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Helena Restoni

The toughest of District Seven. She is brutal. She is tough. But she is a misunderstood soul. She volunteers as tribute.

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a character in “The Hunger Games-esque”, as played by Adantas


Helena at only 17 years of age can match and even beat the best of the boys in her district. Tall and muscular, she has a sharp jawline and prominent cheek bones. This gives her face a cruel appeal. Despite her true nature being the opposite. Her eyes are an unnatural pale blue, almost grey. Her naturally dark skin is rich like the majestic trees that grow in her districts forest. Her hair is like the coal from district 12, dark and sooty. She cares little her beauty so has dread locked her hair which shows off her rough exterior.


She comes off as cold and harsh. Often brutal when provoked. But in truth this is just the shell of Helena Restoni. This is her layer of protection against the cruelty that has been shown towards her. If she had been loved and nurtured she would have always been quick to laugh. Always playful and the joker. She would rather punch first, talk later as she knows that that way she won't have to listen to their tortuous taunts. Treated right she would have been a flirt. Secretly hidden from her own mind even she would have tried to get to know some of the guys better.


Dressed in a simple army green tank top and black worn travelling pants that she got second hand by one of the boys who outgrew them. Her boots are most special to her as they are heavy duty and after several owners still in good shape. Besides her trusty fists in recent years she has been developing her skill in using a club. Crafter by her very own hand and one of the strongest woods in the forest it is by far her prized possession. She even has engravings to remind her that to be tough she must have intelligence.


With no family or friends she had to fend for herself. To survive she started out at a timber mill and as she grew so did her strength. Each day she would go out with the boys and chop down trees. This alone wouldn't give her the strength she possess now. She gained that from sparring with the boys in their free time. Despite the relationship she shared with the boys she was still isolated as they saw her as a sort of freak for being so strong. The girls were catty and cruel. Some days when it was all too much she would camp out in the forest, roost in the trees and hunt. By the time she reached 12 her attitude towards people were harsh. If anyone so much as looked at her the wrong way she would go on the attack. Her appearance usually deterred most people from giving her a hard time or from becoming violent. She was still sparring with some of the boys but for the next few years she found an interest in clubbing - a wooden club. She taught herself techniques and became quite lethal with it. By 17 she became so fed up with life and the people in her district that she finally decided to volunteer.

So begins...

Helena Restoni's Story


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#, as written by Adantas

As the seconds count down I time my breaths with them. My eyes scan the area surrounding us. The nearest tribute is the male from District Nine. A sketchy looking boy who gives me a nervous sneer. I already take a disliking to him. He reminds me of one of the boys back home. Not very strong but a quick tongue and nimble on his feet. I realise that if I make a dash I can surprise and easily overpower him. That way I can make a run for the clubs.

The only obstacle I would worry about then would be the guy from District three. I remember him. I think his name was Glen. I remember in the training arena that he couldn't fight or even lift a bar for that matter. I feel a pang of sympathy for this pathetic kid as he should not have been chosen as tribute. At that moment my anger at the Capitol flares up. How cruel can they be, how is that right that a kid who would never survive be chosen to fight for his life?

I focus back to reality, I have 15 seconds left and so I give the District Nine kid my coldest glare then turn and act like I am about to run straight ahead. As soon as the gong goes I push off to the side and dash towards him. I reach him in a few steps and he shrieks in surprise. I grab his head and twist violently. My stomach clenches as he collapses to the ground. I waste no time as I have to get to my club and maybe pick up something sharp too. As I turn and make another dash for the weapons I can't help thinking how easy it was to end his life.

Glen hasn't moved from his pad yet, he is just shaking, frozen in fear. I suppose he thinks that if he stays still no-one will notice him. I reach the axes first and grab both, I slide one through my belt and I keep the other in my hand. I stop for a split second before making the decision to not bother about the club. I run straight towards Glen, he can't survive and I would much rather know that he died painlessly then be tortured. He see's me charging for him. He starts to throw his hands out in front trying to stop me. His voice is cracking from the sheer fear and desperation of his pleading screams. He stumbles backwards but before he falls I reach him and grab his flailing arm. I pull him in close and before I snap his neck I whisper in his ear. I'm sorry. I have no time to lay his body down gently so as I let go and his body falls I run towards to swamp. I know that there are some huge scaly things in there but I'm big too and now I'm armed with two axes. They better watch out.


