Gammelt Blisand

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a character in “The Imperiatical Society”, as played by Wake




Physical Description

Hair: Grey/Balding
Facial Hair: Grey goatte
Eyes: Brown
Build: Lean but strong
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190
Handed: Right handed
Body Markings: A few smaller scars but mostly Wrinkles
Unique Body Features: Large claw mark on his right shin

Name Gammelt Blisand

Nickname To those that know him personally he's the Bull headed old fart. By reputation he's known as the exorcist of Everard.

Nationality Polish

Visual Age late fifties

Factual Age 63

Gender male

Power Group summoning

Power Level 10


Personality Gammelt can be a grouchy and stubborn person at first glance. He spends a lot of time in his research and studies and gets annoyed whenever someone interrupts him from his business. However he can crack a smile every so often, especially when one of his students manages to advance in their studies. When hes not off doing research or teaching he likes to spend his time out in the gardens reading a book or watching the birds. Gammelt also has a soft spot for animals, particularly for birds and cats. On more then one occasion he has 'overlooked' a student bringing a pet on to school grounds.

Goals Finding new varieties of creatures to summon and methods of summoning. Getting his students to pass. Write up his own thesis on other realms and their inhabitants.

Likes Tea, sunny days, animals, books, violin music.

Dislikes Interruptions, accidents, and messes

Strengths Gemmelt has a very strong mind and will. It has allowed him to keep reign in over his summons despite the mental strain it requires for stronger creatures or multiple summonings. This has a allowed him a better resistance to mental attacks by others.

Weaknesses He's suffered an injury to his right shin from a long time ago. It's given him a bit of a limp in his step that slows him down somewhat.


Head Leather cowl

Torso Chain mail

Arm/Shoulder leather pads

Right Hand spiked mace

Left Hand Magic seal that acts as a catalysis for his summoning.

Waist none

Legs Leather gleaves

Feet boots


Combativeness Gammelt is strong for a man of his age though his right leg slows him down a bit. He relies more on his summons when fighting, but will occasionally join the melee if he's on a mount.

Natural Talents Strong mental fortitude, multitasking.

Skills Can easily direct and coordinate attacks on enemies.

Weapon Mace
Weapon Name: none
Weapon Type: blunt
Material: Steel
Length: two feet
Weight: 25 pounds
Weapon Description/Info:


Group Affiliation scholar's guild

Religious Affiliation Protestant but he's not terribly devout.

Marital Status Widow

Origin Poland

Occupation Researcher/librarian, teacher, former exorcist

Bio/History Gammelt was a the son of a traveling merchant. His grandfather had been a soldier that had fought against the darkness and had learned some tidbits of summoning magic during his service, which he had passed on to Gammelt. When he turned twenty Gammelt left his fathers caravan to become a traveling scholar, testing and learning more about the ways of magic. When he became thirty he met and eventually married the daughter of a priest in southern France. He settled down there for a while, becoming an exorcist with his knowledge of magic and raising two sons. Unfortunately his wife caught sick from remnants of the plague and died a few years later.

One day Gammelt, then age of forty one, got a letter asking for him to come to wales and over look the summoning attempts of in one of the scholar guilds facilities in the town of Everard. When he arrived at Everard however he discovered that the experiment had gone wrong and a very powerful demon had been unleashed, and was rampaging through the town. In the ensuing battle between it and the town guard Gammelt challenged the beast with his own small force of summoned creatures. The fight had been fierce but it bought Gammelt enough time to open a portal and banish the beast back to its own realm, but not before it landed a grievous injury to his right leg.

Weeks later Gammelt was visited by members of the society. They took notice of his accomplishment in Everard and his skill with summoning ability and offered him a job teaching at the academy. He accepted and has been teaching there for the last twenty two years.

So begins...

Gammelt Blisand's Story