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Shinon N.O.A

"Resistor? What is this you're calling me? I wan't nothing of it!"

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a character in “The Illegal Generation”, as played by fOrEvErNeVeR



nicknames Shinon Noa, N.O.A
my fear UNKNOWN
what i hate i hate adults
what i love UNKNOWN
power Control Technology and Machines
personality Apathetic, wants no help from others, prefers being alone
About me he's the resistor, the one who somehow escaped years ago and is now bacK

roleplayer fOREVERnEVER


And So what if I refuse?!

So begins...

Shinon N.O.A's Story


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"It is now the year 2149, in a world where adults and children are at war with each other...

How did this happen? No one knows. Only that it’s been the past is the present and that they, well some don't want it to be the future. The children were separated and segregated into different cites forced to live apart from the adults. In a place called Project 21. There are rumors that Project 21 was once a beautiful place with adults and children getting along. Perhaps this was before the town became called Project 21. But, really no one know it for a fact.

You see Project 21 has no history. History? What even is that word? It’s unfathomable in a place where there are no teachers, and books aren't allowed. Why, to be caught with one could mean certain death! The child would no longer be there with the next scanner’s visit. The scanners are run by the military. The military is only adults; the entire world is ruled by the military. Therefore, it’s all run by adults.

The children are either all orphans abandoned by their parents to the military's experiments, or lost their parents in a long forgotten memory. They are all imprisoned in a giant labyrinth of a town, forced to do the bidding of the greedy adults. They are not allowed imaginations or even Individuality! For a while it seemed like there was no hope for the children of Project 21. Well that was until a boy arose out of nowhere and he alone stood up to the unfairness that the adults created!

They called him The Resistor a boy with power over technology. NO one knows what he looked like, or even his age. However, he was rumored to have been the only child who ever set foot on the legendary adult city! But...

Something happened and one day the Resistor vanished. No one knew where he went a people soon forgot their savior and the world returned to how it was before he appeared maybe even worse….

Some say that the Resistor may one day! Return and free all the orphans of Project 21 and stop the war once and for all....

“AWE!~ He's sounds like such a wonderful person!~ Heehee"

Prelude closed the loosely woven pages of the forbidden object that was long ago given the name of book. The story was true books were banned but that didn't stop her from reading them. Here no one not any adults not even any child, well except for her, knew of the existence of them. Here her sanctuary the Underground Library. Estellas~

Estellas could only be reached by following an ancient tunnel way, way down below the church. The Church was Prelude's home for about as long as she could remember. There was one odd thing about Prelude that made her more unique than any other child in Project 21. Preludes parents hadn't abandoned her. They fought to the end like heroes and they were punished for their kindness to the children. Prelude closed her eyes biting her lip a little.

No... She wouldn't think of such a sad moment…. Why?

"Because the Resistor will return one day and save us!" She exclaimed excitedly.

Suddenly a flash of light came from all around her and she opened her eyes wide. Her bracelet a "token" of sorts that all children were forced to wear went off. It was a warning. She had to get up stairs immediately. Quick as a flash she replaced the book to its shelf and scrambled back into the secret passage. She climbed up into the church's main area settling herself in a pile of flowers as the scanners came by her windows.

The scanners were giant lights sent from above that told the Adults how many children were there and their exact locations. If any child was out of place when the scanners went off... well they were never heard from again. Prelude shuddered at the thought and collected some flowers standing up. Her bracelet faded back to normal which meant the scanners had passed. It was not completely safe yet, but the scanners never stayed long. They did their job quick and simple. She smiled glad that it was over, but clenched the flowers close. No one knew if a child had failed....until they were gone. She prayed that none of them were taken this time.

Prelude went to the door and looked out. Her cyan eyes were wide as she saw a few other children peering out windows and doors into the crazy aligned streets of Project 21. They must have all been wondering the same thing.

Did everyone survive?

The setting changes from Estellas to Project21


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Character Portrait: Shinon N.O.A
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Energy and light met and ricocheted off each other in displays of colourful electricity. It sparked dangerously as it shot around the purple and silvery gray haze. As the light and energy and light smacked against each other again, it shot off in different directions branching out into different colors and disappeared into the distance. Lightning traced the walls of a metal dome, containing it within the enclosure of the large circular area. It ran down the sides and spun rays of multicoloured light downwards to the town below.

Energy crackled and gave off intense heat as it mixed with the moisture in the air. Chemical’s reacted with the strikes of lightning and created a vapour that was toxic and a pale green color. The purple electrified haze spread across the area engulfing it in sharp electric waves. It seemed as the whole place was trapped inside the center of a live jellyfish. As the energy hit against the sides of the metal encasement a loud sound erupted, sounding very close to thunder. It was a booming loud crackling sound that bounced around the circular town, sounding louder in some places and quieter in others.

The western hemisphere consisting of a lake and a metal mound resisting on the edge of dock seemed to be lit up, with the electricity mixing with the water. Sparks licked up the sides of the metal Shop. The mechanical enhancements of the area were set off, and shot down the metal street. The town beyond that got a mix of toxic gas, and rain from the connection with the lake. It fogged up the windows of the Bakery A little ways away, in an area closer to the exact center of the circular area, colourful light zapped against the glass of a house covered in vegetation. It wasn’t strong enough to break it, but the sound it emitted was terrible and loud. The lightning that hit the plants caused them to shrivel up. The Greenhouse was only safe on the inside.

Beyond that to the south, the toxic vapour was weaker as it floated down an abandoned and ruined Street. The worn down houses were surrounded by an invisible and weaker form of the gas, and the colourful energy shot branch like over the walls, almost as if tracing the lines of a circuit. The Newspaper Booth was no exception. Similar electrical surges erupted through the town’s uninhabited areas and other streets.

At the far east of the town far from the other places the top of the hill was getting most of the fumes from the toxic vapour, TheTower there was heavily hidden within it, the color now a dark green. The Warehouse and Tent were no different, being so close to the height of the hill.

The jolts of light continued down the sides of the dome and shot back up, gathering in the center of the town, suspended high above a long forgotten Church. It created a large ball of energy that continued to zap with multicoloured light. There, thevapor was pushed away as the energy ball began to pulse, sending waves of electricity and a sharp ringing sound, slicing through the air.

The entire town would hear it. Hours passed as the energy ball continued to grow and slowly the colors and lightning around the town had dispersed then gathered in the center. The fumes of toxic vapor faded, to an almost nothing, including at the peak of the hill. The sky turned into a pale shade of purple as the energy ball grew even larger. The light shining off it brightened the town, as if it was a bright sun, yet it was an eerie pale shade of green.

Then as the last bit of multi colored light came back and joined the glowing orb a beam of light shot down into the precise center of the town. It was neon green in color and sparked with a large shield of sparking light energy.


And then all at once everything vanished. The “storm” was over. The purple sky faded back to the darkness of 2:45 A.M. The town was back to normal, with all the usual defaults. If people had been able to sleep through the “storm” they wouldn’t have known it had happened. There was only one change.

Lying on the ground buried in the flowers of a rundown church, below a large gaping hole in the ceiling was a pale, pale boy. Teal colored hair spilled over his face as he lay almost deathly still on the ground. His silver and purple clothing seemed to be made of a metallic cloth, unheard of to the Children of Project 21. Upon his head was a pair of black head phones with lights that flickered on and off. A purple sheet of plastic or glass stretched from one headphone to the other making a visor over the boys closed eyes. His entire body sparked with the electricity of the “storm”, a multicoloured circuit running over his skin.


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