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"I do hope I'm suitably terrifying."

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a character in “The Infinity Realm”, as played by angelwolf123




║Theme Song║
Nine Crimes | Damien Rice

║Emotional Song║
Alice| Cocteau Twins

║Fighting Song║
Sweet Dreams | Emily Browning

Human • Wraith • Sin

The sin of Sloth, last of the original four friends.

Male. Most definitely male.

Typically known as a mythical figure called “The Wanderer" to the general public, thanks to his mysterious demeanor and inability to stay in one place for too long. “Kumiho" to some, and “Apathy" to the well-informed.

In all honesty, "Rae" was probably short for his original name, but like most of his 'family', his true name, whatever it was, has long since been lost to time.

Over a thousand years old. Rae has largely been isolated from civilization and people in general, so he's developed a sort of... timeless quality. He appears young, yes, but beyond that your guess would be as good as mine. Of course, it's not like the mask helps any.

║Love Interest║
Hah, if only. Like anyone would actually be able to deal with him. Rae's always been somewhat distant to new people, and over the years he's only gotten more and more inapproachable. HAHAHA SURPRISE IT'S HARUKA.

║Face Claim║
Yukata from “Yume 2kki".

Graysexual. Normally Rae experiences zero sexual attraction, but every once in a while someone catches his interest, completely at random. It doesn't happen too often, but when it does the poor soul is just as likely to be a boy as it is a girl.



Six foot, two inches. Really, though Rae has a lot going for him height-wise, he pulls it off very well... though he does have a habit of looming over people.

162 lbs. He may be thin, but that doesn't mean he lacks muscle.

Tall, with the appropriate muscle mass to back up the tallness.

║Hair Color║
An inky sort of black, with a brown base.

║Eye Color║
The mask hides it.

Rae has very faint markings around his eyes and forehead; similar to the ones on his mask. Besides that, his back has several stripes and arcane patters emblazoned upon it; also reminiscent of his mask's pattern.

First off, ladies and gentleman; the mask doesn't come off. Well, technically it can, but saying that is like saying your fingernails can come off. Yeah, you could pry them off, but it'd hurt really bad and they'd bleed everywhere and just regrow later. Now, it's not like the mask is literally apart of Rae's face, it's more of an attachment of sorts. It's tied loosely, and that's about it. Rae can lift it away from his face easily, but to remove it completely would be excruciatingly painful, not to mention difficult. The mask isn't impregnable, it can crack (and bleed), and would take months to grow back. The red markings on Rae's face would be revealed, but would probably also be bleeding at the time. This, and the markings on his back, is the physical manifestation of his deal.

Getting to the physical part, Rae is a very tall, very lean, and very well built person... creature... thing. His hands and feet are somewhat large, as befitting of his height. From what can be seen from behind the mask, Rae has a nice, defined jawline. His skin is of a normal, vaguely pale pigment, further accented by his straight black hair. Not to be bothered with the changing times, Rae's clothing typically consists of a traditional oriental get-up; a very loosely donned yukata (which he ties on the left side; only the dead traditionally tie it on the left side), coupled with an even looser haori and a handful of accessories. While exotic to some more modern-minded people, the ensemble is not particularly fancy when one has knowledge of such clothing.



  • His formal, outdated way of speaking.
  • A habit of turning everything into a game.
  • Rae's handwriting is typically mistaken for calligraphy.
  • A somewhat unfortunate tendency to daydream.
  • He hums when he's thinking.
  • Has a habit of tilting his head to the side when planning something.
  • Rae eats like a princess, it's true.

While Rae's skills are precious few, and he's generally just a useless person in general, he somewhat makes up for it by being very good at what he does.

Innate Grace- Rae is so graceful it's ridiculous; he moves like he doesn't weigh anything. Everything, no matter how difficult for him it is, always seems to look effortless. You could probably push him down the stairs, and he'd somehow catch his balance and land unruffled. Such, while it's possible to catch Rae off guard, it'd be pretty difficult to land a hit past that.

Close Melee Combat-
How could he have survived in such a violent world without some sort of defense? Though, admittedly, Rae only practices swordsmanship because he enjoys it. He's actually quite skilled, considering that this is literally the only thing in his life that he's actually worked towards.

Wilderness Survival- After wandering for hundreds of years, Rae is quite the expert at this point. He can go trapezing off into the heath with no preparation or supplies and live there just fine on his own. Of course, that probably has to do with his...

