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Kouji Ichigaara

"Whod've thought that my purpose would lie here..."

0 · 449 views · located in "Infinity"

a character in “The Infinity Realm”, as played by Eskay





Race: Human
Role: Diligence
Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Ichi (pronounced 'Ikki,') but most people just call him Kouji.
Age: 21
Love Interest: Hasn't known these cats long enough to make a commitment.
Face Claim: Main Character from Persona 3
Sexuality: Straight


Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lbs
Build: Wiry
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None yet
Description: The pictures provided give a pretty clear indication of Kouji's physique- though Kouji is a fair bit more toned than his pictures may suggest.


Oddities: His "resting bitch-face" makes him appear far colder and more aloof than he actually is.

Skills: Marksmanship- Having found himself stuck in Infinity, he is very grateful that his father pushed for lessons in shooting instead of lessons in music! Though far from a professional sharpshooter, years of practice have made his aim steady and his trigger finger tame.

Musically Inclined- In spite of his parents lack of support for his artistic pursuits, Kouji has found outlets to develop this budding hobby. He's got a decent sense of relative pitch, a decent singing voice, and a great ear for an amateur!

Scrappy- Outside of firearms, Kouji lacks any real mastery over other weapon forms. What he lacks in fundamentals, however, he makes up for with raw instinct and reflex- he is able to quickly assess situations, and use his surroundings to his advantage.

Power: Summon Spirit Buddies- Instead of manifesting any sort of magical power himself, Kouji can focus his mana to summon one, a few, or all of the Spirit Buddies he's made a pact with. The more buddies that are present, the less abilities each individual buddy becomes able to use (as Kouji needs to spread his mana pool thinner in order to maintain so many pacted spirits.) Outlines of each Buddy at Kouji's disposal are provided at the bottom.

Likes: Teamwork, deceptive cadences, pepper-jack cheese, four-square, a tight horn section.

Dislikes: Puzzles, chick-flicks, asparagus, passive-aggressiveness, ignorant piety.

Hobbies: Composing, gigging, shooting, games, talking to really smart people.

Phobia(s): Not any real phobias so to speak, though he gets noticeably fidgety and uncomfortable when an ensemble plays out of tune. He's also uneasy around people who are hard to read.
Personality: Charismatic, nice, and honest to a fault. Kouji tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve, and seldom ever says anything behind someones back that he wouldn't be comfortable saying to their face. He typically wishes to form long-lasting friendships with each new acquaintance he makes, which is off-putting to some. It also conflicts with his "resting bitch-face;" he is cursed to always look like something is bothering him when he is perfectly fine. Tends to come across as a bit pompous when in a disagreement with someone. A true team player, he is always willing to take responsibility when necessary, and he knows when it is time for someone else to take the wheel.


Relationship Status: His only friends in I n f i n i t y are the Spirit Buddies he had befriended. All of his friends from the other side are just that- on the other side.
Family: His loving father, mother, and sister all remain safe and sound in the "real" world. His dog, however, stumbled into Infinity with Kouji, and became imbued with the power of the Spirit Buddy!

Personal History: Coming from a family of status, wealth and privilege, Kouji has led a fairly comfortable life. Between his CEO father and psychologist mother, Kouji had enough money in his private savings account to pursue just about whatever he wanted with his life. He and his sister Maya were fortunate enough to have their whole lives ahead of them.

It was around Kouji's 16th birthday where he began to truly question who he was. His turn to music was, oddly enough, received with disdain by his family, and instead was returned with marksmanship lessons. Though he eventually came around to the idea, he had often wondered why his parents pushed him so hard in this direction. It was almost as if they knew what was coming...

The rest of his school days came and went, eventually graduating 16th in his class. With the savings his parents accrued over the years, he enrolled into college to pursue a degree Computer Science with a Minor in Music (the latter of which took a considerable amount of fighting with the parents.) His hum-drum way of life, however, would soon be turned upside down during a moment of self-reflection!

One evening, while walking the family dog Hero, he found himself taking an unfamiliar short-cut, contemplating the very nature of his existence. It was then that he found the portal- the gateway connecting him to the spirit realm that was I n f i n i t y. Without looking back, he and Hero stepped into the gateway, coming face to face with a peculiar figure clad it white robes.