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Britty stared off into the center of the arena, her eyes transfixed on the pile of weapons gleaming in the light.
She couldn't easily make out what they were, but she could tell one was a forked spear of some sort. Trying to imagine herself actually running around spearing people was just too much for her. A shiver attacked her spine as the reality of the situation suddenly hit her - she played images in her head as if in a dream...

I am going to have to kill people. Murder them. Take their lives before they take mine. Sons, daughters, ripped from their families. They will never breathe another breath. They will be forgotten soon after it happens.

She started breathing heavily, trying to suck in the hot swampy air. Her throat tightened - she was having a panic attack.

Britty was suddenly wrenched back to reality as a loud blast diagonally to the right beat out against the voice on the loudspeaker.
It was the tribute girl from 8, jumping from her landing before it was time to start. She was blown to bits, which sprinkled down like manna from heaven; it coated the rest of the unfortunate and doomed players in the sick game.

A timer appeared above her, counting down the minute before she could possibly be dead.

You are so screwed Britty. You don't belong here. You are dead. It's only a matter of time. Just let yourself go quietly before you make a fool of yourself. Maybe you can die with some dignity.

30 seconds left.

How did this happen? Why did it happen to me? What cruel circumstance brought me to this place where I am going to be stabbed to death or shot by another child?

10 seconds left.

Which weapon are you going to grab? You have to grab something. You have to grab something, pick something you idiot! Figure it out now! Where are you going to run?

The gong rang out and Britty just started running straight ahead.
She noticed a girl on her left and a boy on her right, and just prayed to God they wouldn't find something to stab her with before she grabbed a weapon. She saw the pack of knives first and veered towards them - but before she could make any real commitment to them, they were picked up by someone else.
She started running straight through, assuming she would grab a big weapon on the way.
As she ran, her hands slid down to her waist. Her fingertips quickly traced the line of her belt, and nimbly began to unfasten it.

What the hell am I doing?

She begged herself to think, reason, decide something; but the whole event was a huge blur that she would not even remember forty seconds from now.

Suddenly she found herself pulling her belt off and wrapping it around her hand with the buckle facing out.

Her eyes fell on the sword directly in front of her. She had almost tripped on the stupid thing! She paused only for a split second - just long enough to see the boy from District 1 running towards her with one of the throwing knives. He must have has his heart set on a sword as well, she assumed.

This is it for me. I hope my mother can go on after losing her daughter....

If Britty had had time to cry, she probably would have broken down that instant and sobbed. But there wasn't even time to feel sorry for herself. That made her extremely angry all of the sudden. Her sad, weepy eyes squinted in a scowl against the boy aiming for her.
She bent down without hesitation and lifted the sword at him.

I'm going to kill him!!

At the last second before his stab could fall into her, she sucker-punched him in the face with her belt buckle.
It happened so quickly, she didn't even realize what she had done.
She whirled around on one foot before she could even see his reaction, and continued to run towards the center pile of weapons.

As she went on, she spied the girl from district 7 - Helena. Everyone knew her name. Britty was able to catch a glimpse of her with the head of the guy from 9 in her hands, twisting it, and letting his limp body drop to the ground. She picks up two axes, and Britty realized she wanted to be as far from Helena as possible.
She ran into the center moments before another girl who scooped up the forked spear thing and ran off without stopping.
When Britty reached the center there were only a couple things left - 15 arrows, a bow, and a scythe.
She realized she still had her belt buckle on one hand and a sword in the other, but the least she could do was make it a tiny bit harder for the others. She dug at the bow and ran as fast and hard as she could to the treeline on the other side, trying to avert her eyes from the horrors around her.

Once she reached safety from the death clearing, she dropped the sword and the bow.
Neither were of any use to her at all. She quickly turned to the nearest tree, and dug a shallow hole in the reeds just big enough to conceal them both. She grabbed some reeds and tied a shoddy bow, and stuck it to the tree with mud. Now she would be able to hopefully find this again if she needed it or if she found an ally who did, but in the meantime they would just slow her down.

She began walking, or rather trudging, through the mud, farther away from the sad violence she had just fled. She sighed heavily, and a single tear rolled down her cheek. She wiped it with a hand wrapped in a belt.


