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Naomi Glifferd

"District 7, pray that I don't die."

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a character in “The Hunger Games: Rebirth”, as played by BubbleYum




Naomi Glifferd


Slim and short is Naomi Gliffered standing at about 5'6. Long brown hair flows down and touches her lower back. Soft pink lips, with lushes sugar brown eyes. A pale complexion, freckles decorate her nose as well as cheeks.



Running, she is a speedy girl. Maybe due her slim body she is able run faster that most girls her age in district 7.




So begins...

Naomi Glifferd's Story


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My eyes fluttered open and I groaned, still on my dream shaking after a horrid dream. I kissed my pillow as I got dressed, I looked at a bed opposite to mine. My mother laid down softly snoring, she was extremely pale and it seemed as the sickness had gotten worse, she often spent numerous times in bed drifting to almost death in fact sleeping 23 hours a day and only waking up to eat and pee. I ran my fingers through my brown thin hair and forced out a smile and leaned over on my mothers bed slightly above his forehead and pasted a damp kiss upon her head.

I walked through the busy streets of district 7 overwhelmed by the people carrying logs of wood and axes. I stepepd into the ring of the crowd of children awaiting a name to be called not expecting at all mine to be chanted through the timid streets. "Naomi Glifferd.." read the woman in a black suit and bright cherry blonde hair, she held sturdy large arms, probably from hard labor. I paused.. I must of heard wrong. Me? As tribute..there must be some misunderstanding. "Naomi Glifferd? Please come!" she commanded her tone a little irritating. I gulped and pushed through the crowd and walked up the wooden stage, that in which ever step the wood creaked. I gulped once more as I met the lady's eyes the crowd was silent and I pranced nervously looking for an escape route. I wasn't strong ,nor fast, nor sneaky nor anything for that matter. I was only good with an axe.

The audience was quiet and somebody chuckled out "She's the tribute?! There is no way in hell we are winning!". I observed it was from a strong and heavy build boy from my school and labor hours. He was rude and pathetic I was about to say something smart but my nervousness was making it hard from me to say anything. "Then why don't you volunteer" the blonde woman snapped. And a smiled as the boy shook his head 'no thank you'.