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Rei Avento

"Feeling Lucky?"

0 · 622 views · located in Newton City, USA

a character in “The Hunted Ones”, as played by SilverInk



Role: Agent

Age: 24

Appearance: Standing at around 5,5 with a fit-looking appearance it easy to tell that this young woman can be dangerous if she puts her mind to it. Her skin has a slight tan to it, that doesn't hide the numerous and flashy tattoos that dot her body. Some of the tattoos may seem odd, but to those knowledgeable it is like the brightly colored skin of the poison frogs of the Amazon. Her eyes are a pale green color with flecks of colors in them, said flecks seem to change depending on the form she is choosing to take. Her hair reaches around her shoulders in jagged waves occasionally falling her in face much to her irritation. Alongside her tattoos, there are a few non-elective scars on her body such as a small line below her right eye and on her hands. Missions don't always go right so it seems or that could just be her streak of luck taking a nose dive again.

The tattoos on her skin are skillfully created in spectacular color, although the oddity is that each tattoo is split in half on both right and left sides of her body. The first tattoo is split into two separate ones on top of her feet. Half a donkey's face is on each foot with fuzzy-looking grey ears. If her feet are placed together, the full face is created revealing something a bit off about the design the fact that there is the faint outline of a horseshoe around it. The second tattoo is around her upper arm, of a cobra with shining silver scales. On her right arm, is its lower body, it's tail curling around her bicep. While on the left, its hood is raised ready to strike within seconds.

Her third tattoo is on her lower stomach just above her navel with a fox sprawled out on her skin. Unlike the previous tattoos which were split in half, this one is split in between. It's tail starts along her hip bone revealing a fiery set of red fur body with a pair of emerald green eyes and white tuff ears. While the second part starts below her bellybutton revealing a set of four red legs with black paws along with a mouth curved in a mocking grin and some sharp looking teeth. Travel up to her collarbone and you will meet an unusual artistic choice of fourth tattoo of a fat-looking brown rat with an equally vibrant pink tail curled around her throat. This rat isn't split in terms its body anatomy, but its accessories are. Silver rings line its upper left ear, while golden rings line its lower right ear.

Her final tattoo is her largest piece she has on her body. Starting at the center of her spinal column is a golden beak opened in an alarm call accompanied by the feathery face of a ebony magpie with it's wings spread over her shoulder blades. The wings themselves are separate from the bird only a few inches, but its wingspan reaches as her upper shoulders in an impressive array of plumage.

Personality: Despite her vibrantly decorated body giving off a fun-loving eccentric is a far cry from reality. Those she works alongside with know her nature is quite stiff and serious especially when closing in on a target. It's at these moments her temper can be quite short as if any type outside distraction from her trail will result in going cold within seconds. Regardless of how difficult she can be to work with at times, she does have a protective streak about her some could even call it a bit feral given how possessive she can be over certain things. It seems that her powers have rubbed off on her as time progressed making a few animalistic like traits more prominent. Now if only these were the negatives of her be the serious, overworked associate. Luck isn't on her side so it seems.

If there ever was a less convenient error when it comes to having powers it would be her obsessive compulsive need to roll a set of die before shifting at any opportunity. That doesn't mean that she can't re-roll if her outcome isn't what she desires. Although under immense pressure or under fire sometimes only one roll is all she can get. This compulsive behavior seems to come from her frantic fear that trying to ignore chance be they positive or negative results will send her on a spiral of bad luck which only seems to get better after following the guidance of the dice. Now if this theory is true or not has been untested as she will furiously rebuke any testing out of worry her luck will tank. If her dice are removed from her procession under extreme circumstances she becomes highly paranoid about every single action being taken which will sufficiently slow down any operations.

Power: Shape-Shifting-Can shift into five different forms each corresponding with the tattoos on her body. Given her compulsive dice rolling each form corresponds with a certain number of dots. Given that she has a set of die, she has two choices if two numbers are rolled.

