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The Hunted Souls

The Hunted Souls


There is only two true mistake you can make in the world. Capturing five powerful supernaturals and thinking that you could keep them contained.

452 readers have visited The Hunted Souls since ViviOrunitiaFF9 created it.


There was time when everyone knew who supernatural creatures were. They were worshiped or feared. Once the world began to move on, industrially etc., people stopped believing in the monster who hides under your bed and the creature in your closet. These beings went into hiding. It was the only safe place for them as the world was't afraid anymore. These beings started dying off from hunger or lack of power from the reduction of sacrifices and so on and so on. It doesn't really matter how they died, just that the number of supernatural beings were dramatically reduced.

For hundreds of years, these supernatural creatures have been hiding and feeding on a few strays and keeping out the way of everyone until one day, fiv beings made a decision. These five men and women were going to go to their country's government and strike a deal. In return for not killing any more than stated by the government, they could live in the world as normal people without fear of being hunted down. After some debating, all government officials being astounded by these new beings, allowed them to stay in the world as lng as they helped the government every ow and then. They agreed.

The five supernatural races moved into the world again and everything went peacefully. They all got long and helped the government with anything they needed. Until one day, a vampire, on of the five races, decided that he was sick of following these rules and went on a killing rampage. Other races joined him and it was a war.

Now, the government are searching for one of each of the five races to experiment on to give them the upper hand.they found and captured them not long after but what will these creatures o now that they are captives?


Vampires: As you may have guessed, they drink blood to feed and must do this for the rest of their 'lives'. They are generally stronger, faster and have better senses than humans but don't all have them. They do not breath so never run out of air. There are some ways to ward ff vampires such as holy objects or symbols and garlic (though it sounds silly). Some woods can hurt a vampire too but the wood is different for each. (The vampire character will choose what else they can have as a weakness.) Vampires always have one unique ability that is to do with the mind such as telepathy or telekinesis but this ability will not be that strong due to their physical attributes. Some think that vampires can fly but in actual fact they can't, they can only jump slightly higher than humans.

Werewolves: Half man, half wolf. This is the best description you could get. Werewolves are men who turn into wolves when the moon is high and fully shown. the closer they get t a full moon, the stronger and faster they get. Their senses also improve the closer they get to it. Halfway between the last full moon and the following full moon is when they are most vulnerable. Werewolves are affected by silver which stops their enhanced healing ability if the bullet remains in the body and wolfsbane which will burn the werewolf it it touches their skin and could potentially kill them if in the body too long. Werewolves do NOT have a unique ability.

Ghosts: The survival of ghosts depend on one thing: how well they can keep their soul protected. When a human dies and becomes a ghost, part of their soul is infused with a charm. If this is burned then they ghost will die. Ghosts are no stronger than an average human, nor are they any faster but they do have a few good attributes. They don't need to breathe so can run and go through water for a very long time, eventually they will have to rest from exhaustion but this doesn't happen often. Ghosts can also change their molecular density, allowing them to phase through objects unless the correct symbols are drawn on the wall or object. They can read auras and can taste, feel, etc through another with skin contact. They can hover but not fly and some even have a weak form of telekinesis. most can teleport in a way call 'Disappearing' which is wear they fade away quicker than the human eye can see so it looks like they have just vanished. Some ghosts DO have a unique ability but it is very rare. A ghosts weaknesses are salt and iron plus some religious objects.

Shapeshifters: These supernaturals can change their body to look like another or an object with a similar mass. Though it believed that they have the ability to just change, this is not true. They must spill their own blood while thinking abut the person or object they want to change to. It takes a lot of concentration and a little time for it to work properly. Once it does, the cut will turn into a scar. They are easily noticeable by scars on their bodies from all the changes they have had to make. Shapeshifters are quite weak to anything silver and if they drink another Shapeshifters blood then they will fall ill and eventually die if the cure isn't found. Unfortunately, the cure is different for each shifter so it is difficult to find it but the shifter will know. Shapeshifters do NOT have any unique ability.

Espers: Espers are, for lack of better terms, psychic. They have telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Some also have elemental or premonition-like powers but it is uncommon. The Espers have only one weakness which is barely ever known. If the are kissed by anyone other than their soul mate then they will die. The Espers cannot determine who their soul mate is just by looking at them unfortunately. this keeps them away from people and they rarely ever fall in love for fear of death. The Espers DO have a unique ability but it is often quite weak.


Vampire: Reserved for Eleera cain

Werewolf: Open

Ghost: Jonathan Darkholme (ViviOrunitiFF9)

Shapeshifter: Open

Esper: Reserved for Aixulram

(If you want to make an additional character such as a government official then please by all means make it.)

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Appearance (anime picture preferred but not required):

Alterations to picture (words please):



Unique ability (if your character has one):


How your character was captured by the government (Please write this as if it were your first post. Nothing to big like rocket flying at you. i'll ask you to alter it if I think it is too far fetched but I doubt that will happen):

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