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Arya Tanaka

"I represent the quest for purity, because I have seen the world of impurity."

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a character in “The Infinity Realm”, as played by TheHuntress




"I think they call me Angel."
Whether it is due to her appearance or purity, she is often simply referred to as "Angel".
"I think... Ice Cream?"
Ice Princess/Ice Queen
From her cold and icy personality, many have nicknamed her 'Ice Queen', but Arya has yet to realize they weren't calling her 'Ice Cream'.
Love Interest
Face Claim
Kanade Tachibana
"See them not for what they are but who they are."


98 lbs
Arya has a very short and tiny build, often to her dismay. She was never one to participate in any form of phyical activities other than her love for ice skating and thus it gave her more of a dancer's build than one of an athelete's.
Hair Color
Eye Color
Warm gold
At her age, Arya is definitely shorter and smaller than average, which is something she takes much distaste in. However, her size helps in her overall appearance of one of purity and innocence. Usually preferring dresses to anything else, she always looks as if she's going to a dance rather than spending a casual day. Her silver hair gives her an overall icy appearance which seems out of place with her warm golden irises, which despite her facade of coldness usually displays much emotion. Although she attempts to look older, she still appears a child.



Gender Bias
Arya is definitely biased toward females. While she usually holds an antagonistic stance toward males, she holds a protective instinct over females.
Paradox of Personality
Often described as icy and cold, Arya truly has a kind heart which she refuses to show. To her, purity and innocence is looked down upon in her world and thus, to combat this, she must act stronger and more uncaring than she really is.
Ice Skating
Having the build of a dancer, she takes ice skating as both a hobby and a skill, having competed in multiple competitions ever since she started at the age of 7.
Usually the observant bystander, Arya has a good mind for memorizing the things she sees and hears.
A small size proves to be useful when it comes to agility. Such physical quirks allows her to move quickly and efficiently without exhausting much energy. However, when it comes to strength, she would be at the bottom of the pyramid.
Ice Manipulation
Of course, the Ice Princess has the ability to control and manipulate the element of ice. However, as always, such power comes with a price. Ice is like a double-edged sword, for it is heartless. If one aims to harm through ice manipulation, the ice does not care who it harms as long as it harms someone. Arya cannot be interrupted during casting, for if interrupted, the ice can fire back on itself and harm the castor instead. Such moments of vulnerability shows the danger of ice.
Ice Skating ll Reading ll Solitude ll Peace ll Winter ll Children ll Light Colors ll Piano ll Classical Music ll Ice Cream ll Dresses ll Family
Noisy Environments ll Summer ll Outdoors ll Arguments ll Perverts ll Men ll People Commenting on Her Build ll Being Underestimated ll Dark Colors ll Being Interrupted ll Deaths ll Darkness
Ice Skating
Reading Novels
Playing the Piano
Fear of the Unfamiliar
Usually calm and collected, it is especially hard to unnerve Arya. However, she usually keeps to the familiar: Her home, her friends, her family. Though, to seek for something beyond the world she lived in, to seek for the purity which no longer seemed to exist in her home, she arrived in a world which she held no familiarity to. She fears the land along with its inhabitants, though her forced facade usually denies it.
Fear of Darkness
Such a fear has been getting worse by the year, from simply needing a nightlight by her bed to refusing to turn off any of her lights all year long. She is terrified of the darkness and what the darkness might bring.
Fear of Men
You fear what you cannot understand. To Arya, men are an entirely different species. From what she has seen, they are untrustworthy, dangerous and manipulative. While she would not want to admit it, there is this certain level of fear for what they might bring, despite who they are.
Cold ll Kind ll Paranoid ll Naive ll Pure ll Serene ll Loyal ll Protective
Always the icy child, Arya distanced herself from reality, always attempting to sink into her fantasized world of purity and innocence which she holds onto for her life. Near her, the atmosphere is always peaceful and serene, much like the calmness of water, except coated over with a layer of ice. While her eyes usually convey much emotions, her usual conduct gives off an icy edge, cold toward those that she does not trust (Which is everyone except her older brother).