Reduced Need For Basic Necessities- Probably a mix between residual aura effects and his demon-ness, Rae doesn't require as much to live as other beings. Less food, less oxygen, less sleep... you get the picture.

║Power║ - :D e c a y:
Rae, like laziness, can make things waste away. Corrupt them, if you will.

Withering Touch-
His touch causes things to deteriorate. People... objects... animals... it doesn't matter. Though living things will likely feel increasingly disoriented and feverish. It's like an infection; once touched, it can continue spreading long after Rae's gone. It'll continue to eat away at whatever's been afflicted with it, at different rates depending on how strong the thing is, and how long Rae had been touching it. However, people with very strong mental fortitude can overcome this “eating away" affect through sheer willpower. On the other hand, incredibly wicked people can potentially dissolve in a matter of minutes. This ability is activated at will, and requires skin-to-skin contact in order to work on a person, otherwise their clothes would simply be infected.

Infectious- Objects that have been around Rae for significant amounts of time, or have a high sentimental value, acquire a weakened version of the withering powers of his touch, only this can't be turned off. So, for example, the clothes that Rae's been wearing for years probably aren't going to be pleasant to touch, though they don't hold nearly enough power to kill someone. They can only do small things, like making people wary of coming near, or evoking a very repulsive feeling upon contact. Or his shoes crushing the grass completely flat beneath Rae wherever he steps. Basically, the only objects that have been "infected" are Rae's clothes, his sword, and his mask. Unlike his clothes, the sword and mask are things you definitely don't want to be touching. Not only have they been with Rae for nearly a thousand years, but also hold somewhat of a sentimental value. The corrupting power they hold even exceeds Rae's own.

On the other hand, and on a similar note, being so unapproachable makes it dangerous for people to be around Rae. But those who do manage to stick around him can slowly build up an immunity to his decay, much like how his clothing absorbs it. A faster way of doing this would be go the "sentimental value" route. Humans and creatures whom Rae cares for are immune to the decay in direct proportion to how much he cares for them. For example, someone Rae loves wouldn't be harmed by the decay even if he was purposely trying to corrupt them. As of right now, the only living beings Rae cares about are his family. They are capable of touching his clothing with zero negative effects, and his suffocating aura does squat. But while his touch and sentimental objects would be less effective against them, Rae's withering powers would still be somewhat of a force to be reckoned with. Maybe.

Suffocating Aura- The aura around Rae has a tendency to... slow things down. Birds will stop chirping as he walks by, and nature in general will come to a standstill. People within range will feel disoriented, and everything will most likely become hazy and surreal. Colors blur together, sensations become misleading and there's this temptation to forget, and to not care. Responsibilities and relationships don't seem as important, and people loose their sense of self. The aura size fluctuates depending on how 'aware' Rae is at the time; it's not something he can actively control. Fully aware, as in talking to someone or otherwise being actively engaged in a task, this aura is reduced to nothing. But asleep, or daydreaming, or lost in thought... it can grow. The biggest drawback of this innate ability is that it affects Rae as well. Without external stimuli, he'll just slip into this trance-like state where he just continues walking and walking and walking, everything passing so slowly, but being so blurred that it doesn't really matter anymore. It reduces Rae into little more than a wraith, and it's impossible for him to shake himself out of it. Something else has to "wake him up", so to speak.

His "family".
Not being bothered.
Interesting situations.
Basic, simple foods.
Traditional clothing.
Classical music.

More than anything, Rae loathes high-handed people who think they're just so good and pure; those who are convinced they have the moral highground.
Goody two-shoes.
Modern technology.
Modern music.
Being left behind.
Unneeded extravagance.
Intentional cruelty.
Heat/sweating/getting sunburned.

Flower arranging.
Staring off into space.

The mask coming off/seeing his own face.
Being trapped in the middle of a crowd.

As of right now, thanks to his aura, Rae has no personality. He's pretty much just an empty shell, walking around without any sort of purpose in mind. But those who approach him and expect that's all there is to see... well, they're in for quite the surprise. Rae "wakes up" very slowly, so it takes him a while to become fully present. So at first, he'll be very distant. Words will come quietly and gradually, after minutes of mulling over and considering. Bleary and sleepy, Rae's intellect won't exactly be in the best shape. At best, people will see him as stupid, and at worst, catatonic.

