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a character in “The Infinity Realm”, as played by Finneline





"Half human half snake-like"

One of the former four friends and the Deadly Sins: Lust


Entriangle - or so he claims to be - is his name he goes by. His rightful name given by his already deceased parents has been long forgotten. Now, he is only Entriangle. It's a name born out of nothing, without devotion, without any thought put into. Just were born so suddenly and was kept like that now probably going to last forever. It never came to his mind to change it. Anyhow, his "family" or his group of friends call him 'Angle' with a pronounced g, probably only to sound more familiar and intimate. In the end though, the name represents emptiness, only suffocating emptiness that left him no choice but to aspire his objectives. Ruthlessly, without a care for the lives of the humans coming wanting to forcefully gain what he 'owns'. It is the humans that labeled him as simply 'The Snake'; the mischievous Lust.

Appears 20 years old, at least.

Love Interest
Anyone he can get resp. no one in particular at the moment.

Face Claim
Haine Rammsteiner



6'0 ft

135 lbs

Slim but sturdy.

Hair Color
Grey with hints of white playing here and there.

Eye Color
Bloody red.

Left ear: Three holes for earrings. Usually wears ink black ones.
Right ear: Four holes for earrings. Usually wears pencil grey ones.
Tongue: One piercing.
On the back: Many scars, some short, some long down the spine.

He is not to be described as powerful and stocky, however, he is sturdy and flexible having a double-jointed body which on the other hand let him do things which aren't possible with a normal one -- like a snake, very agile. His body more and more resembles a snaky, sneaky snake; his skin already to hardened beginning from the back of his neck, scales established upon it with a green spiderweb similar pattern. Additionally, he now owns bloodshot eyes which wickedly glitters in the dark... knowing exactly that within darkness, it's his territory. At first glance, his unkempt essence and his nonchalant attitude may impress eyes, even his eyelids are unusually attractive making his eyes sparkle less dangerously, his presence was nonetheless intimidating. As if saying that talking won't end up anywhere; just as if with only him present, everything's frozened and only a tense atmosphere is likely to follow. Well though -- that's if he doesn't open his mouth at all.


Well, there are probably a bunch of things I can tell you about his oddities, but I guess, I limit myself to the most important. Everything has exclusively to do with him being indeed 'Lust' -- he literary lives as it! No one, absolutely no one would ever think of wanting to own everything that pops up in mind and really putting an effort to gain it. He has that quirk to just go ahead and do things spontaneously without thinking too long -- honestly, when he keeps being reluctant, how's going to aspire anything? His 'Lust' is though, in majority doesn't entirely have to do with the hard work he put into. Merely to his luck, yap right, it's luck. Luck is also a talent you see, and Angle seems to have plenty of these. Always surprising with some ridiculous chances that one may believe he owns a pretty good blessing from god. Though that would bring up the question what did he do for return? Anyhow, there's something else. Despite the poison within his vains that he gained through offering his soul to the devil he is actually a talented cook. Has a surprising talent to taste flavours with when eating he is able to anticipate the ingredients at once. Really, he is weird, but who isn't?

Cooking- Like already mentioned; through his "absolute tongue" or his ability to anticipate tastes and memorize them without fail, he is an excellent cook. Well, though it won't ever count to his hobby upon him being a tad bit lazy when it comes to things regards other people (when not currently pursuing a certain objective), he is still talented in the art of cooking and anyone would be delighted to be able to taste that even if it's only once lifetime. It can send you to heaven, dear, believe me.
Dodging- Through his flexibility, agility and quick wittedness, he is a master of dodging even in the dark. He dodges big things, small things, medium small things, medium big things... just simply everything! So direct attacks, where he can see the enemy clearly is very risky and can be used for Angle's advantage.
Anticipating- He was always good in anticipating. Guess his instincts often hits the bullseye and make the other party quite stressful and offended, I dare say. Additionally his observation abilities, this skill isn't to be taken lightly.

He is able to transform his hand into a deadly weapon; sharp nails, getting stronger and lengthy through focusing his muscle to a certain spot on his hands. It's like watching bones are cracked within and let each of the fingers extend and the nails longer and sharper, thus uglier quite a bit. Not only that; his set of teeth is now filled with poison. Getting bit by him means either paralyzation or instant death, all, controlled by Angle's mere volition. And lastly imprenetably hardened snake skin which gets bigger and bigger each day. Currently, it's only protecting his back and bits of his left arm. Additionally, one warning: Don't stare into his eyes for too long, even though you're a mere spirit. Believe me, it's for the better.