Even through the horrors her history has given her, she still retains the naivety and innocence of a child. While she is realistic about the world, the paradox starts when she distances herself from what reality has given her and thus reality itself. She does not wish to associate with the real world because the truth of the world is cruel and cold. Thus, such paranoia about the world and what it brings forces her to distance herself from everything and everyone.

Although she is kind, she pushes that kindness behind the facade of strength. Arya does not wish to show anyone any weakness because she believes they will use it against her. To men, she is especially apathetic, for in her world, they represented violence and cruelty. In the end, she is a paradox of emotions and personality, but in all, she represents the purity and innocence of chastity.


Relationship Status
"Trust is something I have yet to give."
Trust is earned. And as far as Arya can tell, no one has earned her trust enough for her to create such a bond with them.
Father: K.I.A. (Killed in Action) ll A desire for violence. One man goes to his death in the war he fantasized about for years, leaving behind his family. Only the war wasn't anything like what he had expected.
Mother: Traitor ll Torn from the loss of her husband, she abandoned her two children for the desire of the company of men. For two years her children remained with her to see through her true intentions, marrying one man after another only to break it off when she has gained enough money.
"He was the only thing that was pure in my life. However, in the end he simply became another life taken by the world of impurity."
Older Brother: Deceased ll Her protector and everything Arya has ever wanted or needed, for years the siblings had to fend for themselves and he was there for her every step of the way. But every good thing has to come to an end and the world in which they lived in was dangerous in itself. For her, he gladly paid the price of life.


Personal History
"My life is a continuous quest for a hint of purity in my world. But it is also a story about failure and loss."

Arya and her brother Ian did not start in the most mellow of all households. Their mother a housewife and father an abusive husband. Truly, the two siblings only had each other. As the violence in the household worsened, Arya, still a child then, called the hotline through her mother's phone. It was a rash decision, one that her brother paid the price for when he stood up to her defense, being the older of the two siblings. However, the decision she made stopped her father from further abuse.

Two years later, without anyone to take out his anger at, Arya's father requested to join the army despite his family's protests. War was a place he fantasized about, where heroes emerge victorious and where those fight for their honor and their country. But reality was much different and Arya could see that clearly. It was a cold and cruel world where purity and innocence no longer exist. The world where honor no longer matters, only life and death. And it was the world where her father perished within months. More devastated over the loss of money than her husband, her mother resorted to scamming. Marrying multiple men throughout the years, she practically abandoned her two children to fend for themselves as she went through men like tissue paper. Within two years, the siblings have had enough, turning their backs on their mother, they left the chaotic household.

By then, Arya still retained the purity of a child but the realistic outlook of an adult. She was always the quieter of the two siblings, distancing herself from the world in which she's seen enough of. For years, Ian fended for her, protected her through the hectic world, until her sixteenth birthday when he left her side to buy her a present. The brief moments of solitude left her vulnerable to the group of men that stalked toward her in the little alleyway. Excluding the details of what they wanted, her brother came back to help the child, only to perish in the process of doing it.

"Arya. Run! Don't look back!"
"No! You promised to st-"
"You're my little sister, right? We'll always be together. Now run!"

She ran, without turning back.

"Ever since then... That's what I've ever done.. Run. Whether it was from others or from reality itself.. I ran."

She came to " Infinity " simply to seek for a world not corrupt with impurity that wrought her childhood. She sought for an abode, a place different from the world she lived in. A place not wrought by death, infidelity, perverse nature, and darkness.

"I seek for what no longer exists."


So begins...

Arya Tanaka's Story


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Location: Underground the Graveyard of Fear
Time of Day: Morning (5:25 A.M.)
Three hours prior to the Gateway opening

"Almost show time~!" Whisper purred out, opening a rather small coffin that laid on a rotten wood table, a satin white sheet covering it just to keep the coffin 'safe'. He had periodically dug this coffin up throughout the years, almost as if he could never part with it. Whisper's smirk was ear to ear at this point as he stroked a large orb, it's insides nothing put pure black. A void of pure nothingness. His mission, his plan, was finally coming together perfectly. After thousands, millions of years, finally he had found the perfect subjects to bring to "Infinity". Ones that, no matter what they did, would eventually aid him in hi venture to gather all one-hundred and fifty pages. No matter if three were the only ones needed, his master desired all of them.

