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Katchinah Dwam

A young, fire-hearted indian girl whom's high spirit and willingness to fight would set other's heart's a blaze with courage. She wants to see the end of the undead, even if she has to fight for the rest of her possibly drastically shortened life.

0 · 338 views · located in Infected America

a character in “The Infection: Awaken the Damned”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Katchinah Dwam
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110
Race: Indian

Katchinah is a rather odd looking girl, especially in the U.S. She stands a brief 5'3, and weighs close to 110 pounds. Her skin is almost a reddish color, and is very healthy looking. She has tribal tattoos on her face, neck, and even her upper body. Her hair is a dirty blonde and is styled on her head by a tribal bun, with braids hanging off the side of her head, beads and charms embedded in them. They usually cling close to her face, and hide it mildly. Her body is lethe, slim, and fairly muscular for it's size, although she's not buff or anything; Just very fit. She has a good running build, despite being rather short. Her abdomen is flat, and very mildly muscular looking. Lastly, she lacks any true feminine features, as she's flat chested, and her hips are quite narrow, bum unimpressive by many standards. Her face has a few piercings, including her nose, eyebrow and lip. She also has tattoos that cover her face, although they are more cosmetic than anything. Her facial features are somewhat older and matured looking. The zombie appocolypse has obviously strained the girl, and her tired facial features show this. Around her neck are many charms and trinkets; some looks priceless, while others look absolutely worthless. They all have some kind of meaning to her, holding some as close as brother or sister. Adorning her upper body, is a dirty tank top, that is loose upon her. She also has a heavy duty leather knapsack that she carries, most usually slung about her back. It looks more than a little worn and used. Around her waist, she has a leather belt, which has a few visible pieces of equipment upon it. She must have punctured it and 'customized' it to make it for her specifications, as she can hold her hatchet there. She wears a pair of khaki short-shorts, that show off her runner's legs. It's clear at this point that she likes mobility and flexibilty. Lastly, she wears a pair of well worn dark leather boots, which have bright beads over the laces. They are obviously not steel-toed, as to make sure she's not losing speed. Any less ammount of weight she has on her, the better.

Picture (OPTIONAL):

In-Game Family (OPTIONAL):
Brother - Military

Katchinah was always raised a girl of history. A girl of her INDIAN history, no less, living the life of her ansestors, as granted by her parents, whom always lived this way. While, yes, they lived in a house, and not a teepee, and they had modern conviences like TV and Internet access, Katchinah was always drawn away by activities like horse riding and archery, rather than drawn in by the increasingly easy life. She had fun shooting a bow, or gun, and would draw connections to her animal friends. Her apache ancestry obviously had influince throughout her life, raised beliving she was special; kind of a unique, dying breed of human being. Of course, this did inflate her head a little bit, but didn't make her arrogant. It just made her greatful for it.

Her father struck it rich, however, one day gambling, and their family would move into the city, against her wishes. She liked it on the country side. But she didn't get much say, as she was drawn off towards the city. And even when she got there, she tried to live an increasingly tribal life. She didn't fit in very well to say the least. But her spirit wasn't dampened, and she continued to live this way, even getting tattoos, and whatnot, becoming the girl she is today. However, when the zombie infection broke out, she found herself rapidly sheltered by her family, and tucked away. But even the growing family needed supplies...

When her parents didn't return from gathering food one day, she grew worried, especially since the lurking threat of undead was very real in their urban household. Finally, after four days, she finally left the household, scavenging what she could from it and the houses around it, breaking it down to what she only could use for more than one thing, and what she could easily carry.

She then proceeded to steal her neighbor's Old BMW Motorcycle. With the wind on her face, she left her household behind, traveling alone for the next few states. She seldom stopped, except for food a gas...which she usually just stole.


