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The Impossible Cool.


They were the kids everyone wanted to be. The kids you were scared to talk to, because you were terrified if you said the wrong thing, you would end up with a bloody nose and a black eye at the least. Everyone was so completely obsessed with them, because they were so impossibly cool. You could tell just by looking at them they had a million secrets, the kind of secrets you wish you knew, but you know you never will. They all came from different worlds, yet they seemed to fit together so perfectly. But, the most amazing part about them, was no matter how many times they stabbed each other in the back, at the end of the day they always had each other’s backs and they always would.

This is their story.

Theme Songs
Do I Wanna Know?||Artic Monkeys
Human||Christina Perri


(FC may be changed, but they must be approved by me first. If I feel the FC is to overused chances are I won’t allow you to change it. Please respect my wishes if I do not accept you FC change request.)

Her Story: She’s convinced that no one understands her. She’s the rich, daddy’s girl of the school. The Queen Bee of the school and Best friend with Girl Three and Girl Two. She’s been secretly hooking up with the schools loser, boy two. She threatens him after every hook up, because if anyone found out they were hooking up it would completely ruin her reputation. She only started hooking up with boy two to get back at her so-called boyfriend, who she still convinced she’s in love with, boy three for hooking up with Girl four. But, she’s got a secret that she hasn’t even told her best friends, she’s pregnant with boy two’s baby.
Girl One||Name||Age: (16-17)||FC Alice Englert||Reserved by yourbunnyboo2

His Story: Calling him a bad boy would be an understatement. He’s impossible. He’s been suspended from school countless times and he’s one mistake away from getting expelled. He’s got a bad habit of sleeping with any and every girl and he can smoke a pack of cigarettes to himself in under an hour. His home life is shitty, in fact he doesn’t even really have a home. He’s best friends with Boy Two and is Girl Fives Ex-boyfriend and his only serious relationship. He has everyone convinced that he doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything, when in fact he’s fallen pretty hard for Girl Four, but as far as he’s concerned he doesn’t stand a chance in hell with her.
Boy One||Name||Age: (17-18)||FC Jack O'Connell||Reserved by Miss Nomer

Her Story: She’s one of the popular girls in school. Beautiful, talented, and funny. She’s got it all. She may be a real girly, girl but she’s not the girl you want to mess with, she’ll kick your ass if you piss her off and you can beat she’ll beat your ass and make you remember who gave you that black eyes. She’s Best friends with Girl one and Girl three. She pretends to hate girl four, but parties with her from time to time and honestly likes her better then Girl one. She could easily have a million boyfriends, unfortunately though for the guys, she’s lesbian and proud of it.
Girl Two||Name||Age: (16-17)||FC Kat Graham||OPEN

His Story: Best friends with boy one, only he’s not as completely uncontrollable as his best friend. His favorite pass time is sitting in his (or rather his father’s) apartment and getting high. He smokes weed like it’s going out of style. His father is rarely ever home and when he is he’s more like a roommate then a father. He’s been secretly hooking up with Girl one for the past few months and he’s told her once or twice that he likes her, but she keeps telling him it’s just the weed talking. Unbeknownst to him, she’s pregnant.
Boy Two||Name||Age: (16-17)||FC Mac Miller||OPEN

Her Story: She’s an absolute sweetheart, despite the two mean girls she hangs out with she very pleasant to be around and is almost always smiling. She’s Girl Four and boy Four’s next door neighbor. She’s very loyal to her best friend and is often the one they got to for advice. She’s currently dating boy four and is pretty positive she loves him, well she was until she accidentally hooked up with boy Three. Not only did she cheat on her boyfriend and betraying her best friend. Boy Three promised to keep it a secret, only he keeps calling and showing up at her door with flowers and it’s getting harder and harder to stay away from him.
Girl Three||Name||Age: (15-16)||FC Frida Gustavsson||Reserved by Miss Nomer

His Story: He’s the guy all the girls want, the talk of the high school. The most popular boy in school only rivaled by senior and upper classmen boy four. It only makes sense for him and girl one to be together, only he doesn’t like her like that and he’s much rather hook up with other girls. Being in a relationship is a drag, yet he still goes back to her when he get bored. He’s hooked up with girl three and girl four. He’s good friends with boy four and has developed feeling for girl three, yet he still wants to be with girl one.
Boy Three||Name||Age: (17-18)||FC Dylan O'Brien||Reserved by Tusho Ka