"Welcome!" he beckoned, "You appear to be 'Diligence!' I'm told that you will have to make good on your title to unlock your full potential! Make pacts with the Spirits, and they will aid you in your calling. Here, I'll lend you a helping hand!"

And with that, before Kouji could protest, he had given Hero a new form, as well as the wisdom of a veteran spirit. This was the beginning of Kouji's journey in I n f i n i t y, which began just under one year ago. Since then, he's pacted several Spirits, and yet is still unaware of just what his role in this epic truly is...

Spirit Guardians (affectionately referred to as 'Buddies' by Kouji,) exist to provide wisdom, companionship, and assistance in battle to the Summoner they have formed a pact with. Kouji can call upon each Buddy's passive abilities as long as they are not present on the field of battle. Once summoned, Passive Abilities cannot be taken advantage of; instead, the summoned Buddy will fight alongside Kouji until they sustain too much damage and retreat. Kouji can summon as many Buddies as he has pacted, but each individual Buddy will become weaker with the addition of each new Buddy.



The Ichigaara family dog for as long as Kouji can remember, he is Kouji's oldest and most trusted companion. Though granted with a multitude of strength and wisdom, it was his gift of communication that Kouji was most pleased with.
Passive Ability: Man's Best Friend- Unlike Kouji's other Buddies, Hero does not need to be summoned, and is always at Kouji's side.
Summon Abilities: Hero exhibits no flashy powers or magic, instead relying on his augmented claws, teeth, and constitution to rend through foes.



Once renowned as Orpheus the Wandering Harpist, Orfeo has since changed his identity, living his days as a humble butler. Seeing a glimmer of his younger days within Kouji's eyes, he formed a pact, once more letting his enchanted harp strings taste the blood of his adversaries.
Passive Ability: Service with a Smile- Orfeo's recent years of service have tailored him to the needs of his master. When Orfeo is not engaged in the field of battle, he helps Kouji by reducing his fatigue and slowly healing wounds as they incur.
Summon Abilities: Orfeo typically relies on his enchanted harp strings to grapple, whip, and ensnare opponents both near and far. Depending on how much mana is invested in Orfeo alone, he can also channel further magical energy into his strings, shocking his adversaries with magical energy. He can even adopt a more defensive role, playing various tunes on his strings to hinder foes and assist allies.



A laid back, friendly frog from the deepest swamp of I n f i n i t y. Serving as a nice foil for Kouji, the two hit it off immediately, consequently making a pact between the two completely mutual. Jiraiya's wisdom is, sadly, oftentimes belied by his carefree and lackadaisical demeanor.
Passive Ability: Tough Skin- Jiraiya's defenses are transferred in part to Kouji, offering him augmented defense from attacks both corporeal and magical.
Summon Abilities: Jiraiya is a defensive expert; his skin is built to resist blades, and his thick blubber provides an uncanny resistance against magical onslaught. His slaps have also been rumored to wake the dead from their eternal sleep! With enough mana, Jiraiya can excrete special oils from his warts that can manipulate his enemies into focusing their attacks on the big lug himself and drawing aggro from his less durable friends.

Penelope's Platypuses


The 'Spirit Goddess Penelope' was known for her beloved flock of Thirty Geese. What most don't know about is her secret coalition of militarized platypuses that, at one point, ran secret operations for the ambitious Spirit. Once Penelope relieved the battalion from their duties, they found solace under the command of Kouji, lending their expertise to him instead.
Passive Ability: Covering Fire- At Kouji's command, the Platypuses can launch an explosive Platypus from the safety of the Summon Realm. Ample preparation time is required in-between assaults, so this ability cannot be used frequently.
Summon Abilities: No strangers to the field of battle, the Platypuses scour the battlefield, launching magical, tactical explosions and raids as commanded. There are 30 Platypuses in Kouji's battalion, and they can be summoned in increments of 3. More Platypuses means more destructive power, though lots of Platypuses quickly depletes Kouji's mana reserves.