Dot 1- Taking the shape a snake, a cobra to be more precise. Its body length is around a foot long, that isn't what makes it dangerous though. It's the pair of gleaming fangs dripping with venom that make this form dangerous. Excellent for squeezing into tight spaces or a quick escape if luck is on her side.

Snake-Eyes: This form can become much more dangerous if she rolls a pair of ones aptly named Snake-Eyes. The hood of the cobra is lost in exchange for bulking up in weight of an average python without missing the venomous fangs. This form is much slower, but could easily crush bones if given the chance.

Dot 2- Her second form is that a donkey. Simple-looking enough with a pale brown coat, excellent at being a beast of burden or lashing out at targets. The primary function of this form is its mobility and if needed to carry heavy loads. That isn't to say its hooves wont leave a huge bruise on a human's skin.

Double Twos- Her Donkey form is upgraded as her hooves become much stronger and sharper as the actual horse-shoes are made from refined steel. The hooves themselves seem capable of shattering large boulders into tiny fragments if enough focus is put behind it. The problem with this upgraded form is she can be quite difficult to work with.

Dot 3- Her fox form is one favored for agility and flexibility with a minor offensive skillset. With a brightly colored pelt, this creature will easily stand out on the streets, resulting in it being less than ideal for reconnaissance in the city. It is suitable for up-close combat as its set of sharpened teeth can result in quite a grievous wound if they dig in deep enough. This slippery creature can be bit difficult to catch without the proper equipment.

Double 3s- Her fox form is upgraded from being the size of a small dog to that of a medium sized one. The agility remains within its increased weight, but the true benefit with its' size is the growth of teeth. It seems deadly bacteria lurk within her mouth that can cause fevers and infection within days of inflicting the bite.

Dot 4-Fourth form is that of your average common place rat, pink tail and all. Excellent for scouting operations and blending in the busy city. She can gripe about these missions as it can involve her having to crawl through questionable sewage. Lacks any defenses or offenses that could prove useful in combat.

Double 4s- Known as ROUS as a code name as this rodent is the size of a medium dog much to the disgust of any rodent fearing people. It's teeth are strong enough to chew through thick material and it's tail can prove dangerous enough when used a whip-like weapon.

Dot 5- Taking the shape of a vain and shiny-obsessed magpie, a standard breed size and nothing too unusual about it. This animal mindset can be more difficult to work with if there is anything shiny in the area that catches her eye. Useful for aerial surveillance and or spying missions as who would expect a bird in a flock?

Double 5s- The size of the magpie's body is bit larger than the average magpie, so it can't really blend in with the natural wildlife as well. Is surprisingly strong in this upgraded form making her useful when having to carry weapons/messages or anything else deemed important. With claws and a sharp beak in her arsenal she could fend off attackers just long enough to make a quick get away. A favored diversion is literally causing her body to burst into a flock of feathers allowing her to fly away once the target is distracted by the sudden rainfall of feathers. This tactic can be involuntarily used out of pure stress or just to piss someone off.

Dot 6- The Wildcard of her obsession, allows herself to choose any of her standard forms if she is feeling lucky.

Double 6s- An extremely rare wildcard allowing her to skip over her standard form into an upgraded ones within seconds. This sudden change can be quite painful if she is not prepared for the extreme changes.

Skills: Close-Combat specialist, given that her powers can sometimes be less than helpful she may not choose the role the dice if she feels that luck isn't on her side that day. To compensate for this handicap, she has forced herself to train into becoming an average human weapon with favoritism in brawling and under-handed tactics. Her everyday gloves have been designed with internal hardening abilities turning your average leather gloves into unexpected brass-knuckles. This weapon won't kill someone within a first strike, but can definitely leave someone dazed if she hits a target just right.

The second weapon in her arsenal comes in a form of almost spider web thin steel wire concealed with her belt. The wire itself can be attached to her gloves within second making a sort of garrote wire perfect for strangling the unexpected, it is quite sharp to the bare touch can cut into skin. The only tell-tale sign that there is something within the belt is there are two large die on either side of her belt. Ready to rolled out with a single flick of the wrist, the dice themselves are attached to the wire and can be quite painful if swung into an opponent. These die seem to have been weighed in some if Rei is trying to cheat luck.

