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Echo Alevaur [WIP]

"Turn off your feelings, if you wish to turn off your pain."

0 · 286 views · located in Clandestine

a character in “The Hunger Games: Last Man Standing”, as played by StarsNPearls



{"Well, it's either kiss me or kill me, that's how I see it.” }
-Tom Waits
"Hanging On" || "Never catch me || "Retrograde" || "Left Alone" || "Bottom of the River" || "Salt of the Earth"


Echo Elise Alevaur

'Elly' Commonly used by her siblings & grandmother + 'Coco' Delivered only from the sweet lips of her lover, Roman + 'Clandestine's Sweetheart' Nicknamed by the media

Eighteen years young

January 13th

25% Korean, 40% Afro-french, 15% Russian & the remaining 20%(?) -- Honestly, there's no definite answer.


The female tribune of District Seven (7).

Throwing Axe (Tactical tomahawk)|


{β€œBehind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.” }
-Bob Dylan


|{Hair Color/Style}|
Curly/frizzy + Brown w/ ombre highlights

|{Eye Color}|
Dark Brown


123 lbs.

|{Distinctive Features}|
No matter how many times it's advised not to- We all judge a book by its cover. And to Echo's advantage, her cover isn't one of the ordinary one's you simply scan over. The eighteen year old had learned from her early adolescent years, that some gain more in life simply by what they were blessed with. Petite facial features that closely resemble that of a doll, eyes that seem rather large or doe-eyed, a strong jaw line that accentuates a round face-- all granted her favorability by those who surrounded her in her home, district seven. Residents back at home would most likely speak of the innocent radiance and warm-hearted aura-especially around her siblings-with every little breath she seems to spell up. Echo's lush lips always seem to rest in a subtle pout no matter what she's doing and in her moments of joy, her eye's squint in a feminine charm.

Atop of the young woman's head, holds loose chestnut colored ringlets that cascade down her back. And near the ends that end just above her bellybutton, her tresses are graced with the sun's own hue of a golden vibrancy. Echo will often leave it untamed in it's natural state-frizzy, as to where she may pull it into a deep side part to avoid having it in her eyes. For even better comfort, she can be seen sporting her hair in a tight ponytail against the back of her head.

She stands at a height of 5'7" and gracefully struts about with slender legs and soft-rounded hips. Holding her chin up high and never letting whatever fears are buried within to resurface.


{β€œBefore you assume, try asking.”}


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|

β–ͺ Cracks her fingers in deep concentration. β–ͺ Will nervously rip or tear at loose fabrics/materials. (leaves, paper bits, frayed materials, etc.) β–ͺ Hums to calm down the nerves when things get hectic. β–ͺ Blows air at loose strands of hair in her face.β–ͺSpirals into rapid ramblings when upset.β–ͺ Stretches quite often.

β–ͺ Echo has the natural gift that allows her to be a fast learner. Clearly acquiring and processing the information that surrounds her, allows Echo to apply the operations appropriate for proper achievement. β–ͺ Trees,trees and more trees... In district seven, the gorgeous forests string curiosity into the minds of it's inhabitants, well mainly the children. Echo held no restraint in her adventurous cravings when she was younger and found her delight in climbing the perennial giants that towered high over her.β–ͺ Additionally, a body would need to have flexible limbs to reach the highest points and reach without falling.β–ͺ






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{"QUOTE.” }



{"QUOTE.” }



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{"QUOTE.” }


|[color=#color]{Place of Origin}[/color]|

|[color=#color]{Family Tree}[/color]|


{"Where words leave off, music begins.” }
-Heinrich Heine

"Wires" by The Neighbourhood
We talked about making it
I'm sorry that you never made it
And it pains me just to hear you have to say it
You knew the game and played it, it kills to know that you have been defeated
I see the wires pulling while you're breathing
You knew you had a reason
It killed you like diseases
And I can hear it in your voice while your speaking you can't be treated
Mr. know it all had his reign and his fall
At least that is what his brain is telling all

[Chorus 1]
If he said help me kill the president
I'd say he needs medicine
Sick of screaming let us in
The wires got the best of him
All that he invested in goes

[Chorus 2][x2]
Straight to hell
Straight to hell
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

[Verse 2]
He told me I should take it in
Listen to every word he's speaking
The wires getting older I can hear the way their creaking
As their holding him
Well I could see it in his jaw
That all he ever wanted was a job
He tells me to be raw
Admits to me that every little flaw
That never let him sit upon the top
Won't tell me to stop
Thinks that I should be a little cautious
I can tell the wires pulled

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2][x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm having trouble in believing
And I just started seeing
Light at the beginning of the tunnel but he tells me that I'm dreaming
When he talks I hear his ghosts every word they say to me
I just pray the wires aren't coming

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2][x4]

{"QUOTE.” }




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So begins...

Echo Alevaur [WIP]'s Story