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The Illegal Generation

The Amplitheatre


a part of The Illegal Generation, by MuteEcho.

Meldoy's place of performance

MuteEcho holds sovereignty over The Amplitheatre, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The place where Melody performs.
It is located in the centrer area of Project 21 and Is fairly small
It consists of a broken, no water running fountain
and a rock stage.
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The Amplitheatre

Meldoy's place of performance


The Amplitheatre is a part of Project21.

1 Characters Here

Melody Overbrook [1] Melody is 15 years old with black hair and blue eyes. Her talent invloves sound and music. she can project music through her mind as well as piercing sounds that can incapitate enemies.

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#, as written by Blythe

The air hung cool and sticky as the small girl made her way to the center of the Amphitheater. It was late afternoon, nearly twilight as she walked precariously over loose stones and bricks, heavy guitar in hand. This was her favorite time of day, as well as her favorite type of weather, too. Everything seemed washed clean by the cloudy storm that had passed just hours before. It seemed to her as if everything touched by the rain got a second chance; a new start.

The girl's name was Melody Overbrook. She was only 15, so of course she lived in Project 21. Despite her age, though, she lived alone, with responsibility weighing down on her like boulders strapped to her neck. She was quite small, as fifteen year olds went. She was about 5'3", and very petite, thanks to Project 21's nutritional plan. Among her talents, scavenging wasn't the best; but she was getting better.

Her scuffed black school shoes slid on wet stone as she fought to catch her balance, the heavy object in her right hand giving her the counterweight to pull herself right again. Melody tried to...preserve things the best she could. Her old school uniform-a plain white blouse, black skirt, scarf and shoes-was going on three years now. The fact that she behaved and didn't grow much benefited matters. Back in her small one-roomed living assignment, the shelves were lined with many things; items found on the street, in the park, at the amphitheater. Things that gave her happy memories. She wanted to keep those as long as possible. The oldest memory though, she carried with her every where. Her old guitar, sitting in its worn case, gave her happy memories. Even though she could remember none before she was two, she made most of them up.

She knew her mother and father loved to sing. They'd sing to her so often she can still remember one of their songs. Only one. But still, one nonetheless. She played it every day when she got to the amphitheater. Its words, burned into her memory.
She climbed up the ancient stone steps, and onto the stage, looking over the rows and rows of seats. Nobody came here anymore; they thought it was old and nasty. With all due respect, she'd like to tell them, ALL of Project 21 is old nasty.

She took out her instrument and closed the case, which she then used as a makeshift seat. She hums for a while to warm up her voice, eyes focused on a Raven pecking at the ground a few yards away. Then, she placed her fingers at pre-determined places on the fret-board, pressing down on the thin metal cables.
She took in a deep, shaky breath.


her voice flows

like silk.

She always had to remind herself that there was nobody here, there was nobody watching. As far as children's talents go, her's was quite unusual. She had to be careful not to accidentally transmit emotions to someone else. She sang louder this time, her strums and picks becoming more confident, her voice stronger. She started her evening like always; the oldest song she's known. As she got older, she understood what it was truly about, and although it was quite morbid for a newborn, she like it. She strummed the intro and began singing.

Another day, another life
passes by just like mine
it's not complicated

Another mind, another soul
another body to grow old
it's not complicated

Do you ever wonder
if the stars shine out for you?

Float down, like Autumn Leaves
and hush, now, close your eyes before the sleep
And we're miles away, from yesterday
when you were here with me...*

She sings, and ravishes the song, which is by far her favorite. Of course she's written and preformed many for the younger children, but this song? It's special. Beyond special. The only person alive who's ever heard it is her. She sings for a few more minutes, and then takes a break. She stretches her arms and looks up; something catches her eye. Right above the stage is a golden, glowing light, bright and warm. This strikes her a strange, because there aren't any street-lights onstage, and the few that they DO have are very dim.

It's past dark; almost curfew. She starts to get up to pack up and head home, but the light holds her there. It's like she's hypnotized or something. Although she may LOOK dazed, she was acutely aware of her surroundings. She wind shifted, blowing colder air to her back, pushing her towards it. Her black hair swung in front of her. Her arms began to shake and her palms began to sweat.

She didn't know if this was good, or bad.

What is going on?
***Okay, so, this was my first post, and yes, i used Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran bc I love him. Hope you guys liked it!