Manipulator- When it comes to dealing with people, it seems her animalistic side comes out just a bit more. She can be extremely cunning into pushing people to do what she wants or just making a sport out of the emotional turmoil of others. Chances are if she is offering a target a way out with few red flags going up, she is planning to betray said person in another manner. Will vehemently deny any mishaps on her part, which can be hard to deal with if she working with others and preferring not to reveal her master plan of trapping someone/something.

Side-Note: If you have a light wallet and luck on your side, play a round of cards with Rei who has extremely poor luck when it comes to gambling despite her dependence on her dice in combat. Her pride won't allow her to admit that she has no tact what so ever when it comes to gambling.

Personal Background: Born into your average suburban household with a blue-collar father and a teacher for a mother. There wasn't anything too odd about her childhood aside from the family's surprisingly lucky streak when it came to various events in their life. Some would say that leprechauns and fairies made their homes in their attic bestowing good luck on the family. All nonsense rumors obviously, but for a young Rei, she made a hobby of looking up ways to increase her good luck in hopes of helping her family in own naΓ―ve way. It wasn't unsurprising to see the little girl making chain necklaces of daisies and clovers for fun or asking her mother for help in how attract faires.

Her parents played along with the child, encouraging her least until the girl learned about bad luck and all the creatures that could be associated with it. Rei was quite terrified of cats to begin with, but became paralyzed with fear if a black coated tom took a sunbath on their porch adamantly refusing to go outside until the offending feline had been chased away. Eventually this fear was appeased by parents saying that luck didn't really exist that attitude was all that mattered in life. Now if only her parents remained an anchor within her life. As one day all those superstitions came true in the eyes of an extremely scared little girl. A mirror shattered, black cat crossed the street in front of them, her father clumsily walked under a ladder and got paint all over him..and finally on a rainy day a car crash happened.

At the age of thirteen, Rei Anvento was sent to a government-run orphanage and so began the experimentations with her weakly emerging powers. The girl was already beginning to display some behaviors associated with her forms such as a magpie thievery of anything shiny, becoming quite defiant on purpose to upset others, among just the few. So tests were ran and the scientists came to the conclusion the girl was to be a shape-shifter..a useful one with enough training. The girl was kept out of the dark about this until she made a new friend one day in the form of a grey donkey..and suddenly her bones begin to shift painfully, and her screams turned into brays. Eager scientists began taking notes as the transformation slowly took over the girl's body, before gently calming the frightened girl with soft pats and sugar cubes.

After calming down thoroughly, the girl managed to shift back, but remained mute from her experience. Worried that the first change was too traumatizing for the child, the scientists brought in other creatures assumed to be in connection with the powers. A domesticated fox and singing magpie caused the mute to smile and even laugh briefly. While a charm rat was placed in her care to encourage more social behaviors from the mute, and on the other side of the spectrum a snake was too. To their disappointment, the girl remained human and mute..until one day she was given a pair of dice under the condition that she would have to try to speak. Delighted with the idea of a new game, words after months of silence came to her as the dice were rolled multiple times. After each number came up, a word in correlation to each of her animal friend's came out.

Eventually this game turned into an obsession as she found that she could focus quite well after relating the number to the form that she desired. Her abilities were upgraded through the means of science, and it wasn't an easy or painless possible. Yet this girl, now a blossoming young woman at the age of sixteen could become an excellent Agent ready to fight their would-be enemies. Years went by as the woman became less fearful of bad luck, but would still keep various good-luck charms on her person, eventually escalating to keeping a constant charm in the form of tattoos. A couple of four leaf clovers decorated her body along her lower back, followed by a tiny fairy on her rib cage..and even a royal flush on the interior of her wrists. As her prowess in the field grew, she decorated her accomplishments in dedication to the animals that helped her through the trying times, now if only those troublesome children would let her catch them for their own safety.

