to see if the other Careers were following him. He had made it a point to join them. Then, he saw a familiar face, the girl from two. A fellow Career, “Vespia!” he called. “Im glad you made it out okay!”

Males from Districts One, Four, Five, Seven, Eight and Female from District One

The knives, he had to get the knives…
The male from district ten lunged for them, pushing Rhiannon back to get them. She was in his way and he felt no guilt. He seemed in the clear, almost. The male from district four was now coming for him, and he smiled to greet him. He seemed unarmed; a knife to the head should be sufficient. Looking down, district ten picked up a single knife and flung it, hitting him in the lower left of his stomach. He went down, and turned his attention to the boy from five running, he grabbed the knife from four’s stomach and lodged that one perfectly in the head of five. Dead. And then, so was he.

The male from district one had awoken.

His name was Kline, and he wasn’t too happy about his encounter with Britty. His nose was bloody and most probably broken and his lip had been split open. He also had a rather bad bump on his head from falling backwards, she could punch, and he gave her that. That means, she is now the first he wants to hunt. When he managed to get up, he gathered up his supplies, the last sword and the throwing hatchets, and promptly removed the head of district ten. Seeing district four bleeding on the ground from the knife wound, Kline then sauntered over, and ended him as well.
Looking around, he saw the boys from seven, eight, and six all fighting amongst themselves. Six escaped, seven was missing a hand, and eight went in for the kill on seven. Once done, eight then found himself with a throwing hatchet in his skull.
His attention then turned to finding his district-mate, the fellow Career from One. He looked around, called her name. She called back, muffled, scared, and pained. Just before she was dragged underwater by the jaws of….what were those things?? The alligator-fish were coming on land, hunting on the bodies that the hovercrafts hadn’t been able to pick up, yet. She had still been alive. It was time to leave, he couldn’t save her. He bolted through the forest, grabbing the hatchet in the boy from eight’s skull. It wasn’t long before he met up with Mason and Vespia. Mason shot him a look, as if to ask what had happened to the girl, but he just shook his head in response.
“Creatures got her. What happened to yours?” he directed towards Vespia.


Cannon fire shot through the trees. One for every dead tribute after the girl from eight.
The faces would be shown in the sky at midnight exactly. It is approximately six thirty in the afternoon now. Hovercrafts removed what bodies remained.


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Character Portrait: Mason Mitchell Character Portrait: Kline Halloway Character Portrait: Crimson Character Portrait: Rhiannon Vana Character Portrait: Vespia Camory
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Mason and Kline
(I don't feel like doing a separate one since they're both in the same place!)

" We might as well look for that mine shaft and get some food to eat "

"Yeah," replied Kline. "It'll get really nasty really quick if we don't find some food."
"Or some water," Mason added, "We're surrounded by it, but I can't possibly believe that this murky shit is fit for human consumption."
Mason ran his hands through the thick, brown water. Kline nodded in agreement, but stopped when he heard a sound. Feet sloshing near them. It was hard to be subtle and sneaky in this terrain, what with ever step making either a sloshing or a splashing, or some sort of watery-muddy sound. Not only that, but it slowed you down, too. Kline drew his sword. Mason, noticing Kline's alarm, rested his hands on his weapons, but did not fully draw them as Kline had. No reason to get all worked up if it was truly nothing, but in here, it is almost rarely nothing.

"It's the girl from district four," Mason muttered. Kline wasn't quite sure how he had known, but he took his word for it. With a look to Vespia, Kline placed his sword back down. He knew they were close, and Four was a Career district of sorts. Why not? They had already lost two Careers, time to pick up the slack. Well, technically they had only lost one, but where was...
Cannon fire.
The world seemed to tremble beneath them as they looked around for the source. Then they saw it, a large pack of maybe ten or twenty mutant rats running towards them.
"Get up the trees!" Mason shouted, unaware that these rats were actually apt climbers. Mason and Kline started to scramble up the trees but just as the rats neared them, they ran right past them. "What the..." Kline started.
And then the hissing began.
"Those rats weren't running at us, they were running from something." Mason said, squinting into the trees, trying to see what it could be.

Then, out of the trees emerged three seven foot long snakes. They were bright silver and gleaming, and they were huge. Not only that, but noticing the larger meat, they were no longer focused on the rats.


All over the arena, mutant snakes have begun their hunting hour. These snakes resemble boa constructers, but theres a catch. They are razor sharp. Touch one, and you are sliced like a grater. You will notice them coming by rats running away from them, and they hunt in packs of two to five. And yes, they are coming for all of you as well.