Geri and Freki are known far and wide for being the Wolf Guardians to the Spirit God Odin. Geri is the younger, more level-headed of the siblings. Though Kouji failed to form a pact with Odin himself, Geri saw potential in the boy, and instead formed the pact himself.
Passive Ability: Manifest Sword- At Kouji's command, Geri will send his magic blade, Balmung, for Kouji's personal use.
Summon Abilities: A true advocate of the sword, Geri can scour the battlefield at the lightning speed, and beckon his blade to rend with both edge and mysticism. The more mana Geri possesses, the more magic his sword is able to conjure.



Geri's older, more impulsive brother, he also serves as one of Odin's Wolf Guardians. Though not near as enthusiastic about forming a pact with Kouji as his younger sibling was, he was eventually convinced by Odin himself to help the lad. Because of the lack of guns in the more feudal I n f i n i t y, Freki is primarily responsible with keeping Kouji armed, as Freki's own magical armaments closely resemble the Earthling guns.
Passive Ability: Magic Bullets- Due to the lack of useable ammunition for Kouji's handguns, Freki provides an attachment that allows his guns to fire concentrated bursts of mana. The attachment loses its effect when Freki enters the battlefield.
Summon Abilities: A craftsman of all manner of cannonry and magical arms, he specializes in long range combat. He is also responsible for providing Kouji with another firearm, since his magic device de-activates upon his entrance into the battlefield.



An enigmatic dragon spirit who, after failing to successfully ambush the wily Kouji, was spared his life in exchange of becoming bound to him by a pact. Though he still doesn't fully respect Kouji, he relishes at the chance to wreak as much havoc as he can...
Passive Ability: Ryu has the ability to transfer his own power and visage directly into Kouji's visage...though he refuses to use this ability at all. Ryu is still young and impetuous, and has no sense of team play just yet. Once Kouji earns the respect of the dragon, then perhaps he will be more willing to assist the young Summoner...
Summoner Ability: Between his ferocious claws, sinister wings, and burning breath, Ryu has a multitude of ways to cause havoc on the battlefield. However, Ryu has no capacity to take orders or work as a team as of now, so he is typically only called upon in dire circumstances.


So begins...

Kouji Ichigaara's Story


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Location: Underground the Graveyard of Fear
Time of Day: Morning (5:25 A.M.)
Three hours prior to the Gateway opening

"Almost show time~!" Whisper purred out, opening a rather small coffin that laid on a rotten wood table, a satin white sheet covering it just to keep the coffin 'safe'. He had periodically dug this coffin up throughout the years, almost as if he could never part with it. Whisper's smirk was ear to ear at this point as he stroked a large orb, it's insides nothing put pure black. A void of pure nothingness. His mission, his plan, was finally coming together perfectly. After thousands, millions of years, finally he had found the perfect subjects to bring to "Infinity". Ones that, no matter what they did, would eventually aid him in hi venture to gather all one-hundred and fifty pages. No matter if three were the only ones needed, his master desired all of them.

Whisper, since the moment the original four friends had even stepped foot in the realm, had always been watching. Always observing them for the slightest of flaws, cracks, as one would say. He needed ways to hit home, to make them stay. He found those ways, and within only about maybe a million or so years, maybe even less, all seven sins had finally gathered. Now the real show would begin.

As for the virtues, well, he had no apparent control over them. He simply was making an educated guess that they would just so happen to show up within three hours from now. Then, his beloved "puppets" would do his dirty work for him, with a little persuasion that those tiny, pathetic virtues would be their ultimate downfall without all the pages.

Oh how devious! Yes, absolutely devious! Once that was done, all he would have to do would b-

Crap, where had he put those papers? He needed to send those papers off to each one of the sins!... And Kouji. He couldn't forget Kouji. "Goddamn it..." Whisper hissed, gathering the papers he had put together about each Virtue, mainly just describing where each virtue would be located once the gateway would open. What they chose to do within the next hours or so would be up to them. Knowing Kouji, he'd mostly be on top of things, try and locate the largest group of his fellow 'comrades'... But wouldn't that ruin the fun of this all? Scribbling one more thing down on Kouji's paper he'd be receiving, it would direct him to the Ocean District. Now he was having fun. He grinned as he began rolling each separate piece of paper into a neat looking scroll, tied with a ribbon.