Siblings: None that she knows of..then again she hasn't really thought back much to her parents after arriving at the orphanage..there could be someone out there?

So begins...

Rei Avento's Story

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Newton City, 1810 EST

As Jaxon strolled through pouring rain on the sidewalk, his mind was wandering. Jaxon somehow found himself thinking about his best friend, his old partner, Ryker. This guy was a hoot, loud like a screaming monkey, tough as nails, always joking... but now those jokes have disappeared. The PPA became less humorous since Ryker met a sudden end. Jaxon let out a loud sigh as he continued to walk, allowing the rain to hit his face. Somehow, it soothed his emotions like a liquid balm. Jaxon noticed a light fluttering sound in the air and switched his thought process to focus on the sound. He noticed a little bird trying to fly through the air coming towards his location.

It was a cute little bird, to be exact it looked like a magpie. It was a familiar looking magpie actually. It plopped itself on Jaxon's head and looked at him with an inquisitive look. Jaxon chuckled, he normally liked his personal bubble but this little magpie really didn't bother him. He stopped walking and watched as the magpie fluttered down to his black boots that happened to be pretty shiny due to the rain. Jaxon watched as the magpie untied a bootlace, he chuckled again. Then the little feather-covered demon flew back up to the top of his head. Careful not to knock of the magpie Jaxon bent over to tie his boots. After he finished he rose his left arm and opened his palm, Jaxon focused on creating an umbrella made of ice. It really wasn't for him, it was more for his friend. Birds don't fly well when they're wet. The umbrella shielded Jaxon and his little buddy from the incoming rain.

" Hello Rei! Its a little wet to be flying around isn't it?"

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Newton City

Jaxon had noticed Rei's feathers puff up as the smell of burnt ozone lingered within the air. Then Rei jumped off his head and flew into a nearby alley. After a few seconds she walked out in her human form dressed highly professionally. Jaxon actually kind of chuckled from seeing this. He looked down at his boots and his attire, Jaxon was in his field gear. Jaxon did wear a white dress shirt but after that, everything else seemed a little bit more tactical. Jaxon's pants were black 5.11 duty pants and a black LBX Armatus Plate Carrier with an Assaulter's Panel. He didn't particularly care to try and hide himself in the city, sure there was the MIA agents but Jaxon didn't care. He hoped someone would try to cause problems with him and to find the heartless murderers who took out Ryker and the Special little girl. But that's saved up anger for another day. Rei approached Jaxon again and said,"Thank you for the obvious comment on the weather. Trust me I don't exactly enjoy gallivanting around in the rain after recovering from a cold. Unlike some people I know." Then she jabbed Jaxon's ribs with her elbow, but his PC was covering that part of the body so he really didn't feel it. She continued,"Something's up with the air. I think we may have a situation on our hands. Ready to go Jaxon. You lead, I don't want to get off guard by sneezing and getting blown up.."

Jaxon nodded but he needed to clear this with Command first. If there was a huge incident going Jaxon didn't want to dive into it head first and get blown up. He clicked his PTT button for his radio and called in,"Operative Frost calling into Command, requesting permission to investigate abnormal activity in the West district. How copy?" After a few seconds his earpiece replied,"Frost this is Command, that is a negative on the West district request. Operative Briars is in pursuit of a target. Stand down Frost, he has it under control."

"Good copy Command, Frost out." Jaxon looked at Rei, smiled and said,"Looks like we are staying out of this one, comes straight from the Brass. In the mean time maybe we can recon out a different area... I've always kind of wanted to check out the Lake District, maybe get some sushi?" He chuckled and started making his way to the Lake District.

