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Fyrsta Klo

"Though we may be attacked from all sides never forget: Together, with the blood in our veins, we will survive."

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a character in “The Ice Bloods”, as played by SleepyNem


Name: Fyrsta Klo

Human Form: Image

Animal Form: Image

Description of appearance: Seeing as how Klo's species favors the cold North, his attire confirms his preference for chilly to freezing temperatures. He wears a deer-skin cloak, with a hood attached, draping over his shoulders rimmed with the fur of Snowshoe hare. His shirt and pants sport the same materials as his cloak, but decorated however, with more variety of furs. Around his waist is a beaded sheath containing the deadly edge of Klo's favorite double edge dagger, 'brún.' On each thigh and two more on his belt are a few more daggers, his weapons of choice being as he was never one for long-range combat. Physically Klo is has a tough build and sports muscles all across his body, however, he isn't too bulky as to adhere from his wolf-like grace. He prefers to have his chest bare to clothing because he likes to feel a bit of cold on his skin. The jet black dreads growing on him falls in-between his shoulders and decorated with feathers his mother had braided into his hair everyday as a child. He is 6'3 and weighs 200lbs.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Rank: (Leader) "fyrsta leiðtogi"

Ice-touch: Bright Cyan

Power: Klo's 'ice-touch' blessed him with faster regenerative abilities and faster respiratory system. His lungs and heart can function quicker and with more efficiency. Many who have witnessed Klo's physical performance in hunting or friendly fights, seem to think his strength has also been effected, however, they are incorrect as his strength is just the blessing of genetics and the grand physic of the Dire Wolf.

Species: Dire Wolf, Canis dirus


Personality: Fyrsta Klo is the embodiment of a leader. He has a never ending stream of confidence and self-confidence. He is sure of his abilities, but at the same time humble and always willing to let others give him advice. He is fully trustworthy in every respect and considers honestly an important factor to tribe survival. He sets himself as an example to those under him and is the first one willing to take up the front lines of battle, and encourages his tribe-mates swiftness during hunts. He is very forward in his opinions and is never afraid to tell it straight when an honest opinion is asked of him. However behind this tough exterior is a kind and tired heart that can grow easily weary from his responsibilities. To everyone he is willing to bring himself down and open his heart out to tribe-mates in need of comfort and sympathy. When his friends or family have been the targets of hatred or harm his rage can drive him to an unstoppable fury. His greatest fault is the destruction of his fury and rage. When faced with difficult tasks he makes sure to treat it seriously, as to make them solvable. Klo believes strongly against sacrifice, straining himself to protect and provide all of those with him easy lives. As a victim of the 'ice-touched' his mercy for those ignorant of hardships, very short. Being from born and raised in a tribe of all 'ice-touched' his is fully aware how much he is blessed and never takes his experiences for granted over another's. Because he has not experienced, fully, the extent of the cruelty against his kind he never holds himself above another and gives those around him the full respect an individual deserves.


Mother/Father/Siblings: Fyrsta Klo was born and raised in 'Vernda Heimili', or the Sanctuary where the Ice Blood Tribe makes its camp. As a child he was raised to be a leader, his father taught him character whenever he could and constantly took him out to explore the land around the camp to train his body physically. Klo was the second oldest to a family of five. His first mother died five years after Klo was born from fatigue after childbirth from his youngest sibling. Another five years past and Klo's father wed a woman who had been rescued from the plains-land to escape her death and brought to the Tribe not long after Klo's mother had died. This new mother of Klo's was very kind to him, his family and his tribe. However soon, she too, died of a tragic accident that caused Klo's father to die trying to protect her. The murders were, in fact, from the very plains Tribe this woman had escaped from. The Tribe was suffering from a great famine and believed the woman the cause of it so they sought her out to take her life. This all took place when Klo was eighteen. With uncertainty to take up his father's place, Klo became the next Fyrsta and grew to live, protect, and find other 'ice-touched' as his father did before him.

Place in Story: Frysta Klo currently is traveling around the mountain and forests in search of other 'ice-touched.' His home and sanctuary is tucked up up North hidden away from any who seek it besides the Ice Blood Tribe. There is where Klo is Fyrsta and hopes to unite all 'ice-touched' there in peace from death and hardships.

Other: Klo always carries with him a silver pendent his father carved for him out of a bit of silver they had found in their mountains. It hangs from the hilt of Klo's favorite dagger that his father also made for him.


So begins...

Fyrsta Klo's Story