Strength: 15
Intelligence: 15
Charisma: 5
Stamina: 30
Perception: 20
Luck: 15


1887 Coyote Cap Special Edition Lever-Action Shotgun
The rugged shotgun that replaced the double-barrel... if only for a few years. This weapon is a solid killer, the 12 gauge weapon up to par with modern shotguns. The lever action may be inferior to pump action, but Katchy much prefers the shorter barrel, while maintaining the rifle like feel. It makes it easier to manuver in and out of buildings, while still having as much accuracy as a shotgun can have. Katchinah looted this shotgun from her grandfather's guncase. It has checkering on both the front and rifle grips, which makes it easier to hold, and have consecutive shots on target, due to reduced slippage when firing. It also has a padded buttstock, which eases the recoil just a hair. Overall, this 1887 serves Katchinah well in both defense and offense, with it's combination of both close range and mid-range features. This is usually carried on a sling.
DAMAGE: 10x8 (10 damage that will hit per buckshot pellet. 8 pellets in a 12 gauge buckshot shell.
RANGE: 30ft+ (Increasing range results in lower accuracy - Every 5 feet, you loose 1 accuracy.)
R.O.F.: Lever Action/ Semi-Automatic
Ammo Type: 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell
Magazine Size: 5 Tubular Magazine

Lupara Double Barrel Shotgun
The classiest of all double barrels, the Lupara is a piece of Italian craftsmanship at it's finest. Litterally meaning 'Wolf Slayer', the Sawn-Off is useful for more than that. The Lupara was known for very little barrel threading, and little choke, which meant a wider spread pattern. Although this ruined the weapon's overall range, as a sawn-off, it wasn't going to shoot past 50 feet anyway. However, it's brutal when in range, having a high chance for a head shot. Or, just destroying the spine if shot from behind. The Lupara's partial weight and balance neutralizes most of the bite of shotgun shells, allowing the weapon to be used one-handed consistantly without hurting the wrist. Again, the grip is checkered. Just another confection looted from her Grandfather's gunsafe. Her grandfather had a special hip holster, (one that is held behind your back), allowing the shotgun to hang right below the girl's backpack, and is easily accessable when needed.
DAMAGE: 12x8
RANGE: 15 ft+ (Degenerating accuracy at ranges beyond 15. Every 5 feet, you loose 1 accuracy.)
R.O.F.: Semi-Auto
Ammo Type: 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell
Magazine: Break-Open Double Barrel
(Special condition: As accuracy drops, the number of maximum buckshot capable of hitting a tagert also goes down. So with an accuracy of four, a maximum of 4 pellets can hit the target, instead of 8)

Old Colt 1911
The most identified modern handgun in the world, the Colt 1911 is more than deserving of it's reputation. The reliable, accurate and powerful pistol has been in service for more than 100 years, and for good reason. Katchinah's little handgun has preformed admirably. However, it wasn't hers to start with. She happened to loot it off another survivor, whom had recently been attacked and killed. This particular is very old, almost antique quality. However, it was very notable for it's reliability. Alas, all things must come to an end, as Katchinah has run out of .45 ACP ammunition for the weapon. She never carried any in the first place, and only found three magazines on the deceased survivor. She eagerly seeks more. The old hip holster is classic, and real leather. It hangs on her belt, on her left side, easily accessable for her left hand.
RANGE: 150ft
R.O.F.: Semi-Auto
Ammo Type: .45 Automatic Colt Pistol
Magazine: 8 Round Magazine

Katchinah's War Club

A rough, durable hunk of bronze studed hickory wood, turned into a zombie murderer. The bold hickory wood that makes up this weapon is nigh uncrackable, and won't break even if presented with the hardest impact. The rounded slim edge makes it much easier to smash heads, and break bones. As an indian, it doesn't take anyone five seconds for them to figure that this is Katchinah's favorite weapon, and the weapon she's most skilled with. Accompanied by viscious war-like battle cries, Katchinah swings this club with deadly results. Katchina originally inherited this weapon from her family; it had been passed through it, father to male child. But since Katchy's brother went off to the military, he gave it to her to 'watch'. The weapon had held out more than miraculously over time, and has passed the test of skull again and again. Katchinah has a deep sentimental attachment to it.
DAMAGE: 27 (12 damage + 15 stength)
RANGE: Melee
R.O.F.: 1FDS (Fully Dedicated Swing) every 3 seconds.

Old BMW Motorcycle

A two-liter bottle filled with distilled water.
10 Blocks of Ramen Noodles (20 meals.)
One silver Zippo lighter
A well-used whetstone
Old Camping Hatchet
A magnetic compass
About 25 Feet of twine
One scavenged road flare

So begins...

Katchinah Dwam's Story