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Jaxon made his way to the Lake District, why? He had no clue, he rarely went here and he felt peaceful when he did. Jaxon did deserve a break didn't he? He just took down a drug lab, single-handedly, in the rain and he only fired one bullet. Not too shabby if you asked him. He could see the lake and while normally its glass like surface looked so serene and quiet the rain made it become somethings else. The uncountable rain drops hit the lake all at varying times causing ripples and creating what looked like pure and utter chaos. The darkened sky didn't help the lake's situation. What normally felt peaceful became something erratic. Jaxon didn't mind, though, the droplets hitting the lake sounded like a symphony to his mind. It soothed him in a way. He just liked rain any way you look at it and he was very grateful that there wasn't a huge thunder storm. That would have taken away the pleasantness and replaced it with tension.

Right now, Jaxon was hungry. His stomach gave him a little growl to remind him that even powered Agents need sustenance. Jaxon actually forgets to eat and if it wasn't for his little assistant growling at him then he might skip meals throughout the day. Kind of like how he skipped lunch. He had an excuse for that though, he was following the lead on the drug lab. His stomach growled again. Jaxon patted his stomach and said out loud,"Patience."

There was a little sushi joint that was located near the harbors of the lake. This lake didn't contain the exotic fish for a Japanese delicacy but the owner figured the customers would like enjoying their fish if they could see water. Which he was entirely correct, the restaurant wasn't huge but it would frequently get packed. Today wasn't one of those days, which Jaxon highly appreciated.

He walked into the restaurant and made eye contact with the owner and nodded his head with a grin as he sat at his normal spot on the bar. Most people would freak out if they noticed a Federal Agent walking into their establishment with a loaded weapon. But Tashi knew Jaxon and considered him a friend. Jaxon was from Indonesia and Tashi from Japan, although they are two very different countries they're still Asian and that was something that Tashi appreciated cause he and Jaxon could relate on that level. Tashi smiled and welcomed his friend with his slight Japanese accent,"Jaxon my friend! I haven't seen you in a few weeks! Want the usual?" As he poured Jaxon a glass of water.

Jaxon sat down and smiled,"Yes Tashi, the usual would be wonderful."

"You got it, Snowflake! Edemame with a Las Vegas roll and a Salmon Sashimi coming right up! I'll get you some Miso soup as well, it'll be good for this weather!"

"Thanks Tash!" Jaxon placed his elbows on the table and cupped his hands together as he looked at the flat screen TV that was behind the bar. There was some news story about something happening in the West District but it seems like its being handled. Must have been the same thing that bugged out Rei. Jaxon looked at the local scenery, it was a tasteful sushi place. It wasn't tacky with its decoration, the owner focused on making his food authentic not the place.

"Frost, Do you copy?, whats your 20?" Lola's voice had entered Jaxon's ear through his ear piece. It didn't sound very urgent but he works with her and considers her a friend so he decided to reply back,"Frost to Trickshot, I'm currently at Tashi's place. Im a bit hungry. Want to join me? I'll buy."

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"Frost to Trickshot, I'm currently at Tashi's place. Im a bit hungry. Want to join me? I'll buy." Lola had just reached her bike when she heard Jaxon's reply. She laughed. "You do realize how much I eat right...?" She said as she threw her leg over the seat, and revved up the engine. "Have Tashi order my usual, Kay?" she said before peeling off down the road.

Jaxon was probably the more tolerable part of this job. He was friendly enough, and wasn't a complete perv, which was good, she had had enough of that before the nanties, her former employment had her face to face with men at their worst. Jaxon wasn't bad and he didn't mind paying for her meals, which given her nanties, and how they boosted her metabolism, making her have to eat and eat. She really appreciated that. That and he was friends with Tashi, who owned the best sushi joint in the world as far as Lolly was concerned.

It took her about 20 minutes before she reached Tashi's, and she was sure the whole world heard her baby purr as she roared up. she walked inside with all the confidence of a high paid actress, and gave a smirk when she saw him.
"Sup Bitches." she said as she took a seat, both Jaxon and Tashi would be use to Lolly's special brand of affection and shouldn't take any offense, she was who she was.