[β™₯ The Infinity
[β™₯ His "family"
[β™₯ Strolling around (usually in the dark)
[β™₯ High places
[β™₯ Meat and only meat
[β™₯ Sex (no kidding, he is Lust after all)

[βœ— Humans who try to gain what he owns
[βœ— Bossy people
[βœ— Sweet stuff
[βœ— Dazzling hot sun
[βœ— Vegetables
[βœ— Kids, he is simply no good with them

Strolling around (usually in the dark) - It's weird, but that's how he usually calms down his nerves when there is no big thing for him to climb up around. It's like the darkness which wrapped all over his body somehow giving him a certain devotion, protection.. sometimes he even thinks it speaks to him, really. Strolling around, finding things which interests him/ getting him aroused/ making him feel inspired will pop up sooner or later and that's so excited about it.
Strive after high resp. dangerous places - He is literary obsessed to danger. He says, it makes him feel alive... seeing blood, I mean. It's arouse enthusiasm out of him and make him do impossible things that a normal person would never even consider on doing. He simply needed some bits of adrenalin going through his blood, making him quite a bit effervescence and his heart racing none stop -- yes, it was needed to force memories fade away and let him live the here and now. Without caring anymore about things like worries.

Full transformation to a snake - It's self explanatory. It makes him lose his humanity, his little bit humanity, and through his lust, his humanity was a must... and very precious. Without it, he'd feel having lost something important.
Something unimpeachably - He really loathed to be desperate. No -- even though his lust was so badly he could die and then it comes out it was unimpeachably... no. He does not believe in the thing called ungainable, yet he fears it, very much.

Easygoing - Blunt - Ruthless - Stubborn - Purposeful - Obsessed - Flirty - Humorous - Merciless - Doubtful - Extrovert - Lazy - Bad liar

Angle is quite the easygoing type of person once you get to know him. He doesn't take much things seriously aside those which eventually help him to reach his objectives. Nonchalantly, he'll go around without putting much thoughts into it, without plan, just strolling for the reason to have fun. Seriously, if it's not for his aims and obsession, he perhaps appear rather careless and very spontaneous whether it is reflected when he speaks or merely his attitude. It leave others an impression of him being an easy prey -- a rather fortunate development for Angle who is definitely not to be underestimated. Well yeah right, it's again, his unbelievable luck playing along. In addition to his carefree attitude sometimes, he is to be described as ruthless, whether this is directed to his way of blunty speaking or his merciless attacks and amusement within abusing. It is frightening, no kidding... he jokes around, laughing the loudest sometimes, but then there is his lousy choose of words, which doesn't left anyone not to be offended. True, he does withhold his intent to blurt out everything in his mind, currently, he starts to get it even that the words of his are hurting people. Anyway, he is merely too stubborn and thinks that it's better to tell the person straight away of their whatsoever fault in Angle eyes, and eventually get them attack him or solely break down to the ground, crying. On the other hand, ruthless is also his way to punish. No but's, no reasonings... he won't respond to nothing when physically punishing human beings who are so naive thinking they're able to beat him and seize him with whatsoever they have in mind on doing. Once starting to see blood, he'll go crazy. Yes, right, he'll go crazy, craving for more red liquid coming out, wanting to hear more and more earpiercing cries and is obsessed with the complete strength he owns above those who are struggling, who are simply weak. Superiority complex is it, what you call it right? A freaky obsession, with only himself in the center of it. It is known though, that what comes after himself is his purpose, his enthusiasm to continue living on in this crooked universe and within a complete different essence as he had known before. It is that difference which made him change into a mad man, merciless, killing even with a smile on his face. There were times where even Angle find his obsession unbearable but in the end, he couldn't lie and pretend not knowing what his heart desires. He is, after all, a bad liar and has very less self-restraint. With all honesty he does what his body wants him to, and that's in majority not really a kind thing. Anyhow, another significant trait of his essence is probably him being flirty... or rather, he is a pervert in a way that one wouldn't call disgusting but quite charming. True, he insists things forcefully without care of others feelings, but he assertively and directly saying what he wants, and that's what his charms lays. He doesn't need to be ashamed of his animalistic nature -- women, even some men are accepting him likewise. There're even among his 'prays' who have fallen in love with him, but those poor little things end up in an impossible romance -- unless they're masocistic, that's another story. Though eventually they'll all end up the same -- stone-dead. Convincing him about something he doesn't believe in is just as useless as explaining math to a turtle. He firstly doesn't listen and secondary, he is untrustful and doubtful of other people aside his "family" or "siblings". True enough that some things are indeed, lies which comes out of the mouth of prisoners, who are being abused by him heartlessly. However, getting that be planted into Angle's mind is simply useless as he is being stubborn believing in this he wants to believe. In that issue, he can be quite the child. Anyway, it is not to be overlooked at that he is attractive and due to him finding potential interests everyday, he is quite the landing/ playboy within the Seven Deadly Sins and we'll mess around even with the same gender. All through his sweet words and persistance, that never end up as a bother for the pray, honestly. His face, his humorous essence and him being extrovert are just things, that no one can take hands off.



