Brute boris

A corrupt version of boris the wolf

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a character in “the ink machine”, as played by Tom-the-wolf


Physical description: looks like a dead animal

Personality: angry and evil

Equipment & Abilities: his fists,

Historical Background: "Boris" is a large, reanimated, bulkier version of Boris the Wolf. He has massive hands, with gloves sporting some stitches and ink splats. He has a bigger left leg with a rope wrapped around it containing two small planks, and a broken bone sticking out from his knee. There is what appears to be a belt wrapped around his right shoe. An organic tube connects over his right shoulder, and two pipes sticking from the left shoulder. His chest has been ripped open, revealing ribs and pumping organs. His overalls are ripped and splattered with ink drips due to the strength that is given to him, with a torn right strap. His entire skin except for his head appears to resemble ink.

So begins...

Brute boris's Story