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District Nine Male

The male from district nine was mocking her, and why not? She looked ridiculous, a female as muscular as she was. All that muscle no doubt weighed her down, and he could outrun her easily. But his real plan was to sneak up behind her, wait until that clumsy fool started running and then get her! GONG! He waited. Pausing just a moment to see her run past, only she didn’t. Before he even had time to turn, her hands were upon him. Last breath, and then, darkness.


Glen stood frozen in fear, waiting for the others to run past before he could find a way around them, because he was for sure not going in the water behind him. Those things what were they? The water, he couldn’t stop staring at it. Then, he saw it, just a glimpse, but it looked like a strange mix of a fish and an alligator. Which meant, it could come on land as well. He panicked, turning around to run and then…there she was, Helena. Her hands wrapped around him, he tried to scream. He couldn’t go out like this, no! His mother, his sister, they were all counting on hi-...
“I’m sorry.”

Mason and the Male of District Twelve

Mason ran. That’s all it was, getting out of there. He was large, but he wasn’t careless. Reaching the edge of the tree line, he paused. Whatever was in the water was not the only thing out there; Crimson had made a note of that. He didn’t want to go out unarmed. He turned around, grabbed the club and large hatchet from the center, and turned around. Having the upper body strength he had, duel wielding these items weren’t very difficult. Besides, the hatchet could come in serious handy, it was something he could not pass up. Before he could reach the tree line a second time, he found himself facing the male from district twelve. He winced, knowing he had to get through the boy. He made a scissor like motion, a club to the head, an ax to the stomach. The boy made a small gasp before his entrails spilled out everywhere, the smell hung in Mason’s nose. It made him sick. He ran out towards the woods, not waiting to see if the other Careers were following him. He had made it a point to join them. Then, he saw a familiar face, the girl from two. A fellow Career, “Vespia!” he called. “Im glad you made it out okay!”

Males from Districts One, Four, Five, Seven, Eight and Female from District One

The knives, he had to get the knives…
The male from district ten lunged for them, pushing Rhiannon back to get them. She was in his way and he felt no guilt. He seemed in the clear, almost. The male from district four was now coming for him, and he smiled to greet him. He seemed unarmed; a knife to the head should be sufficient. Looking down, district ten picked up a single knife and flung it, hitting him in the lower left of his stomach. He went down, and turned his attention to the boy from five running, he grabbed the knife from four’s stomach and lodged that one perfectly in the head of five. Dead. And then, so was he.

The male from district one had awoken.

His name was Kline, and he wasn’t too happy about his encounter with Britty. His nose was bloody and most probably broken and his lip had been split open. He also had a rather bad bump on his head from falling backwards, she could punch, and he gave her that. That means, she is now the first he wants to hunt. When he managed to get up, he gathered up his supplies, the last sword and the throwing hatchets, and promptly removed the head of district ten. Seeing district four bleeding on the ground from the knife wound, Kline then sauntered over, and ended him as well.
Looking around, he saw the boys from seven, eight, and six all fighting amongst themselves. Six escaped, seven was missing a hand, and eight went in for the kill on seven. Once done, eight then found himself with a throwing hatchet in his skull.
His attention then turned to finding his district-mate, the fellow Career from One. He looked around, called her name. She called back, muffled, scared, and pained. Just before she was dragged underwater by the jaws of….what were those things?? The alligator-fish were coming on land, hunting on the bodies that the hovercrafts hadn’t been able to pick up, yet. She had still been alive. It was time to leave, he couldn’t save her. He bolted through the forest, grabbing the hatchet in the boy from eight’s skull. It wasn’t long before he met up with Mason and Vespia. Mason shot him a look, as if to ask what had happened to the girl, but he just shook his head in response.
“Creatures got her. What happened to yours?” he directed towards Vespia.


Cannon fire shot through the trees. One for every dead tribute after the girl from eight.
The faces would be shown in the sky at midnight exactly. It is approximately six thirty in the afternoon now. Hovercrafts removed what bodies remained.