Chuckling, Whisper tightly gripped each copy, he climbed the wooden ladder, pushing the tombstone that hide the entrance to his lair aside, climbing out as he pushed it back into place, sealing that entrance. Without even a word, there were eight crows in front of him, each one in a matter of minutes having the ribbon tied around their necks and taking off to their designed targets.

Letter to the Sins

Hey! I thought you should know, but the Gateway is going to be opening soon. The rest of the virtues are coming. Perhaps, you would like their locations listed below? Good luck finding them before the others! Oh, and I'll send the virtue that has been right under your nose the entire time to one of you as well.

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer
Kouji - Diligence

~Yours truly,

Letter to Kouji

Hey, the rest of the virtues will be showing up within an hour or two from now. I'll send them to the Ocean district, so wait there, okay? If their haven't arrived an hour from when you get this letter, then there might of been a slight complication, so you may need to go after them... Good luck Kouji, you'll need it for this. Here is the locations incase someone doesn't show up...

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer

~Your friend,

Time of Day: Morning (8:25 A.M.)
The Gateway opening precisely now.


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#, as written by Eskay

Location: The Hideout
Time: 6:00AM

The sun slowly began to inch above the thick foliage, shedding beams of light upon the skies of I n f i n i t y. While the rest of the Forest Region slept, Kouji had been awake for hours on end, anticipating the task that this day was to bring. Managing to linger off for a couple of hours, he finally submitted to his anxiety and summoned his guardians. It was time to discuss their strategy for the coming endeavor.

Today was the day that Kouji would form a pact with the Demi-God Heracles.

Spirit Gods, unlike regular spirits of I n f i n i t y, were spirits of both limitless potential and crippling inhibitions. Spirits who undergo a process called "Enlightening" are eligible to increase their power and mana tenfold, becoming Gods among their kind. However, the power an Enlightened achieves is attached with a price; specifically, the spirit is bound to contribute their most prominent trait in some beneficial way to the world. Their power binds them to servitude, and they are no longer free to pursue matters that concern themselves (including matters of politics and rule, hence why they are typically not seen out and about.)

Because forming a pact with a summoner is indeed a service, Gods (and 'Demi-Gods' alike, as Heracles did not complete his Enlightening entirely,) are able to pact and travel with Summoners. These enlightened spirits, however, are typically wary of who they ally themselves with, and typically issue strenuous tests to those seeking their power. Heracles, hailed far and wide for his strength, would most likely administer a test of valor and strength through combat.

Kouji sat in the hideout, discussing the matter with his Geri, Freki, and Hero. Having served a Spirit God, the Wolf Guardians were quite knowledgeable of matters of Gods and the tests they administer, and had proved to be quite insightful.

"Seems like a decent plan," Kouji grunted, his fatigue finally hitting him like a brick wall, "A little straightforward for you, Frek, but it doesn't sound like this Heracles is one for mind games either."

"That meat head respects a head-on fight, Pup, so that's what we should give him." Freki chided, scratching his chin with his claw, "Keep the frog and the minstrel under lock and key- without their protection, he'll knock you out with one clean hit. Your pet, Geri and I will draw as much of his attention as we can, but it will be on you to lay as many shots on him as you can before we're out."

"Gotcha." Kouji responded, "You guys cool with this?"

Hero nodded, "Though not much of a plan per se, it would seem that our options are limited. We proceed as Freki dictates."

"Don't look at me," Geri frowned, "Frek's always been the brains. I just hit things with my sword."

Kouji nodded, pleased that he had finally gotten to talk about the event. This did little to soothe his nerves about crossing blades with another God, but it was good to at least have some semblance of a plan put together. For all of Freki's misgivings about forming a pact with him, he was surprised to find how much of an asset he had been during this past year.

He stood up, patting Jiraiya gently on his tummy. The old frog wasn't much for meetings of any sort, and he typically proved more than able to adapt to whatever plan the others had made later on, so it really wasn't a battle worth fighting.

Before the group could mobilize, however, Orfeo strode into the meeting room with far more grace than any normal person should this early. With his strumming hand, he presented a peculiar piece of paper.

"Forgive me, Young Master, but I'm afraid your engagement with the Oaf-King Heracles will have to be postponed." the butler bowed, "A letter to you from Whisper, sir."