Perhaps it would be for the best if Rae never woke up, or at least not completely. If he could only stay a groggy, sweet tempered individual, the world would be a far better place. After all the time he's spent in his trance, Rae'll stay only semi-aware until an event that's significantly jarring can wake him up completely. It'll happen sooner or later, and when it does, watch out.

Here's a dude who, for all intents and purposes, could not care less. No, seriously. If you can't snag his interest while he's waking up, or you're not a member of his 'family', there is literally no way you could possibly hold any sort of importance to him. While Rae isn't particularly malevolent, or intentionally cruel like some of the other Sins, he still has no qualms about stepping on a baby bird that happens to be where he was placing his foot. A town could be burning to the ground around him, and Rae would just breeze through like it was nothing. A woman screaming for help would have a tough time getting Rae to even acknowledge her. He is the very epitome of Sloth; having the power to do something, but choosing not to do so for no particular reason.

But what Rae does focus on, he does so with an almost frightening intensity. He doesn't take interest in things too often, of course, but when he does it's unlikely that he'll ever stop obsessing over it. It's quite unhealthy, but since when did Rae care about that? He does as he pleases, only factoring in the opinions of others when it's prudent to do so. But, being infamously lazy, it's rare for Rae to form goals. Rather, he prefers to go with the flow and just seeing how things turn out.

Being an old timer, Rae's language and mannerisms are a bit outdated. He's a gentleman who speaks with an almost Feudal tongue, and who opens doors for women purely out of habit. While not particularly stubborn about it, Rae is a very difficult person to change simply because he can't find the motivation to do so. Thus, he has more classical tastes in things and that's just the way it is.

Rae is a very playful individual who loves teasing and riling up others. He likes to joke, mock, harass, and toy with the people who are close to him. But, he also adores games of any kind, no matter how simple or complex, often challenging others to play with him. Not particularly competitive, Rae plays for fun, and to the best of his ability. Games, after all, aren't very enjoyable if people aren't trying. Again, none of his teasing or challenging is malicious in nature... rather, it's very friendly! More than anything, Rae wants to goad his "victims" into engaging into whatever game he has in mind, as opposed to attempting to put them down or something equally stupid. However, that doesn't mean he's above a good prank every once in a while. As a fair warning, Rae is infamously mischievous and will seize any opportunities to cause trouble, should they present themselves.

Unfortunately, only a precious few get to see Rae's good side. Most of the time he's just a heartless wanderer.



║Relationship Status║
Rae hasn't had a single lover in his hundreds of years. Yes, he's had his share of obsessions crushes, but they never seem to survive long enough to actually make something of it.

Father- Dead.
Mother- Dead.

║Personal History║ ♪What Would You Do | Bastille♪
In another world, there was a little boy nicknamed Rae. His mother was sixteen when he was born, and his father twenty-one. Dad jumps ship before he's born, lands himself in some jail for selling illegal substances and never comes into the story again. Mom tries her hardest to balance school and her baby for a few years, but, pressured by public ridicule, her parents kick her out once she graduates. No money for college, Mom searches for some entry-level job, but the search is taking too long. She and her toddler are starving. One night, she snaps, and leaves her son alone at home. She becomes a prostitute out of necessity, but the job proves difficult to shake off. Rae grows up in a dangerous neighborhood, but it's the best they can afford. At a young age, he wants to quit school and find work somewhere so Mom can stop selling herself, but Mom would rather die than see him drop out.

He's looked down upon, for his poverty and his mother's occupation. Rae makes a few friends in elementary school, and they become precious to him. In fact, you could even call them his... "family". They survive, until one day Mom doesn't come back home. Rae tracks her down, and finds her dead. Murdered by a client.

The Sin of Sloth doesn't remember his lost past... but to this day, he can't stand prejudice, and those who are so certain of their "moral rightness".


So begins...

Rae's Story


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Location: Underground the Graveyard of Fear
Time of Day: Morning (5:25 A.M.)
Three hours prior to the Gateway opening

"Almost show time~!" Whisper purred out, opening a rather small coffin that laid on a rotten wood table, a satin white sheet covering it just to keep the coffin 'safe'. He had periodically dug this coffin up throughout the years, almost as if he could never part with it. Whisper's smirk was ear to ear at this point as he stroked a large orb, it's insides nothing put pure black. A void of pure nothingness. His mission, his plan, was finally coming together perfectly. After thousands, millions of years, finally he had found the perfect subjects to bring to "Infinity". Ones that, no matter what they did, would eventually aid him in hi venture to gather all one-hundred and fifty pages. No matter if three were the only ones needed, his master desired all of them.