Whisper, since the moment the original four friends had even stepped foot in the realm, had always been watching. Always observing them for the slightest of flaws, cracks, as one would say. He needed ways to hit home, to make them stay. He found those ways, and within only about maybe a million or so years, maybe even less, all seven sins had finally gathered. Now the real show would begin.

As for the virtues, well, he had no apparent control over them. He simply was making an educated guess that they would just so happen to show up within three hours from now. Then, his beloved "puppets" would do his dirty work for him, with a little persuasion that those tiny, pathetic virtues would be their ultimate downfall without all the pages.

Oh how devious! Yes, absolutely devious! Once that was done, all he would have to do would b-

Crap, where had he put those papers? He needed to send those papers off to each one of the sins!... And Kouji. He couldn't forget Kouji. "Goddamn it..." Whisper hissed, gathering the papers he had put together about each Virtue, mainly just describing where each virtue would be located once the gateway would open. What they chose to do within the next hours or so would be up to them. Knowing Kouji, he'd mostly be on top of things, try and locate the largest group of his fellow 'comrades'... But wouldn't that ruin the fun of this all? Scribbling one more thing down on Kouji's paper he'd be receiving, it would direct him to the Ocean District. Now he was having fun. He grinned as he began rolling each separate piece of paper into a neat looking scroll, tied with a ribbon.

Chuckling, Whisper tightly gripped each copy, he climbed the wooden ladder, pushing the tombstone that hide the entrance to his lair aside, climbing out as he pushed it back into place, sealing that entrance. Without even a word, there were eight crows in front of him, each one in a matter of minutes having the ribbon tied around their necks and taking off to their designed targets.

Letter to the Sins

Hey! I thought you should know, but the Gateway is going to be opening soon. The rest of the virtues are coming. Perhaps, you would like their locations listed below? Good luck finding them before the others! Oh, and I'll send the virtue that has been right under your nose the entire time to one of you as well.

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer
Kouji - Diligence

~Yours truly,

Letter to Kouji

Hey, the rest of the virtues will be showing up within an hour or two from now. I'll send them to the Ocean district, so wait there, okay? If their haven't arrived an hour from when you get this letter, then there might of been a slight complication, so you may need to go after them... Good luck Kouji, you'll need it for this. Here is the locations incase someone doesn't show up...

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer

~Your friend,

Time of Day: Morning (8:25 A.M.)
The Gateway opening precisely now.


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Location: A mile away from the Gateway.
Time: 8:05 A.M.

The cold never bothered her much.

The crisp morning was accompanied by the icy winds that blew past her hair, her eyes opening despite the protest of her heavy eyelids. She had slept outside, again. Well, by then it was a common occurrence, but it still took time to register each morning how utterly alone she was in the world. What time is it? She took a glance up at the rising sun, not high enough as to bring any warmth to her cool skin. Probably around 6... With a small stretch, she pushed herself up against the wall, balancing herself before glancing around her surroundings.

A world of a pristine and innocent nature huh? She recalled the words the Gateway had promised her, her light brown eyes flickered slightly in the dim light of the sunlight. No.. She shook her head, her light hair scattering around her shoulders. It took her days, but she had made her decision. "Plant your feet on the ground, Arya," Her brother's voice rang through her mind, startling her out of the daze, "Plant it firm. Remember. This is reality, and this is where the truth lies." Yeah... If you were only here to see the truth with me.

The sound of her light footsteps echoed throughout the abandoned strip of sanctuary she found for herself several nights before, choosing it as her temporary abode. Her brother was right. It was time for her to stop running. Her hand reached up to take the small rubber band from her wrist, pulling the heavy strands of her hair into a half-ponytail. I won't go... She closed her eyes as she reached her final decision.

