"Ooh, girls! Nya."

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a character in “The Infinity Teen Squad”, as played by DuctTapeKatar


ImageName: Bakeneko

Age: 242 (Appears to be a 16 year old teen in human form, 5 year old in cat form)

Stuff: He has nearly nothing. Only ten thousand gold coins, which for a spirit cat like him, it's almost broke. He had a dagger that glowed whenever he said "Onibaba" along with maniacal laughter, but it was creepy, so he threw it into the ocean off of Gigatopia.

Now, to explain, Bakeneko (εŒ–γ‘ηŒ«?, "monster-cat"), in Japanese folklore, refers to cat yōkai (spiritual beings) with supernatural abilities akin to those of the kitsune (fox) or tanuki (raccoon dog). There are a number of superstitions that detail how ordinary cat may transform into a bakeneko. Bakeneko then haunt and menace their household. They were cats that changed spiritually, gaining the following powers:
Creating ghostly fireballs
Reanimating and controlling a fresh corpse (Though this guy can't even control a dead bird without having to convince it, and that doesn't even work)
Shapeshifting into human form

Well, being the cat like he is, Bakeneko forgot his name, so he prefers to be called that. As for his appearance, He is a handsome guy with dark hair and yellow eyes. He forgot most of his past, meaning he is not sure how exactly he became a flying talking pyrokenetic cat, much less who his owner was or how he got his human form. Nowadays, though, he just travels a lot. Flying across the sea, he got from Japan to the Gigatopia, while causing some trouble to a boating ship along the way. Recently, he has found a group called "Infinity Teen Squad", whatever that means. He constantly sneaks into their underground base, making sure not to get caught. He is really worried about the leader, Venus. If she really is a nature spirit, then she could probably notice him easier than Sara numbernumbernumber, or whoever might have better eyesight or extraterrestrial senses. He can be found messing with alley cats from time to time, but he avoids that because who knows if it is a house cat or not. To be honest, he is true neutral. He can care less if Gigatopia falls to the the bottom of the ocean. Oh well, at least this place has good fish and cute girls. Especially those Infinity Squad girls.


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