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#, as written by Adantas
My legs plunged into murky water about thigh high. It felt slimy and disgusting. I glanced back to see if anyone was following me. Surprisingly the area was cleared out of the living. I was tempted to go back and see what weapons were left behind but thought maybe it was a bit early to go rushing back. I pressed on determined to put a bit of distance between me and the other tributes. As I was walking I decided to start heading right only because I knew most of the tributes would be on the other side of the platform and to my left. After a couple of meters I realised that I should start making little notches in the wood to mark my trail in case I get lost and so that I can find the platform again if ever need be. Thankfully I hadn't gone far enough that I couldn't see it any more, so it would be okay to start my notches here. I made them so that they weren't obvious, like a big strike mark across the tree. No I was a bit more delicate. I used the point of the axe to draw two waved lines on what I assumed was the north side. The only way you would find it was if you knew what you were looking for. So every few tree's, ones that to me stood out, I would make my notch.
I had probably been walking for a decent half-hour and found myself sweating with the humid air and effort to push my legs through the water. It was then that I decided that I needed a place to stay for the moment until I made my next move. Also I was getting a bit nervous that I hadn't seen any creatures yet and it was getting pretty dark quite quickly. Scanning the area I was in I found a mess of trees. They seemed to be growing from out of each other creating a mass of wood and leaves. There were branches sticking out everywhere so climbing it wouldn't be a problem, not that I ever had a problem climbing trees. But I got a bad feeling from it. It almost looked like it could be a nest of some sort. I really didn't want to find out if something was living in there. But it was getting dark and I knew that it would be a dangerous time to still be in the water. I trekked a little further away from the strange tree and found one that had a good deal of foliage hanging down so if any one would pass by they wouldn't notice me. I scaled it quickly and placed myself firmly between a fork at a good distance above the water. If anything was down there they would have to climb a bit before they reached me. Hopefully alerting me to their presence. I wasn't ready to go to sleep yet. My ears were too focused on the sounds around. The buzzing of insects seemed to get louder as each minute ticked by. The air was still dank and humid but despite this I felt the need to have something covering me. There were thick clumps of leaves held together by dangling moss. Thankfully growing up in a forest I knew what type of leaves to avoid. These ones were round and oblong, kind of rubbery too. I knew that these were harmless. However it was the moss I was really worried about. Green moss was the harmless kind but any hint of colour and I knew I was in trouble with poisons. I broke off one of the leaves to use as a sort of glove while handling the moss. From my inspection it appeared to be just the normal dark green moss. And I was thankful to have chosen this tree. I started pulling clumps off and making a sort of blanket. It wasn't very big but it would cover my back and arms. Getting comfortable I leaned forward onto the tree as this was a much more secure way of sleeping when no rope was available. The angle of the tree I was leaning of was just a bit below 45 degrees so I wasn't lying down on my front flat. I closed my eyes listening to the sounds around me. I think I was starting to doze off when a scream echoed throughout the swamp. It wasn't close by but it was startling none the less. It ended as abruptly as it started. Either something had gotten to someone or I don't know what. I relaxed my body and closed my eyes again. This time I did fall asleep.
I was woken again my bright lights. I knew it was midnight because through the thick foliage the sky was lit up. I couldn't see which tributes had perished but I don't think I would have wanted to. When I killed I was able to put myself in another mind set. I wasn't killing to be cruel. I knew that everyone of these children would eventually get killed and in my mind I was doing the honourable thing of ending their life swiftly and painlessly. The thought of unskilled, weak kids out there trying to fend off huge creatures and dying in agony was nearly unbearable.
While in my deep thinking I almost failed to hear the clawing at the base of the trunk. I looked down, quickly drawing my legs to my chest and taking out one of my axes, there was the biggest rat-like thing I had ever seen. It had manky brown fur and its black beady eyes were flashing with the reflections of the light of the dead tributes. I had a strong feeling that this was the thing that was living in the mass of trees. I froze. Making sure that my breathes were as shallow as possible and that I made no sudden movements. Its head tilted upwards, sniffing the air. I saw too long, sharp pointed front teeth. Just behind it I saw more movement. It was another rat thing, it was just casually swimming along past its mate. These things must come out at night to hunt the insects or smaller rodents from the size of those teeth. I was fearful to think how many were down there. My hairs spiked on the back of my neck as the one below started making it's way up my tree. Crap this was not good. Quickly my mind raced through strategies of what to do. I couldn't just hit the bloody thing down because that would alert the others. No, I had to do this quietly. I decided to lure the thing over here so that I could quickly and as quietly kill it. I started making little buzzing sounds. It's ears twitching, listening to where the sounds was coming from. I reckon it doesn't have very good eyesight. As it made its way towards me I readied myself. Almost there. Almost. In a flash my hand struck out and grabbed the thing by the throat. Before as it so much as made a squeak I plunged the sharp point of my axe into its oesophagus. To ensure that it was dead I gave it a good smack with the butt of my axe, cracking its skull. Although I was quick, while it squirmed it's buck teeth managed to slice my wrist. After the adrenaline past pain from the cut started to throb. I quickly placed the rat thing between another fork slightly below me. I would have to get rid of the thing in the morning. I also didn't want the blood that was oozing out of its throat mixing with mine. Ripping a sleeve off of my shirt I wrapped it tightly around my wrist. I prayed that these things didn't like the smell of blood and they would subconsciously stay away. I didn't want more coming up here. I was now too alert to fall back asleep, so I settle myself back into my positioned and watched the base of the tree. Tensing occasionally when a rat would pass by. Now I just had to wait for sunrise.