"Hey. Hey. Come on. Don't run." She swore she was alone, but the sound of scurrying footsteps told her otherwise, her attention immediately snapping back toward the man that held the corner of her coat. "Come on, sweetheart, no need to be frightened." To tell the truth, Arya was frightened, but her facade did not show even a hint of it, the icy eyes glancing at the group of men with cold, calculating gazes. "Let go." Even her voice was cold, much like droplets of ice falling onto glass. She did not even wait for a response, the hilt of her coat began to harden from the waist down, a trail of ice crawled its way toward the man's hand, and within seconds, the ice had crawled onto the man's arm. "Oh you're f--" Arya did not wait to hear what the man had to curse about, nor did she wait for the group to realize what she had just done. With quick movements that are only able to be done with her small size, she scurried away from the group, her hair a mess in the wind, but at the moment she could hardly care less.

I've always been running... For once, the cold air seemed to bite into her, the sound of footsteps behind her sent the chills up her spine. She did not know where she was running to, nor did she know why she had stopped. But within seconds, the reason registered. The Gateway... Before her eyes lie the dazzling Gateway, the one that promised her a world that she no longer believed existed. "Get back here you f-" There was no longer time for hesitation. She pushed herself forward, the mere motion of such sent her tumbling through the place that promised to be her abode.

Location: Black Markets
Time: 8:25 A.M.

This is not what was promised me...

Darkness. Her pupils adjusted painfully to the sudden darkness that blinded her, her hands struggling to pull herself off of the hard ground. But within the darkness was not silence. On the contrary, it was chaos. Her hands held onto the collar of her coat as she hesitantly walked forward, her light steps barely pulling attention toward her as she looked at the scene that unfolded before her. "It's a market.. That was definitely obvious, seeing the rare items and weapons that laid in piles around the scene.

Where am I..? The air around her dropped in temperature rapidly, and many gave her a cautionary glance as she brushed past, not even noticing the chilliness she has created in the atmosphere around her. With each step, the ground frosted underneath her before melting as her foot left the ground, her warm gold eyes scanned the area for something.. Anything that was promised to her.

I don't belong here.. Her steps began getting quicker, unconsciously dropping the temperature within her proximity into an uncomfortable coldness as the panic rose in her mind, but her eyes nonetheless cast that icy glance around the markets.

Liars. You're all liars.


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#, as written by Ever

|| The Black Market ||
|| Ciel's Office ||
|| 6:25 A.M ||'s almost perfect....but... trailed off the Sin's inner voice, a presence of longing giving the words life. Powder blue orbs ticking over the rough sketch of her newest outfit, a punk lolita of sorts, a frown tugged the corners of her mouth downwards. Letting out a frustrated groan, the young woman threw her dulled charcoal pencil on the grandfather desk, a light plink blooming in the silence as the object rebounded off the mahogany. Exhaling with an agitated huff, Ciel pressed her spread palms against the edging before pushing outwards, her high-backed, CEO-esque leather chair swiveling in response. Taking light, ballet reminiscent, steps, Pride waltzed over to tightly sealed blinds, the causers of the watery darkness. Humming a nameless tune, Ciel's lithe form took pause by the window, a tapered finger delicately hooking around cloth strips. Pulling a single one downwards, a thin stream of sickly gold flooded through the crack, exposing the view on the other side.

Below and on the other side of her own world, an intricate layout of tents, in various hues of cloth, were sprawled out, each with their own specialty. Patrons of the market were chattering to one another, arguing and fighting, drinking and being merry... Ah yes, the joys of a Black Market. Gazing fondly at the chaos below, Ciel felt herself slip into a blissful trance..however, the sharp caw of a crow interrupted the moment. Giving a sharp tsk at the distraction, Pride's sharp eyes narrowed in on the bird, a message bound to it's body. Flickering her gaze over to the open back door, a slight smirk erased the frown before a grimace took it's place. Of course. Just flew right in, didn't even bother to alert me. How disgusting.. and Whisper just had to send a bloody bird. seethed her conscious, stature marching over to the animal with contempt. Snatching the message off it's carrier, it was all Ciel could do not to call a python to come and consume the nasty creature. Instead, Pride settled for a vicious snarl, eyes narrowed with an air of menace, "Alright, got your message. So disappear, you mite-covered rat." As if taking injury through her words, the crow let out another screech of disagreement before lifting to flight and out the door. Unscrolling the message, a mischievous smirk and impish sheen painted their way onto her features, the words delighting her. So...a virtue is coming here, huh? Heh...well this should be fun.

