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         Bella looked over to Darren, a bit perplexed by his reaction, leaning in to stare at the money as well, with something akin to a cat's curiosity.

"Ah, that a lot?" she asked, an almost child-like naivety in her tone.

As they both were taken by the reward money for divergent reasons, a small dispute has broken out about one of the jobs. Apparently a paper had been placed on the board rather hastily, by a child no less who had thought to partition for their services. As expected, the job was crudely written, full of errors, and the hunters were having none of this. It was an awkward situation all around. The boy was a pretty average child, around ten in age, skinny, a bit dirty and worn out. Obviously from looking, the kid came here by bicycle, as one of equal grime was nearby.

"Where's your parents? Do they even know you are here?" one asked, looking around in hopes they'd suddenly appear to take the kid home.

"Look, kid, there are procedures, and honestly, this just sounds like a bad dream. Too much junk food before bedtime, maybe?" another said, trying to just push the issue aside. "Besides, there's no such thing. Parents make this stuff up to scare you into behaving."

"But-I... b-but... he's real!" the kid pleaded, fumbling his words. "I've seen him!"

The scene had attracted Bellatroix's attention, shifting from Darren, she silently and quickly stepped over beside the two hunters, and knelt down to the kid all in one unbroken motion. The hunters at first unaware what had happened, until shock took them as they became aware of the currently human-like creature.

"What's the matter, chile?" she asked, honestly intent to hear what the boy had to say.

"Eh, don't bother, it is just another creature in the closet, monster under the bed, y'know, we get these all the time," one of the hunters managed to utter, giving a dismissive shrug.

"And you dismiss it just like that?" she replied, giving a stern look.

"W-well, I mean, it is just one child's account. If we had something, wouldn't there be more witnesses?" the rookie responded, trying to apply logic to the situation.

"But they, he..." the boy began, clearly distraught, until his body seemed to undergo a seizure, his body jerking for a moment, before shakily raising his hand, finger to his lips, and shakily let out a hiss of breath. "Shhhhhhh..." To the rest it just looked like he was being dramatic, for the observant, his facial features were stiffened, the very way he twisted his hand seemed forced and bizarre.

"What did you just..?" Bellatroix asked, reaching out to grab the boy's hand. There was a strange look on her face, somewhere between shock and anxiety. Something was there, like a deep distant memory echoing back to her. "Where have you seen that?"

The boy stepped back and away from Bellatroix, staring at her for a moment. There was this brief moment of silence, an unsettling glimmer in the boy's eyes that sent a chill through the old beast. He then went back to his bike and left without a word.

"Guess he came to his senses," the rookie said, giving yet another dismissive shrug.