Her Story: She’s a bad girl. Her life consists of partying, drugs, sex, and barely making it through school. She doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of her and if you tell her she can’t do something, she’ll prove you wrong. She’s got a bad attitude and a bad habit of stealing boyfriends. Her affair with boy three was short lived and it only took them hooking up once to get bored of him. She’s boy four’s younger sister and it’s fairly safe to say she’s in love with boy one, only she’d never admit that.
Girl Four||Name||Age: (16-17)||FC Ashley Sky||TAKEN by me

His Story: He’s the complete opposite of his sister, girl four, but he loves her just the same. He’s a complete sweetheart and is very kind and caring towards everyone which is the reason he’s so popular. He’s good friends with boy three, but he doesn’t exactly like how he treats his girlfriend. He’s dating girl three and he’s been meaning to say those three words, he just hasn’t come up with a good way to say it yet. He may be the good boy of the group, but he’s no stranger to parties.
Boy Four||Name||Age: 18||FC Bruno Mars||TAKEN by me

Her Story: She’s fairly new to the town and school. At her old school she didn’t have very many friends, she doesn’t expect here to be any different. Her family is super strict and her life revolves around dancing, despite the fact that she hates it. She’s recently started hanging out with Girl four and has become really good friends with her. She has a crush on boy two, but she know her family wouldn’t approve, which is why she keeps the fact that she likes girls a secret and covers it up with a fake crush for boy two. She dated boy one for a few months and when it got too serious for her she broke it off, not to mention girl four seemed a bit agitated when the two were dating.
Girl Five||Name||Age: (15-16)||FC Alyson Stoner||OPEN


-Reservations last 48 hours. Please don't reserve a character then disappear.
-P.S. Boy four, FC Bruno Mars character will die and that is why I am playing him.
-Also, I will be playing two characters for a while and it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a male and female role!
-If all female roles are filled and a male role is what is keeping us from starting, you must be willing to fill the role.
-This is and Adult themed RP. If you are not comfortable do not join. ON the same note, this is not smut, fade to black when clothes come off.
-Please be creative and add your own drama and what not.
-I would really love for this RP to go a long way, so please be dedicated.
-I know everyone has a life, but try and post once a week at the least.
-Minimum 300 words per post!!!
-MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN! if you have any questions please PM me!

Character Sheet

Your Sheet must have the following and please make it nice!
A minimum of Two to Three picture or gifs
-Love Interest
-Sexual Orientation
-One Theme Song (At least)
-Anything else you'd like to add

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Character Portrait: Dani Simmons


Character Portrait: Dani Simmons
Dani Simmons

"Sometimes, the smile comes before the happiness."


Character Portrait: Dani Simmons
Dani Simmons

"Sometimes, the smile comes before the happiness."

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Character Portrait: Dani Simmons
Dani Simmons

"Sometimes, the smile comes before the happiness."

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Is something still happening here?

Re: The Impossible Cool.

Indeed I use center overall. Then I use [ left ] [ /left ] on some pictures and [ right ] [ /right ] on others.

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My character is done, but for some reason the text does not want to go next to the pictures.

If anyone has a solution, I would love to know

Re: The Impossible Cool.

The Character's are looking incredible so far! If boy two isn't taken I will go ahead and play him as well and we will just take Girl two and girl five off the character list and as soon as all the Characters are finished will start this!!! XD

Re: The Impossible Cool.

@Tusho Ka Boy Three is yours!!! Thanks for joining!

Re: The Impossible Cool.

Hi Wolfheart, this sounds cool.
Can I reserve boy 3?

Re: The Impossible Cool.

@yourbunnyboo2 she's all yours! Thanks for joining!

Re: The Impossible Cool.

Could I reserve girl 1?
This looks great.

Re: The Impossible Cool.

@Miss Nomer They are all yours thanks for joining and thank you for taking two roles! Reserving them now!

Re: The Impossible Cool.

Hello! May I please reserve Girl Three and Boy One?

The Impossible Cool.

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