|| The Black Market ||
|| In The Crowd ||
|| 8:27 A.M ||

"Sooo….where is she gonna appear at..?" projected Ciel's inward thoughts vocally, her teeth sinking thoughtfully into her lower lip. Tapping her crimson-painted nails against her left hip, those warmly cold orbs scanned the crowd. Of course, she had left her office minutes ago so it was just slightly more difficult to peer through the bustle of people but… how else was she going to find this virtue? Giving a small huff of agitation, a painful awareness of her time being wasted registering into her conscious, Pride had just spun on her heels, all intent to give up the search, when movement caught her attention. A petite white haired girl, about her height, was moving about in the crowd…obviously without any previous experience on how to move through a mass. A small snicker was given by demon seeing the fretting Virtue being forced to flow about by the other busybodies. Pathetic…should I help her..? Debating what to do, Ciel was about to leave her be when something interesting halted any notion of abandoning the newcomer; there was frost expanding with each footstep she took. Eyes alight with excitement, a mischeivous smirk slowly spread onto her features as she hastily threaded her way through the crowd. Banishing that devilish smirk and replacing it with concern, a facade so convincing that just about anyone would believe she truly meant good, Ciel knitted her eyebrows together and widened her eyes before placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Hey….are you ok?? You seem kinda lost.. are you new here?"


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Location: Black Markets
Time: 8:30 A.M.

Let me out of this place…

It wasn’t like Arya to panic, but her mind raced frantically as her eyes darted around the dark markets, the frost underneath her feet growing thicker and lasting longer as her foot left each spot quickly. The mass moved around her, some shoving her forward and others simply leaving her be. The chaos and noise were deafening to the girl that always preferred solitude.

Stop running Arya. With the memories of her brother’s voice, her footsteps slowed slightly as the crowd pushed and shoved around her. Why are you always running? She shook her head, attempting to shake his voice out of her mind. Although comforting, she did not know how to answer that question. What was she running from? Impurity? Corruption? …Promises? Placing her hands onto her ears, she stopped herself on the last thought, forcing the memories that threatened to break in.

“Hey… are you ok?? You seem kinda lost.. are you new here?” Arya froze just as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Despite the comfort it brought, a jagged spike of ice struck up near her foot, nearly touching the girl the voice belonged to behind her. Her eyes flickered backwards, turning her body suddenly as to face whoever had touched her shoulder, never liking the feeling of the touch of others. However, the girl didn’t seem to mean harm, in fact, the person that stood in front of her seemed to have a much softer appearance than any other beings wandering around this horrid place. She’s pretty… Arya would have to admit, the girl looked like she could be a model. But even so, she was never one to trust just about anyone.

“I’m fine.” Her façade was immediately back up, the cold look in her eyes seemed so paradoxical to her fragile build. “No… I’m not new.” Her pathetic attempt at a lie even deserved a mental slap from herself. Quickly changing to topic as to hope the girl in front of her did not notice the pitiable lie she has just tossed out, she turned her eyes away from her, focusing her mind on the crowd instead. “Would you happen to know the way out of here?” That was what she wanted to know, and she didn’t hesitate to throw the question out. The person did not look new nor inexperienced, thus, she would know a path out of here… Right? However, her distrust for the seemingly kind girl in front of her was reflected in the constant chilly temperature around her, enough to raise the goosebumps on anyone that passed within a few feet of her.

But somehow, the cold didn't seem to bother her... Truly. It never did.