Nex, The Lord of the Flux

The self-proclaimed ruler of Minecraftia

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a character in “The Imagiverse”, originally authored by Adam Skelecoot, as played by RolePlayGateway


The Lord of the Flux and enemy of the Creator Notch, Nex (formerly known as Nicholas Clutterbuck) is the Chaos incarnate of Minecraftia, ruling over half of the cuboid world with a tainted fist.
Physical description: Nex consists entirely of the Flux Taint, his skin of Flux Goo, his muscles of Fibrous Taint and his bones of crystallised light-purple Flux. His composition is that of a mohawk-haired eighteen year old, with pinkish-white glowing eyes and a seemingly liquid tailcoat which appears to be part of him.
Personality: His actual age is betrayed by his mischievious yet sadistic nature. He enjoys torturing any inferior being and has the recklessness of an adolescent.
Equipment & Abilities: As is his position as Lord of the Flux, he has the ability to manipulate the Flux Taint to his will. As he is Flux also, he can shape-shift and summon tentacles from his body to attack his opponent.
Historical Background: From the day he was born, Nicholas Clutterbuck could only have been described as a devil-possessed troublemaker, his wicked nature bent on torturing his family, specifically his two brothers, Adam and John Clutterbuck. The unfortunate siblings had to endure his antics, which involved the murder of a mail carrier, the abandonment of a friend in the woods and the subsequent arson of their house, which was easily resolved due to their family's aristocratic position. The pinnacle of his evil, and therefore the comeupance of the new Flux Lord, was at the age of 18, when he and his two brothers were sent to New Orleans in 1897 to begin their bachlourhood. Deviating from his parents' wishes, he visited a fortune teller who was at the time renowned for his odd efficiency, accompanied by Jonathan. No one knew for certain what happened behind the door, but afterwards purple, viscous footprints were found sourcing from the wooden door tot he local cemetary. His brother, shortly after awakening in a trash can, followed the trail curiously, emotionally drained by whatever event he witnessed. He arrived at the cemetary, but was then no longer found. It was later noted that a freshly-dug grave had appeared in the cemetary, reading "Here Lies Jonathan Clutterbuck, 1879 - 1897, died of unforeseen circumstances", and several marks of purple slime. Neither Jonathan or Nicholas were found after then, and shortly afterwards, Adam also died mysteriously from a strange wound located in his chest, a large hole through his body. It was said that dead man's eyes record what they last see before they die, and what they saw were only a very dark purple.

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