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The sushi place was warm and inviting, a stark contrast to the gloomy outside. Unfortunately sushi had a tendency to not agree with her stomach in the long run as settled for just ordering some tea and basking in the comforting warmth. Her posture was relaxed as her eyes flickered shut as the warm liquid slid down her throat. The tea was a nice brand of jasmine with a perfect slice of lemon inside the heated drink. This fuzzy feeling made a faint grin appear on her face as she did a bit of people-watching, she wasn't much of a dinner partner. However at the reverent look on Jaxon's face as the man dug into his meal obviously required not a single word to describe it.

This tranquil atmosphere was interrupted by a few vulgar greetings as Lola slinked into the booth. Sliding just a bit further away from the newcomer as her smile faded away. Her hand tightened around her tea just little bit, Lola wasn't exactly her favorite person to even be around. The woman cocky attitude along with a ill-kept mouth just rubbed her the wrong way. As the scent of motor oil and gasoline hit her senses, Rei couldn't help but wrinkle her nose at the offending odor. All Agents knew the deep love that Lola had for that damn bike of hers. Regardless of how well-kept and maintained the vehicle was it still attracted way too much attention when it was revving down the street. Agents of their level should have known by now to keep a low-profile and to not attract attention unless it was required for in combat or emergency situations.

Tapping her fingers against the solid table before her as she inquired teasingly to Jaxon "Really now, you are going to pay for her? Prepare to kiss the contents of your wallet goodbye Jaxon.". Then again the prospect of footing anyone's bill in full was a foreign concept to her as Rei was quite frugal herself. This was reflected in the fact that her rooming situation was chosen to be in a seedy motel on purpose, low-cost and not flashy in the slightest. Anything was better than having to stay in a luxury hotel that began rending a wallet into nothing by the minute. Finishing off the remaining tea in her cup as she asked quietly "So have either of you seen any of our targets tonight?". Time was of the essence given the fact that who knew how long each target would stay in the city before getting wise enough to quickly move on.

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Jaxon waited patiently for his food as Tashi went straight to work creating his masterpieces. The Japanese chef brought out three bowls of steaming miso soup, he must have heard Jaxon talk to Lola. Tashi placed a bowl in front of Rei and was about to place it in front of Jaxon but then he pulled it back. Jaxon was semi-surprised at this and looked up at his friend, Tash grinned and placed the miso back down onto the bar counter in front of him. Jaxon chuckled and slapped Tashi on his arm,"You're lucky I like you, Otaku!" Tashi laughed and went behind the bar, grabbed a pair of tongs and opened up a steamer to reveal a pile of green. To most people it looked like snow peas or over-sized green beans but to the food connoisseur, like Jaxon, it looked like steamed soybeans. Tashi filled up a small bowl of the delicious Japanese food and sprinkled some Himalayan salt over the top. He placed the edamame and an empty bowl on top of the display over the bar counter and chirped,"Hey snowflake!" Jaxon looked up as he took his first spoonful of the warm soup. He nodded and grabbed both bowls and placed it in-between himself and Rei on the bar counter. Tashi then went to work on the main course.

Jaxon offered to Rei,"Rei-Rei, feel free to have some!" He grabbed a piece of edamame and sucked on the salty exterior while also sucking out the soybeans located inside. They didn't have an in your face kind of flavor but the little green guys still tasted amazing to Jaxon. He place the edamame skin in the empty bowl and went back to work on his soup.

"Sup Bitches."

Jaxon turned his head slightly to see a tanned figure come strutting in as if she owned the place. Jaxon smiled and waved Lola over to the bar and motioned for the seat on his left with the bowl of miso waiting for her. Lola was somewhat of an acquired taste at first but Jaxon liked her. She was a free spirit but she fought for the good in life. That was something that Jaxon could really respect. He greeted her,"So yes Lolly, Ill pay for you but try not to go over 100 again... You're lucky I like your bike. He winked at her then turned his head to the right to look at Rei,"Since I just like you, period, I'll pay for whatever you want as well." Jaxon smiled at the girl. Most guys would have really killed to be sitting in the middle of two beautiful girls, Jaxon appreciated it but he wasn't going to try and mess anything up. Besides, he liked the single life too much.