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#, as written by Adantas
Sleep was nearly inescapable, I drifted in and out. Sometimes jerking awake as I caught a whiff of the dead rat. My wrist was burning and every so often I would knock it and a sharp pain would go shooting up my arm. My make-shift bandage was soaked through and but had finally stopped bleeding. In the distance I could hear noises. It sounded like shouting but I couldn't really tell. Probably the other tributes fighting with each other or maybe they found a rat's nest. Who knows, they weren't my problem. Although I did feel a twinge of guilt. That's when I turned my thoughts towards the already dead. Since I couldn't sleep might as well think of something. The cannon had fired ten times I think. I wasn't quite listening. I wonder what happened to the boy from my district. I vaguely knew him. He had lived in the wealthier part of my district so I knew he wasn't much of a fighter. But I had walked past him the occasional time in the market place. We didn't even talk during all the time before the start of the games. He was probably too terrified of me, he was only 15. I hope he's dead. I would much prefer him to not suffer. No one deserves to suffer. I hear some more shouting in the distance but thankfully they don't seem to be getting closer. My stomach is starting to growl. I'm not really bothered, I'm used to going a few days without food. I was more bored than anything. The rats had gone back to their nests and the night was pretty much silent apart from the other tributes and insects of course. With nothing else to do i closed my eyes and attempted sleep once more.


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Character Portrait: Helena Restoni
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#, as written by Adantas
I slowly creaked my eyes open. It was light now but still dull as the sky was a hazy grey. I sat up and did a big stretch as my back was quite sore from the uncomfortable position I slept in. I slide off the makeshift moss blanket and drop it to a lower branch. I do a quick shoulder shrug and roll my neck to get out all those extra kinks. Feeling slightly better I have almost forgotten about my wrist until it reminds me with a painful spaz that jolts up my arm. I slowly untie and peel the old bandage off and inspect my injury. I'm quite pleased, apart from a furious redness there is no sign of infection. I place the old bandage down beside me and then awkwardly go about ripping my other sleeve and re-tying my wound. I lift my leg over and shimmy down to the lower branch. The dead rat is covered with flies and insects. It looks disgusting. It smells even worse. I hop down a few more branches so that I am just under the overhang of the leaves. The water below looked murky and suspicious. After last night I was not about to go jumping into the water. Using the old bandage as a barrier I reach up and grab the dead rat's tail. I give it a tentative tug. It hardly moves. Annoyed I whip lash the tail and that dislodges the rat a bit more. I don't want to climb back up and touch the revolting thing to move it so I try one more attempt at pulling it loose. As I whip lash it again and the tail makes a wave, just as it reaches the end I give it a sharp tug. It makes a sickening snap before coming loose and tumbling down. Blood is dripping steadily and some other things which I don't want to think about fall into the dirty water. Before I know what's going on there's a splash from below and a a huge pair of jaws with serrated teeth erupt from below. I'm so shocked that I make a chocked noise as my heart leaps to my throat and my stomach drops like a stone. I find myself tipping backwards and to try and keep my balance my arms are like windmills. Just as I'm going down my bad hand collides with a branch and I hold onto it for dear life. In protest my wrist sends wave after wave of agonising pain. I steady myself and slowly I stand back up. Somehow after all that I managed to hold onto that blasted rat. I peer down to the base of the tree in search of the creature to find that it's gone. Just vanished. But I wasn't born yesterday so I knew that whatever it was is still lurking underneath the water. I do a quick scan and that's when I notice just a short distance away a small stream of bubbles. Great. How am I going to get out of this mess now? I unconsciously tap both of my axes just reassuring myself that I have means of defence. But I wasn't about to do something stupid. I knew there was no way I was going to throw one of them and hope for the best. There was also no way that I was going to jump down and start hacking at the water hoping to get lucky. I thought on this for a moment until the idea came to me. I climbed down a few more branches so that I could easily jump down without injuring myself further. I slowly started to swing the rat. Back and forth, back and forth. It gradually was gaining greater momentum. I steadied myself and closed my eyes. In my head I started counting.
Then with all my might I threw the damned thing as far as I could and as soon as it landed I dropped from the branch and ran in the opposite direction. I could hear the creature thrashing. I pray that it wasn't coming after me. Finally I was a good distance away that I no longer heard the beast, still I didn't stop there was no way that I was waiting around for that thing to come in search of me. Now I had been walking in this direction for quite a while and I knew there is a barrier, a deadly force field able to kill with a single touch. I made the decision to simply turn left. A straight 90 degree turn and I was off again. I had some sort of bearing where I was going. I'm pretty sure that the direction I ran from the creature was also away from the platform. I hope so because I haven't seen any familiar trees or my markings. This really sucks. I'm wet, hungry, lost, injured but the one that was most killing me was the thirst. I wouldn't be able to go on for much longer without a drink. My throat felt like sandpaper. I had to find a mine shaft and get some supplies and soon.


