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Danielle Leiber

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a character in “The Illegal Generation”, as played by bizarre1


Image | Danielle Leiber |
nicknames |Dani
age |20
gender |Female
my fear |Being trapped in small spaces.
what I hate |Children, snakes, and fire.
what I love |Animals, music, and books.
role |Hunter
power |Can take someone's physical pain for them by touching them, but can only keep the other person's pain for them if she keeps a hand on them or something. If she isn't touching them, she can't take their pain for them.
my crush |None as of yet.
personality |Danielle is mostly self-concerned. She does things for the benefit of herself. That may mean helping her friends, but that is because she cares about them and it would emotionally hurt her if they were hurt in any way. She sees her friends as a necessity because they make her stronger. However, when it comes to making friends, Danielle might be pleasant to talk to, but it takes a bit more to actually be considered someone close to her or even someone that she cares about. When it comes to work, Danielle takes her job very seriously. She will do whatever it takes to accomplish the task no matter what temptations she may face. Well, that's been the case so far.
About me |Danielle was a created human just like the others. From the very beginning, she knew these parasites called children were not good. She never knew much about them or even met one, but she had been told enough about them for her to not like them. Their very means of creation disturbed her. Leeching off of the inside of a female... The thought has hainted Danielle as a nightmare since she first heard it, which caused her strong dislike and disgust with children. As she had been told, the way she was created was far more acceptable and much less parasitic.
role-player |bizarre1

#HEXCODE: 660033
You could never surpass us

So begins...

Danielle Leiber's Story

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Character Portrait: Cethin Aurel Character Portrait: Danielle Leiber Character Portrait: Zero Character Portrait: Aramay Wheaten "Grue"
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#, as written by zody
| ZERO |

As the Train shot past the station, Zero let go of the pole he'd been hanging on to and threw himself off of the train, sailing through the air above the others at the Assembly Hall and stopping midair. He floated there, his face deeply shadowed as he floated in front of the sun and stared down at the others, a smile slowly spreading across his face. Zero smiled, slowly dropping down to the ground and looking around with a large smirk. "Lovely weather, isn't it~?". He tipped his hat slightly, causing shadows to cover his eyes, which were darting around everywhere. "I do wonder what lovely playtime we'll get today, don't any of you~?". Zero's smile said it all, and the flesh that Aramay had scratched earlier seemed like it had never even been touched.

Inside, Zero smiled. Everything was going just as he planned, and nobody expected a thing.

[ My Writers block's getting worse, sfasf. I'll work on Angela's post asap =~= ]

The setting changes from The Assignment Hall to Project21


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Cethin Aurel Character Portrait: Danielle Leiber Character Portrait: Zero Character Portrait: Aramay Wheaten "Grue"
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|Danielle Leiber|

Danielle arrived at the Assignment Hall in time to see Zero floating above the others, and now her as well. She looked at the others to see what they were doing and then looked back at Zero as he descended. "Lovely weather, isn't it~?" Dani just glanced at the sky for a moment in reaction. "What a weirdo....." Danielle muttered to herself. She watched Zero, finding him to be slightly unpredictable. His wild eyes seemed to be wildly searching his audience. "I do wonder what lovely playtime we'll get today, don't any of you~?" The guy appeared as a lunatic to Danielle. She turned and looked away. If I don't make eye contact, maybe he won't bother me....