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Kira & Damian

She was alone in the world, until a vampire took her in a protected her until she turned 14, now they attend a strange school for strange beings.

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a character in “The Institution”, as played by sunny515241



(First Picture- Damian) Damian is tall, about six foot eight inches. He has black hair and wears a cross around his neck to keep his powers under control, a bandage around his arm, and black leather jeans, covered in buckles. His wings are almost identical to Kira's, but much larger.

(Second Picture- Kira) Kira is short, only about five foot two inches. She ties small strings around parts of her hair, giving it a similar look as ponytails. Her clothes are strange and vary depending on her mood. It mostly consists of black jeans, a halter like top, gloves (of any color) and two small moons, that she clips onto her clothing to control her powers. She usually hides her wings.


Damian loves Kira with all his heart and would die to protect her. He almost never leaves her side and if he does he has a good reason. He will kill, without hesitation, anyone who hurts her. He is kind to Kira and only Kira, only accepting others if Kira does. He quests to figure out who he was before he became a vampire.

Kira loves Damian almost as much as he loves her and will often refer to him as Sir or Master. She loves to cling to him and be silly. Unlike him she is very social. She loved making friends, although she knows Damian does not approve, in fear that someone will take her from him. She often runs away from him, looking for new people and new places to see.


(Both of them have the same abilities.)
Both have the ability to shape shift into a bat, although they rarely do. Damian loves to abuse his powers, which is why Kira makes him wear a lock to limit his powers. He hates it and can take it off at any time, but he wears it because of his love to her. Kira is new to her powers and loves to play with them, bending darkness is her favorite. To protect herself she wears the locks to avoid disaster. Both share the same weaknesses: silver and water.


Damian was turned into a vampire almost 2500 years ago, during a revolution. He woke from the change forgetting his past and family. Just as he though he began to cry he felt a womans hand on his shoulder. The woman spoke in a calm voice, "You are a vampire now. I see a great future for you, but for now come. You have much training to do my son." He looked at her scared and replied with a shaky voice "Who are you?" She smirked, "I am your creator, but you may call me Liliana, now come. They will be here soon." "Who?" He tried to reply, but by that time Liliana had swept him up and was running away from a large crowd. She continued to teach him of the vampiric ways, once she thought he was ready she left him alone, to do what he pleased. He rescued Kira from a fire when she was 11 years old. He promised to protect her and to give her everything that she could ever need in life. And when she fell ill and lay on her deathbed at the age 13, he did the only thing he could to to save her, he changed her.

Kira grew up in a orphanage, living there for as long as she could remember. When she was 11 a riot broke out in the small town she lived in and someone lit the orphanage on fire. She was in her room at that time and became trapped, just when she lost all hope a strange figure appeared and pulled her into their arms, Damian. She buried herself into his chest as he leaped from the window and landed gracefully on the ground. She has been with him ever since. After being with him for two years she fell very ill, all the doctors saying she wouldn't make it, so he did the one thing he could, he changed her into a vampire. She woke up her memory gone, she had forgot who he was. He told her about their past and all they had done together, talking for hours. But he left out two important parts of his story: how they had met and who she was before. She grew to love him as much as he loved her.

So begins...

Kira & Damian's Story