Quickly swiping the paper from his butler, Kouji quickly read and re-read the letter, quite unsure of how to react. Though he had been preparing for his encounter with Heracles for the better part of a week, he was absolutely elated at the prospect of associating with another human again. He tried to contain himself as he allowed the rest of his guardians to read the letter, but he couldn't help but let loose the tiniest of grins.

After reading the letter, all consented that priorities had indeed changed- all save for Jiraiya, who seemed concerned after reading the letter.

"What's wrong, Jiraiya?" Kouji smirked, "Still waking up?"

"If only it were dat, Little One," Jiraiya frowned, "But I wonder if Whisper knows what he's doing? I've lived in de Ocean District all my life, and de air dere usually doesn't agree with humans passing through. Why not pick a place dat won't make ya sick?"

"Ah yes, I too have heard of this affliction, old friend." Orfeo interjected, "But I do believe that this is precisely why Whisper chose this spot to be our point of rendezvous. The poison usually takes a few days to begin to afflict the victim, and even when infected, it will dissipate once the ailed leaves the District."

"He could also be gathering us there to draw less attention to ourselves." Freki chimed, "If you gather at the one place in the world where you wouldn't want to meet, it will be the last place that the Sins check." He paused briefly, "Either that, or it's a trap."

Kouji stroked his chin thoughtfully for a while before responding, "I see what you're saying, Frek. I'm not entirely sure about Whisper myself, but we've known him for the better part of a year now and he hasn't deceived us yet. I say we go to the Ocean District- we need to pass through 'Summer' to get to the Ocean anyway, so we can pick up 'Charity' before we jump train. We'll wait there for a few hours, and if we don't get any shows, we'll leave and find them ourselves. Sound good?"

None had any misgivings at this point- this was what the Summoner and his group of spirits had waited for, and they were prepared both in body and mind. Without a second thought, Kouji recalled his guardians, and made haste for the train station with Hero close at his heels.

Location: The Land of Neverending Summer
Time: 8:20AM

The train ride had been rather uneventful- stepping into the golden shores of Summer was a welcome change of atmosphere from the rustic hideout. Kouji was brimming with anticipation; though certainly not without company, it had been a whole year since Kouji spoke with one of his own kind. It was a bizarre combination of emotions indeed.

"You smell nervous, Kouji," Hero sniffed, "Are you well?"

"Yeah..." Kouji smirked, "It's just...weird. Just a couple of years ago, I was surrounded by other humans. It feels so weird to say that I'm nervous to see one!"

"Weird, but understandable. You've been busy here in this world. I'm sure you miss seeing your own kind."

"Yeah...c'mon Hero, let's see if we can find this first Virtue!"

The gate opens precisely now.


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#, as written by kleean

Location : Gateway Entrance
Time : 8:20 A.M.


She felt suffocated, it had been a year and several months after her aunt and uncle's death but the guilt continued to eat away at her. Her realization of her own selfishness was slowly killing her; the numerous of times she'd pitied herself and blamed her 'rotten life' on her aunt and uncle, the times when she said she'd rather die than have to live under their presence. If she was truly charitable, if really was a kind person, she would have realized that she was lucky enough to even have a family. She was drowning in a sea of guilt with no one there to save her. She watched expressionlessly as people bustled about the city without a care of what anyone else other than themselves were doing. Cars honked below, couples were making out in cafes, and mothers were dragging their children around in a hurry. Everyone was busy - too busy to even notice the girl standing on the edge of the ten story building.

Jenna squeezed her eyes shut as she began shuffling her feet towards the nothingness in front of them. Both her feet were halfway off the edge when she stopped. "This is stupid." Suicide just wasn't for her nor was it something anyone should treat lightly. She got here with the naive intention of experiencing the emotions that come with suicide - she was obviously an idiot. She turned around in embarrassment of her insensitivity unaware that her feet had slipped off the edge, her head turning around just in time to catch a glimpse of a door flash open behind her and suck her in.

Location : Infinity - The Land of Never-ending Summer
Time : 8:25 A.M.