Relationship Status
It's always changing like the weather. Oh comon, honestly, he sleeps around just as much as normal people change clothes! It's ridiculous in a way! So don't ever think of him having a steady relationship. He'll get someone around he took interest in, yes, but he'll always be the first one to get tired of it and simply dump the person regardless how lovesick she/ he is.

Deceased. Nothing to say here, see history for more information.

ImagePersonal History
"Past is past. There is no use of me regretting things that already happened. Not like it is in my strength to change it,"
A history, long forgotten. Once he owned parents who loved him thoroughly. Parents, who were happy upon his birth and were ready to educate him as best as they're able to. They were two very sincere people, promised to be of a good example for their little child. However, that happiness didn't last too long. His parents died too soon and left the young Angle alone, without any other family which has left him no choice but ending up in an orphanage, where he soon started to get rebellious. True, he wasn't the most obedient one, well, who is in his childhood years completely obedient? He liked to do pranks and shit like that, without caring for his grades at school. Even though, there is that extrovert self additionally to his objective obsessed nature that kept on living within him despite that his memories were erased through the contract with the devil. Well... to be honest, it isn't such a simple thing. There are fragments he remember, fainty remember, but didn't urge to know deeply about. There is also an objection coming out of his heart when he tries to remember his past. Whether this is caused by the contract or Angle himself is unknown, but fact is that he doesn't try to remember at all -- in fact, he doesn't seem to view it as a significance. To put it blunty, he only lives in the here and now without care of the past. Now he simply lives as one of the Deadly Sins, counts as one of the leading positions and a cruelty for himself. Inside though, care for his 'siblings'/ 'family' and is followed by the faint scent of hope, regardless how ridiculous it might sound.


For you, my friend
He wants to own the beauty within Infinity, carving for their eternality and eventually dispose of his ephemerality. Bliss is, what he feels within the circle of 'siblings' which were once his friends and never wants to let go of it. Lusting their everything and satisfy his animalistic desires is though top priority.


So begins...

Entriangle's Story


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Location: Underground the Graveyard of Fear
Time of Day: Morning (5:25 A.M.)
Three hours prior to the Gateway opening

"Almost show time~!" Whisper purred out, opening a rather small coffin that laid on a rotten wood table, a satin white sheet covering it just to keep the coffin 'safe'. He had periodically dug this coffin up throughout the years, almost as if he could never part with it. Whisper's smirk was ear to ear at this point as he stroked a large orb, it's insides nothing put pure black. A void of pure nothingness. His mission, his plan, was finally coming together perfectly. After thousands, millions of years, finally he had found the perfect subjects to bring to "οΌ©ο½Žο½†ο½‰ο½Žο½‰ο½”ο½™". Ones that, no matter what they did, would eventually aid him in hi venture to gather all one-hundred and fifty pages. No matter if three were the only ones needed, his master desired all of them.

Whisper, since the moment the original four friends had even stepped foot in the realm, had always been watching. Always observing them for the slightest of flaws, cracks, as one would say. He needed ways to hit home, to make them stay. He found those ways, and within only about maybe a million or so years, maybe even less, all seven sins had finally gathered. Now the real show would begin.

As for the virtues, well, he had no apparent control over them. He simply was making an educated guess that they would just so happen to show up within three hours from now. Then, his beloved "puppets" would do his dirty work for him, with a little persuasion that those tiny, pathetic virtues would be their ultimate downfall without all the pages.

