Sammy lawerence

Was once a music director but now a prophet for the ink demon himself

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a character in “the ink machine”, as played by Tom-the-wolf


Physical description: Sammy's ink form first appears as he walks by in front of the end of the inky corridor, carrying a Bendy cutout while quietly speaking some poetry to himself:

"Sheep, sheep, sheep, It's time for sleep. Rest your head. It's time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you'll be dead."
Henry sees him and tries to get attention from Sammy, asking for help. Once approached, however, he disappears, assumed to pass through the pentagram as if the symbol is to ever contain some amount of dark magic.

After activating the first flow pump in his sanctuary, Sammy can be seen above in the balcony, with his gaze constantly following Henry. Sammy will disappear later on if Henry walks farther away after wiping the second wave of Searchers out.

While in the flooded sewers, it is possible to see Sammy's shadow through a grating in the wall. Soon after Henry collected the second valve, however, Sammy disappears.

Later after activating the ink pump from Sammy's office, he is seen knocking Henry out from behind, using Wally Franks' dustpan at the Music Department hall, preventing Henry from heading to the stairwell for escape. Before taking Henry to the ritual room, Sammy looks down to him and says, "Rest your head, it's time for bed." while Henry is losing consciousness.

Finally, in the ritual room where Henry regains consciousness, Sammy talks to Henry and was rather pleased by Henry's visit and taking away from the axe that he wields. As the conversation goes on while placing Henry's axe down against the pole-like fence, he starts talking about honoring "Bendy" as all other "believers" must do. Sammy then realized the familiar face from Henry, as he may have remembered him long ago, referring that they worked in the studio from the past. Sammy goes back to discuss about "Bendy" and his plan to sacrifice Henry, so Sammy will be successfully out of his ink-like form. The sound of "Bendy" crawling into the pipes is heard, drawing Sammy's attention and he grows excited by "Bendy's" arrival. Finishing the conversation, Sammy walks to his room for the ritual.

In the beginning of the ritual, he speaks in some form of poetry for the second time that was previously said from his first physical encounter, using the microphone to speak through several amount of radios seen from the ritual room. Sammy, feeling excited, starts summoning "Bendy" along with opening the gate that leads the way out. "Bendy" was commanded by Sammy to sacrifice Henry, so Sammy will be released out from his ink form in no time. However, as Sammy's plan turns out to backfire when "Bendy" refuses to sacrifice Henry, Sammy begs nervously for attempting to defend himself but was ultimately killed as notice by a large spill of ink flowing under the door.

Personality: Unlike his own human self he used to be, Sammy is fanatical and rather mentally unstable, to the point of worshiping "Bendy" as his savior, and offering him sacrifices to appease him in a method similar to Satanic rituals. Sammy as once a human did not appear homicidal in his earlier recordings but appears to have become maddened by uncertainly unnatural corruptions prior to Henry returning to the workshop 30 years later.

Sammy seems to suffer from severe memory loss. He has been shown to suddenly forget what he was talking about mid sentence, and is so amnesiac he can no longer remember his significant other, or even the color of his hair. The only thing he can almost remember is Henry, as he felt familiar to Henry by the face besides calling him a "sheep".

Equipment & Abilities: axe, dustpan, ritual summoning

Historical Background: While it is unknown what his human form looked like before getting corrupted by unknown causes, Sammy's ink form appears as a black, slightly muscular-looking humanoid figure wearing a smudged Bendy mask with a hole punched into the mouth, presumably to help him speak without his voice being muffled. He has no hair, most likely due to the ink. Strangely, despite appearing as a human-shape, Sammy has four fingers on each hands like cartoon characters instead of five.

Besides wearing no shirt, he also wears overalls that somewhat resemble the ones Boris wears, with a patch sewn on the left knee. His shoes and lower parts of his overalls are coated with ink.

Although very difficult to view due to wearing a mask, he is almost faceless with lacking every facial features and even ears, leaving his nearly visible eye-sockets remain.

Favorite quote: "We've all been waiting, but now... He will set... us... free."

So begins...

Sammy lawerence's Story