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#, as written by Adantas
Everything was sticky. There were bugs everywhere and they were starting to stick to my skin because of the sweat. It was all so uncomfortable, my wrist ached, my throat burned and I was overheating due to the humidity. The bugs on top of all this nearly drove me out of my mind! I seriously needed to find a mine shaft and soon. My legs were starting to get sore from trudging through the thick swamp. It wasn't that I was lost but my perception of my location was definitely screwed. It wasn't long before she found herself at a rats nest. Crap I hope I haven't done a complete circle because that means that that creature would be still around. Paranoia was setting in and I twisted around wildly trying to find the tree that told me I had been here before. Thankfully I couldn't see it. That meant that this was a new nest. I didn't want to get too close since I really didn't want a horde of angry rats gnawing on my bones any time soon. That is definitely one thing I don't want; me dying of some stupid mistake and it being televised for everyone to see. I would much rather die in battle then some mongrel rodent.

There was something different about this nest. There was a slight current going towards it and over the cacophony of sounds I could hear trickling water. My heart skipped a beat. Could I really get so lucky? My mind soared at the prospect of being so close to a mine shaft. I slowly dragged my legs through the murky water trying to keep noise to a minimum. I reached the base of the nest and deep in the middle I spy a hole. The trickling water is coming from there and I'm getting cool blasts of air. It feels heavenly after this humid heat. But how to get there? The hole was blocked by a large root and the only way I could get there would be to crawl under it and that meant that I would have to get wet. But between getting soaked with the horrid water and finding supplies it was a no brainer.

So I eased my self down the my stomach so that my head was just above the surface and I commando crawled forward. The bottom was littered with slimy things that I really didn't want to think about. I easily passed under the root and found my self in the middle of the nest right in front of the entrance. Somehow I couldn't help but look up and above me I found dozens of sleeping rats scattered across the branches. I took a gulp because now was definitely not the time to wake them up. But now I faced another problem: how was I supposed to get down the mine shaft? It was a steep drop and the walls where rocky.

Fate seemed to shine on me today as just above the hole was a sturdy looking branch that I could hold onto while taking my first steps into the hole. There was a but in there somewhere though. On that branch slept a particularly nasty looking rat. Another gulp and I readied myself. Ever so slowly I brought my legs forward and sat up in the water. With the movement the water splashed a little louder and I froze. No movements so far. Delicately I grabbed the branch and used it to balance myself while I lowered my body down. I took it step by step stopping every so often. I was about to let go as my shoulders had nearly reached the rim of the hole but a rock came loose from under my foot and clattered down the hole. I stopped breathing. I waited a few seconds the rat above me let out a sighing squeak but otherwise nothing moved. I slowly let go of the branch and transferred my hand to the rim of the hole and made my slow decent into the blackness. It finally started to level out and I breathed a silent sigh of relief. I had made it! I was in the mine and could find supplies!