Oh how devious! Yes, absolutely devious! Once that was done, all he would have to do would b-

Crap, where had he put those papers? He needed to send those papers off to each one of the sins!... And Kouji. He couldn't forget Kouji. "Goddamn it..." Whisper hissed, gathering the papers he had put together about each Virtue, mainly just describing where each virtue would be located once the gateway would open. What they chose to do within the next hours or so would be up to them. Knowing Kouji, he'd mostly be on top of things, try and locate the largest group of his fellow 'comrades'... But wouldn't that ruin the fun of this all? Scribbling one more thing down on Kouji's paper he'd be receiving, it would direct him to the Ocean District. Now he was having fun. He grinned as he began rolling each separate piece of paper into a neat looking scroll, tied with a ribbon.

Chuckling, Whisper tightly gripped each copy, he climbed the wooden ladder, pushing the tombstone that hide the entrance to his lair aside, climbing out as he pushed it back into place, sealing that entrance. Without even a word, there were eight crows in front of him, each one in a matter of minutes having the ribbon tied around their necks and taking off to their designed targets.

Letter to the Sins

Hey! I thought you should know, but the Gateway is going to be opening soon. The rest of the virtues are coming. Perhaps, you would like their locations listed below? Good luck finding them before the others! Oh, and I'll send the virtue that has been right under your nose the entire time to one of you as well.

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer
Kouji - Diligence

~Yours truly,

Letter to Kouji

Hey, the rest of the virtues will be showing up within an hour or two from now. I'll send them to the Ocean district, so wait there, okay? If their haven't arrived an hour from when you get this letter, then there might of been a slight complication, so you may need to go after them... Good luck Kouji, you'll need it for this. Here is the locations incase someone doesn't show up...

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer

~Your friend,

Time of Day: Morning (8:25 A.M.)
The Gateway opening precisely now.


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Location: Gateway Entrance
Time: 8:00 A.M.

There was dust everywhere. Dmitri couldn't remember there being this much dust when her mother resided in this room, but it had been years since anyone had even bothered setting foot into the deep blue walls. She ran her hands lightly over the dresser and pictures that sat on the bedside table. With a deep sigh she sat on the edge of the bed. She supposed that she missed her mother, but Dmitri couldn't quite remember the woman. Her aunt had been terrible these past few weeks, she hasn't allowed Dmitri out of the house except to get the mail, and stayed in her room all day with her cigarettes and beer cans. Dmitri hadn't even been allowed to go and dance.

She sometimes wondered why she didn't just leave, it wasn't like there was anything stopping her, but she couldn't take it upon herself to leave her aunt all alone. But now she was going to do it. She was finally going to leave. However, Dmitri hadn't actually told her aunt about this strange oppurtunity, so she now stood to grab a pen to write a note. It would be short and sweet.


Thank you for all of these years, they've been grand. I'm leaving now, dont look, you most certainly won't find me. I wish you all the luck in the world. Goodbye.

With love,

She supposed that it was a rather rude letter, but she was too nervous to tell her aunt to her face. And so she had packed a backpack full of clothes and her ballet shoes and went into her mother's room to wait for the promise of a new life. She was feeling a bit nervous now, her palms were sweaty and her ankles were cold for some odd reason.

Dmitri placed the letter delicately on her mothers old pillow and smoothed the sheets down where she had sat. With one last glance I the mirror that hung above her mother's dresser, she stood and realized how pale she had become due to her lack of outside life. She would have to change that.

Location: Gateway Entrance
Time: 8:25 A.M.

The gate way opened and Dmitri took one last breath in her world before stepping through, without looking back. She would begin again in this new, beautiful...

This was definitely not what she was expecting. The light on the street was dim and it was rather noisy. It smelled like cigarette smoke and bars and all across the streets she saw signs for rather sketchy looking places. This was not the new life she had been promised, she was NOT going to become a stripper.

β€œOh lord, what have I gotten myself into."


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Location: Red- Light District
Time of day: 5 A.M.

It is rather interesting to stroll around when the day is just about to begin for some, where in the other hand the other bunch is just about to sleep. Drunken individuals all around the place, women who try to pick some men up from the street to get some amusement and pleasure... it is a common sight for Angle, and Angle couldn't describe with words how he loved the sight of his little possession. Yes, the whole district belonged to him, even though he is more recognized as a regular costumer of the clubs rather than the ruler. He wanted it likewise and no one shall know his real identity. The scent of alcohol, drugs and strong perfume lingered in the air, letting Angle breath the familiarity of the place he loved the most. It is only here where other than his family accepted him as who he is -- not like a filth that isn't to be regarded. It was... satisfying, kind of.