Whisper, since the moment the original four friends had even stepped foot in the realm, had always been watching. Always observing them for the slightest of flaws, cracks, as one would say. He needed ways to hit home, to make them stay. He found those ways, and within only about maybe a million or so years, maybe even less, all seven sins had finally gathered. Now the real show would begin.

As for the virtues, well, he had no apparent control over them. He simply was making an educated guess that they would just so happen to show up within three hours from now. Then, his beloved "puppets" would do his dirty work for him, with a little persuasion that those tiny, pathetic virtues would be their ultimate downfall without all the pages.

Oh how devious! Yes, absolutely devious! Once that was done, all he would have to do would b-

Crap, where had he put those papers? He needed to send those papers off to each one of the sins!... And Kouji. He couldn't forget Kouji. "Goddamn it..." Whisper hissed, gathering the papers he had put together about each Virtue, mainly just describing where each virtue would be located once the gateway would open. What they chose to do within the next hours or so would be up to them. Knowing Kouji, he'd mostly be on top of things, try and locate the largest group of his fellow 'comrades'... But wouldn't that ruin the fun of this all? Scribbling one more thing down on Kouji's paper he'd be receiving, it would direct him to the Ocean District. Now he was having fun. He grinned as he began rolling each separate piece of paper into a neat looking scroll, tied with a ribbon.

Chuckling, Whisper tightly gripped each copy, he climbed the wooden ladder, pushing the tombstone that hide the entrance to his lair aside, climbing out as he pushed it back into place, sealing that entrance. Without even a word, there were eight crows in front of him, each one in a matter of minutes having the ribbon tied around their necks and taking off to their designed targets.

Letter to the Sins

Hey! I thought you should know, but the Gateway is going to be opening soon. The rest of the virtues are coming. Perhaps, you would like their locations listed below? Good luck finding them before the others! Oh, and I'll send the virtue that has been right under your nose the entire time to one of you as well.

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer
Kouji - Diligence

~Yours truly,

Letter to Kouji

Hey, the rest of the virtues will be showing up within an hour or two from now. I'll send them to the Ocean district, so wait there, okay? If their haven't arrived an hour from when you get this letter, then there might of been a slight complication, so you may need to go after them... Good luck Kouji, you'll need it for this. Here is the locations incase someone doesn't show up...

Temperance - Forest
Patients - Business/Residential
Humility - Red-light district
Chastity - Black Market
Kindness - Never Ending Winter
Charity - Never Ending Summer

~Your friend,

Time of Day: Morning (8:25 A.M.)
The Gateway opening precisely now.


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Location: St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo; Earth
Time: Morning (7:30 A.M.)

Haruka couldn't believe the amount of pain her legs were in. Sure, she had been trying her best to speed up her recovery, but maybe she had finally pushed it too hard. A arm covering her eyes as she gripped the railings on the bed with her other hand, Haruka let out a silent string of curses that no one was likely to hear. Outside the hospital room the noises were quiet for now, and it didn't seem like a single soul was out there besides the occasional chit chat between doctor and nurse about the patients.

The hospital itself was 'alright' in a certain sense. The only reason Haruka was even being treated in such a facility was because her aunt was a respected doctor in the hospital, that was the only reason Haruka's mother was in the room across the hall as well... In all honesty, Haruka hated it here. People died in hospitals. Dying, last time Haruka checked, was never something many willing did. Grabbing at the right side of the hospital bed railing, Haruka pulled herself up, swinging her legs to the side of the bed as she eyed the room carefully.

Ayano had brought in two bags full of things Haruka would need to keep herself occupied at night, one involving her change in clothes. Sure, her style may be slightly strange, but it fit her. White tights, black shorts, a white dress shirt, and her father's old military jacket with his emblem proudly sewed on. As for shoes, typically it was a pair of brown boats that went up to her knees.

Stumbling as she got up from the bed, her body felt much to heavy for her legs to carry her to the nearby bathroom, yet she managed. Her face had quite a few cuts, though they were mostly on the right side of her face from when it scrapped against the hard cement street. She was lucky it only damaged the way she walked, not to mention only the temporary bruises covering her body and cuts of her face.