The sun was hot in the sky, the heat stabbing away at her arms and legs and she gazed around, absorbing the sights, smells, and sounds of the unfamiliar place. However as strange as the place was, she felt as if a great load had been lifted off her chest. The first thing she did was take off her baggy gray jacket - her shorts were already well suited to the new environment. After she had gotten herself comfortable, she stated the only obvious question that seemed to fit her situation, "Am I dead?"
If she was, heaven or hell, whichever one she was in was hot, had a train leading to who knows where, had a beautiful ocean, and had a blue-haired guy with a talking dog in it...........


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#, as written by Eskay

Location: Land of Never-Ending Summer
Time: 8:25

The heat of the never-ending sun was quickly proving to be a bit too much for Kouji. For someone as lithe as the young summoner, he had a peculiar inclination towards colder weather. He had not been in the new district for more than five minutes before having to remove his jacket.

As he wiped his sweaty forehead, he noticed his four-legged companion's nose sniffing uncontrollably.

"What's wrong, boy- erm, Hero?" Kouji inquired, quickly doubling-back on his initial 'pet name.' Even after a year, he still couldn't quite break the habit of talking to Hero as if he was still the same house-dog from Earth.

"Well, 'Master,'" he mocked, flashing Kouji a quick grin, "Nothing is wrong, exactly. I just smell something I haven't smelled in a long time- the smell of another human, fresh from the other side if my nose is still any good..."

Kouji immediately straightened up, unable to contain the sudden jolt of excitement. It was bizarre- he had been preparing himself for this moment for the past year, yet the prospect still hit him like a ton of bricks.


Fortuitously enough, the source of the long-forgotten scent had found the Summoner and his Guardian, saving Kouji from scouring the city for her.

Trying to remain as approachable as possible, Kouji slowly walked over to the little girl. Purely out of habit, Kouji scanned her up and down, looking for any signs of claws, wings, or other Spiritly...things. He quickly glanced over at Hero, who nodded in approval.

Kouji cleared his throat, "Yeah, sorry about that. After being here for a year, you've gotta make sure new acquaintances don't have hidden arms, or claws, or other nasty things..."

He could see that this meeting was quickly going south, judging by the look of extreme bewilderment upon her face. Still, if she indeed was part of the prophesied Virtues, he would have to quickly gain her trust.

"Uh, but it's obvious that you're a human- like me!" Kouji smiled, trying to make that statement sound as normal as possible, "My name's Kouji, and I'm here to help!"

"And I am Hero," the dog interjected, bowing before Jenna, "It will be a pleasure to work alongside you."

"Oh yeah- my dog talks." Kouji sighed, hoping to have eased her into the 'Spirit-ness' a little slower than what was currently happening,"You get used to this kind've stuff once you've been here as long as I uh, what's your name?"


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#, as written by kleean

Location : Land of Never-Ending Summer
Time : 8:30

She watched curiously as the strange man and his dog approached her, exchanging glances before getting any closer to where she sat. She tilted her head slightly to the right as away of saying, "What's wrong?" The duo seemed harmless enough but still, strangers were strangers.

After a moment of silence the man with the blue hair spoke,"Yeah, sorry about that. After being here for a year, you've gotta make sure new acquaintances don't have hidden arms, or claws, or other nasty things...Uh, but it's obvious that you're a human- like me! My name's Kouji, and I'm here to help!"

She was still completely, and undoubtedly confused. If she had learned anything about the two from the past ten seconds she had known them, it was that they had a lot to say. "And I am Hero. It will be a pleasure to work alongside you," the dog stated, bowing as it - or he, spoke.

She felt herself jump upon hearing the canine speak, she hadn't realized how human it's voice was until now. Had she met the two from behind a curtain she never would have guessed that the confident and stable voice had come from none other than "man's best friend"."Oh yeah- my dog talks.You get used to this kind've stuff once you've been here as long as I uh, what's your name?"

She glanced back at Kouji, appreciating the fact that she had finally gotten a change to speak. "First things first, is this about that silly letter I got in the mail a week ago? The one about the um, what was it called? The Infinity realm? I thought that was just an intricate joke...." She paused, tapping her cheek thoughtfully. "But why am I here? Why are you here?" She paused again for another brief moment of thought. "Also, my name's...Jenna," she stated cautiously, staring straight into Kouji's eyes in an attempt to show him that she wasn't a weakling.