"Really now, you are going to pay for her? Prepare to kiss the contents of your wallet goodbye Jaxon." Rei teased. Jaxon just chuckled,"That's why she is single!" He looked to his right to see if he got a reaction out of Lolly and laughed again.Rei asked,"So have either of you seen any of our targets tonight?" Jaxon drank down the rest of his soup and wiped his mouth with a napkin. He answered,"Sadly, no. I took down a meth lab but that's about it. We were told to stand down over in that West District and it looks like it escalated. Bad call from the brass if you'd ask me." Jaxon motioned up at the TV screen as images of a fight between a PPA agent and a few kids appeared, he continued,"[b]"But Im just a lowly grunt."

Tashi tapped the top of the display again to show the his latest masterpiece, the salmon sashimi.

"Tashi, you're an artist."

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So yes Lolly, Ill pay for you but try not to go over 100 again... You're lucky I like your bike. Jaxon said with a wink after he waved her over, Lolly took a seat beside him. "I make no promises." She said, Her taste buds already prepared for the miso soup that was waiting for her. She snorted as if that was most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard. "Since I just like you, period, I'll pay for whatever you want as well." Jaxon smiled at the other girl.
Lolly really couldn't be bothered with Rei, the girl had a stick the size of Sky Needle shoved up her ass when it came to Lolly, and honestly, she didn't care. Most women didn't like her. Her confidence, made the less confident nervous.
"Really now, you are going to pay for her? Prepare to kiss the contents of your wallet goodbye Jaxon." Rei teased. Lolly sucked her teeth while Jaxon just chuckled, "That's why she is single!" He said, and looked at her. Lolly rolled her eyes. "Please...That's not why and you know it...especially considering, it's not my bike you like, It's watching my ass while I ride it." She told him, with a smirk as she parted her chopsticks, and prepared to eat. "Besides, I'm gonna marry, Tashi, The man's a flippin genius with this right here!" she said, dramatically blowing a kiss to the cook. Rei went on to change the subject.


"So have either of you seen any of our targets tonight?" Jaxon answered, while Lolly began her meal. Despite the nanites that coursed through her, making her less and less human every day, Lolly learned enjoy the little things, like the satisfying feel of warm food in her belly after a long night of work in the rain . "Sadly, no. I took down a meth lab but that's about it. We were told to stand down over in that West District and it looks like it escalated. Bad call from the brass if you'd ask me." He said and Lolly frowned. "But Im just a lowly grunt." He said and Lolly snickered. There was a dirty joke just waiting for her just then, but she didn't say it for two reasons, one because she had a mouth full of Miso and two because her eyes had been on the screen.

Why the West District? What were they up to? And Why hadn't they wanted her to take the girl out. Not that she particularly wanted to do that, the kid was like 13, with the mind of an 11 year old, and she was actually dangerous with what they said she could do, so why?

Lolly didn't want to think about that too long, if the nanites began to freak out about it, and start calculating shit, the PPA would know it, they monitored her nanites closely. She wasn't exactly normal. The nanites only took to her because she too was one of them, only she didn't gain any abilities, at least nothing like these kids, but with all that they'd done to her as a child, something she herself couldn't remember, she was able to bond with the nanites, with limited side effects. Limited, not non-existent.

"That's just them being temperamental as always, I did my job, and was done, Go the rest of the night off for my troubles, What about you, Booboo Kitty? Catch any mice?" Lolly said with a grin, specifically to annoy her.

Lolly didn't particularly like anyone, Jaxon was tolerable, most days, Rei and the rest of the world irritated to hell out of her, so, really, she could take it personally, or as playful banter, Lolly really didn't care.

It was also to amuse Jaxon, She knew he got a kick out of their little back and forth, and hell the guy was paying for dinner, he deserved a little something.