'Heh, yeah, lucky.' Haruka bitterly though, holding onto anything for further support as she gritted her teeth through the pain, starting the shower she'd soon step into. Stripping away her hospital gown, Haruka didn't bother to look in the mirror again. She knew how badly it would look anyway. Once the water had been shifted to the perfect temperature, Haruka took it as her cue to enter the shower, all the tension and pain nearly melting away from her body as she leaned against the wall, gently running her fingers through her wet, apricot colored hair.

She wouldn't be able to make a difference like this. She was turning bitter, something she of all people, had no right to do. She needed to show that she could still be kind, still love, but right now she wouldn't trust herself to be around Ayano alone. Not after the last time her anger had got the best of her. Never again would she lay a hand on her sister. Never.

"All... All I want, is to at least be able to make a difference. To at least know kindness can make a difference in the world and brighten someones day... Hell, I just want to see a world and the beauty in it anymore... Good, and evil..." Haruka pleaded lightly, slowly sliding down the shower wall.

Location: St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo
Time: Morning (7:45 A.M.)

After about a good five minutes of towel drying her hair, brushing it, then towel drying it again, Haruka had the towel wrapped around her body. Walking over to the clean set of clothes, Haruka let out a satisfied sigh as she put each article on, collapsing on the hospital bed, curling up as she gripped her legs. Now the pain was slowly coming back, but it was certainly felt better. It was a good thing too, because after six months of recovery her Aunt was going to check her out of the hospital today. Unfortunately, that meant being alone with Ayano at times, seeing how her cousin was just starting his college 'adventure'. Great.

Haruka rocketed straight up with wide eyes to stare at the odd looking gateway, spirals and symbols covering it as it seemed to call out to Haruka. THe feeling itself was off, unique. Looking over to the backpack Ayano had brought, Haruka slowly reached over to grab it. The child was no doubt going to be angry at her once she found out it was gone. Besides, the backpack only held a few mementos to look at and a book. Nothing fancy, last time Haruka checked. Taking a deep breath, just as the clock struck eight o' clock, Haruka had taken the first step into the gateway, which eventually pulled her in to a winter wonderland of darkness and snow. Lots, and lots, of snow.

Location: The Never Ending Winter
Time: Morning (8:05 A.M.)

It only took a few minutes of being completely lost in the snow to find a source of light after Haruka began to swear about the freezing temperatures as she shivers, treading through the snow slowly towards the small town. Luckily for her, she hadn't been attacked by any creatures that lived in the snow. No, she simply heard their howls and hurried her ass out of there. There was no point in dying so soon, and that much was painfully obvious. Oh, and her legs? They were too numb to even feel any pain as of right now. In fact, from the moment the gateway showed up, her legs didn't even seem like they had been broken entirely six months ago.

Now, all she had to do was make it to the down and wait for the sun to rise before she even figured out remotely what she needed to do here, or if she needed to do anything in the first place.


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  1. I made a comment on this post in the OOC, everyone please check it out.

    by angelwolf123

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Location: Land of Eternal Winter
Time: 8:15 AM

There were whispers. The rumbling of men, the twittering of housewives. 'A girl', they said. 'A girl comes from the night.'

'Should we kill her, just to be safe?'


'I dunno.'

Haruka's eyes widened as she looked around her, though she never was the best when it came to paying attention, she was all ears when it came to the whispers of possibly killing her. What was so wrong with her that they felt the need to kill her? Just because she had wondered into an unknown town? "H-Hey! I didn't even do anything wrong!" Haruka defended herself, twisting and turning as her eyes shrinked slightly as fear sparked through her body, slowly but surely. These people... Why did they look so... Odd? The hell was she anyway?

"Doesn't matter." A man mumbled, only to be elbowed sharply by an old woman. The crone tutted, eyeing the stranger suspiciously. "Dark times, these. We can't trust just anyone comes a'walking in from the snow. 'Specially with the lord the way he is."

The crowd instantly turned on the hag. 'Shh, don't tell,' some whispered. 'Terrible losses, bad to speak of it....'

'Dark times? A lord?' Haruka raised an eyebrow. How could she even get herself mixed up into something like this? Worry, not for herself, but for the people around her and this so called 'Lord' slowly took over her better judgement with a small sigh. "What's... What's wrong with your lord, maybe I can help..." Haruka offered, "Oh, and I'm... I'm Haruka." She was quick to add it in, simply trying to defuse the situation at this point by offering her assistance.