"Oh, what we have here? Angie!! Long time no see! Care for a drink?," A seducing and flirty women voice made him turn around. It was the woman from one of the strip clubs who he shared a night with. Nothing in particular special, it was just that, she had those breasts. And it was rare to get a chance to fondle those. So, what's the deal? Not like it was a crime. She wanted it and Angle was pleased by it. Enough to get his time passed and that’s supposed to be it. Nothing more, nothing less; a loose relationship like always. Angle smiled, glancing pointedly to her breasts while having those heavy-lidded eyes look her way, getting her grin to get wider. "It was really awhile since I last saw you," He uttered with a flirty undertone. She laughed, led him to the next bar. Of course, she was the one to get drunk. It's always like that. Angle is just unable to get drunk and can still stand properly after drinking many glasses at a row. You call it inhuman, Angle called it skill. A skill very often used for his own, little pleasure. He had found amusement in dragging drunken women to a hotel you see. He was particularly pleased when figuring that their skills in bed improve and are wilder when they're drunk. Especially interesting for Angle, you must note. Hence, that's what he did: he carried her to the mentioned place and shut the door behind him. What's next I leave to your imagination.

Location: Red-Light District
Time of day: 8 A.M.

He loved the time afterwards, when chilling alone on the terrace, high above the ground with the sun had yet to show herself. Somehow, it had that relaxing atmosphere, between life and death when leaning outside, stretching his hand and feet into the air where anyone would be afraid to fall down and die miserably. No, not Angle. It was his ecstasy and when feeling the wind, he'll get more swoon away that you can almost call it adrenalin rush what he is so addicted for. However, that wasn't it. It was simply the thought that he'll not die, even when...; at least, similar to it. Angle himself can't describe it well, it is only his drug. With a grin, he quitted the room without caring for the mess he had left. Not like that was the first time.

The bird came flying when he was just about to go to the Black Market, wanted to pay Ciel a visit. The however, appear to have to wait a little bit longer. The message written upon the letter was just too precious to be ignored. A virtue... a word that Angle couldn't believe someone can define within the reality he now lived. The virtue of Humility... someone fairly interesting had stepped upon the land of which Angle ruled. Wasn't that reason enough to apporach her respectively him? A mischievous smile appeared on his face at the time he let the crow go. Time for hunting!

Location: Red-Light District
Time of day: 8.25 A.M.

It was of an advantage that he knew most of the faces in the district. And whatsoever this virtue may be and howsoever it may look like, Angle was confident to find it. Not only will he or she look out of place, but also he or she might not have the slightest clue where he or she landed. Something that makes it easier, of course. He looked around; asked here and there, make small talk... as he finally arrived in one of the most crowded strip clubs. It was his favourite, to be real honest. There front of it walked a girl, looking rather unhappy seeing all the clubs on the roadside. A she, was his first thought that was tightly accompanied by a sly grin. He walked front to her right to the direction she currently was walking, made it look like he was too concentrated seeing all the stores along the street so that his purposed collision appeared as a mere accident. "God, I am sorry! I didn't look front of me properly! Are you alright?"


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Location: Red Light District
Time: 8:30 A.M.

Dmitri stepped out of the loudness and darkness of yet another strip club with fewer of the answers to her questions answered then when she came in. She may have had even more questions now. The dim outside light did not help in warning her when a taller man ran into her, not looking where he was going.

When the strange man bumped into her, Dmitri's first thought was about his scent. It was a strange thing to think about, or even notice in the first place, but this man smelled different than the rest of the people in this disturbing place. He smelled, well, cleaner she supposed, and more real than the rest of these prostitutes. He also seemed to carry himself with a different air than the rest of the people. It seemed like he knew what he was doing, and that he held a sense of power here.

"God, I am sorry! I didn't look front of me properly! Are you alright?"

Either his concern was genuine or he was acting, Dmitri couldn't exactly tell, and she had no idea if she could trust anyone in this place. She decided to take a leap of faith. She inhaled deeply and then spoke.

β€œOh, its alright, I'm fine. That was my fault though I'm sorry, you see I'm a bit lost..." She paused for a moment, unsure of what to say next. Then she decided to just tell the truth. β€œI was told that I am a Virtue, do you um have any idea as to where I need to go?"

With a second thought she realized that she was being selfish and became rather flustered. She curled her toes in her shoes and swayed back and forth a bit.

β€œOh erm, I'm sorry forget about it, you look busy, I'll just be going then!"

With a tiny bow to the seemingly out-of-place man she looked around for any sign to point her where to go, and, secretly hoping that the man would help her out of the kindness of his heart, she began to walk off.