Silence, followed by an explosion of murmurings. The mob clustered in on itself, clearly discussing some new idea. Only a couple fragments could be heard from the white-static of the conversation. 'Get rid of her...', 'he needs-...-wake him up...', '...the others never came back...', and '-unsure, should we?'. It took a bit, but the villagers reached a consensus. The old woman approached Haruka once more. She gave the young girl a stern, crinkly-eyed stare.

"You're a strange one... tell you what, you earn your keep, girlie, and we'll do you well. If you're sure, follow me." She crooked a wrinkled finger, and began walking away. In the distance, an almost oriental-looking fortress loomed over the modest village. The old woman pointed towards the manor.

Her gaze was unreadable. "The lord sleeps, girl. Ya need to set him free."

'I'm strange?' Haruka forced her lips into a straight line as she nodded and followed the old woman. The manor itself had a certain look about it that just drew Haruka to it. Perhaps maybe, because it was simply a large looking thing. As the old women pointed, Haruka looked over to her in utter confusion. "But... Can't he wake up on his own? You make it sound like an evil witch put a curse on him or something..." Haruka objected before looking back over to the manor.

The old woman had no words for a moment. "...perhaps that's a good way of thinkin' of it. The lord's room is the master bedroom, middle o' the manor. Ya can't miss it. All hallways lead there. If ya feel tired, keep walkin'. The sleep starts about... now." She stopped, and turned to this... Haruka. "I go no further. Girl, this is a dangerous job. Don't touch the lord's skin. Just give him a good shake through the covers, start talkin' to him. Don't let him drift off."

"A-Alright." Haruka nodded firmly, shaking together the odd sensation of being dozy as she continued her march towards the manor, hands clutching the backpack tightly as she looked back once towards the mob before she pushed open the doors in front of her.

Walking inside slowly, Haruka shuttered at the odd sensation of the warmth of being within a residence. Letting out another yawn, Haruka eyed her surroundings carefully.

People, presumably servants, were slumped over every which way. Of course, there weren't too many of them... but they were there. Like they'd just passed out where they were standing, even in the middle of preforming tasks. The place was utterly desolate. Everything was still; these supposedly living people might as well be dead. Without any people to maintain the heating, the air carried a certain chill.

A silence, laced with sleep, hung heavy in the air. It... rippled, in a way. Like how heat waves mirages on pavement. It beckoned, and blurred.

Haruka rubbed her eyes as she went up the staircase, looking for a room, or something that would sign as the Lord's room. The best chance would be to crack open doors, peep inside them... But whatever happened to these people, Haruka was most certainly feeling it now...

leaning against the wall for a brief moment, Haruka let out a long breath, she couldn't go to sleep now. She had something to do, and she'd be damned if she didn't do it. Quicken her pace, Haruka began to fight back with the urge to sleep, opening doors and looking inside them for anyone at all whom would look like a Lord, or was living in luxury as one would say.

Opening one of the doors, Haruka tilted her head. Why was a man... Wearing a mask in his sleep?

The sleepy fog in this room was nearly tangible, practically flickering in the air like thousands of finely-strung cobwebs. At the center of it all was a young man, who was indeed wearing a mask to bed; bone-white and stained with red. Possibly in the image of some sort of animal? From what could be seen, he was dressed only in a plain sleeping yukata. The majority of his form was buried under a mound of covers, as if the sleeper had made an effort to cocoon himself beforehand.

Getting to him might be difficult.

Letting out some kind of groan, Haruka mentally had to kick herself before marching into what was most likely certain "death" territory. Her eyes desperately wanted to shut, it felt like she suddenly hadn't slept in days but... Haruka frowned at the thought of sleeping like this. She most certainly didn't need to sleep until she figured out what she was even doing in this world.

Striding at a slower pace, Haruka began to pull of the blankets, dropping the bundles onto the floor next to her until the man only had one blanket left on him. Beginning to shake him through the blanket like the old women instructed, Haruka began to rise her silent voice. "Hey! Wake up! It's time to get moving!" Haruka tried her best to imitate her mother's way of doing it, but one this was for sure, her last resort was dumping ice cold water on him.

The hazy aura that filled the entire house flickered, before slowly, slowly curl in on itself. Like a night-blossom closing with the rising of the sun, with petals spun of sleep. It was a delicate act, culminating with a graceful closing into the master. The absence of the aura was immediately noticeable, the rooms brightened, and it was like the entire building simultaneously sucked in a breath of fresh air. All the cobwebs were blown away.

A single finger resting atop the bedding gave a feeble twitch, and a tiny groan escaped the confines of the mask.