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The Insurrection

The Insurrection


A world of supernatural powers hidden behind a shroud of lies about to be exposed as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. Which side will you choose?

402 readers have visited The Insurrection since Quantumlegacy created it.


There are four kinds of people in this world. People that take their ki from others. People that can produce their ki on their own. Those that take it from their surroundings and finally those that can't do anything with ki at all. Roughtly eighty percent of the world's population are classified under the fourth kind.

Those afflicted with the first kind are what most folks would consider a vampire or something to that nature. They must suck the ki from thier victims or willing hosts symbolically through physical contact. The easiest way which would be drinking someone's blood. The "hungering" would be explained from depletion of one's ki making them sick and weak with a need to "feed" for more ki. The would have larger pools of ki but little to no natural regeneration of it. They have a deep relationship with life and other living beings, so they use powers that have to do with other living beings. Mind control, mind reading, using other peoples powers, finding people, healing others, controlling and modifying pets(like for example making a dog bigger or giving it some kind of special power). These are the second rarest.

The second kind are more selfish in nature as they are able to produce their own ki whether conciously aware of it or not. To the common folk these are most superheros. Zombies, werecreatures and shapeshifters. Their powers are more focused on themself such as healing at incredible speeds. Regrowing severed limbs over short periods of time. Changing their shape or having superstrength and the like. These are the rarest of the three.

The third kind are of an unpredictable sort. Exactly what their powers will do are hard to tell from person to person as it is affected by where and how they grew up. And where and how they are at the time. Their powers are affected by their enviroment in unexplainable ways. The most common of the three.

The fourth kind being the common man for the most part has no idea of the existence of the first three kinds of people. The modern day world has been kept in the dark by the worlds leaders of the fact that the other 20% of the people are actually Power Users. Through scandals, cover-ups, "Major Wars", Movies and the rest of the media. They have managed to keep the lid on it. But with a all out war between the secret factions threatening to break out. A non-existant international government taskforce is created to combat the threat and keep the secret so.

( Coming soon more of a in-depth current state of the world continuance. )

There will be two Gm's to this and it's not completely updated here yet. We are still hammering out the Details so keep a watchful eye out and feel free to ask questions and leave comments in the OOC section.

More of a breakdown:

Type 1:

Regeneration: Type 1 user’s ki regeneration is divided in 2 types.

Passive Siphon: Type 1 users get their KI regeneration from living beings. Type 1 users are able to passively siphon the residual energy of living beings and use it for themselves.

Active Siphon: Type 1 users can also actively siphon a single target for increased regeneration. This often times involves heavy concentration and some kind of ritual or symbolic behavior (Like drinking blood).

KI: Type 1 users have immense ki pools but low regeneration. This means that type 1 users more often than not use cost effective techniques in an effort to maintain most of their energy saved. Despite this most users of this type also have high cost abilities to finish battles quickly. The fact that this type can store so much ki at a time generally means that they will have a couple of abilities that no other type can use simple for the amount of ki you need to have at one time.

Abilities: Type 1 users have a high affinity with living. This means that often a type 1 user’s ability has some root over other living creatures. This can mean mind control, mind reading, copying other user’s abilities or controlling pet’s and enhancing or adding abilities to them.

Unique Abilities: Controlling or reading the Human Brain

Personality: Type 1 users are typically extroverted and outgoing. They usually posses a natural ability to read people’s faces and have very good empathic abilities.

Type 2:

Regeneration: Type 2 user’s regeneration is extremely powerful. Contrary to the other types , type 2 user’s regenerate ki from their own body. But because of this , the users ki regeneration is directly linked to their physical state.

KI: A type 2 user’s ki pool is very weak compared to other users. Because of this the all of a type 2 user’s abilities can be defined as fast and repetitive. Type 2 users don’t posses the ability to manifest high energy abilities so they often opt for abilities with low cool downs. Battles against this type are usually a battle of attrition.

Abilities: Type 2 users have a high affinity with their own bodies. This allows them to manifest abilities that modify or enhance their bodies easier. Examples are were-forms, shape shifting, healing abilities, power enhancing techniques.

Unique Abilities: Changing their own bodies in drastic ways.

Personality: Type 2 users are usually introverted and selfish. Their mental strength and knowledge of themselves is really strong, which makes them the hardest targets to control.

Type 3

Regeneration: These users posses what can be called as standard regeneration. This type obtains their energy from the environment. This often times means that a user’s regeneration depends on their affinity with the type of environment where they are.

KI: The type 3 users have what can be defined as standard ki pools.
Abilities: Type 3 user’s posses very diverse abilities. These abilities often depend on the place where the user manifests his power. Type 3 power users are not strong in direct combat in comparison to the other 2 types. But they can often have 3 or 4 active abilities which makes them really versatile and dangerous.

Unique Abilities: None

Personality: User’s of this type can’t normally be classified under any type of personality. Despite that and weird as it sounds, more than 30% of type 3 users suffer from paranoia and identity crisis, 20% more than the other types.

Toggle Rules

The varying degrees of power that are assigned to each type are broken down into classes. These are starting at the lowest in power E through A, followed by S. This is the guideline it has been broken down into for ease of classifying the information as it comes in. There are only 7 known S class Power Users left currently.

Skills are to be defined loosely and then applied variably depending upon the situation. We are calling these your Base Skills.
EX: Johnny Blaze has Type 3 Ki. His elemental power he has trained is in Fire. So he'd have Skills: Fire
Josey Bloshmo has Type 1 Ki and her training involves blood based powers. So she'd have Skills: Blood/Bloodmancy

The actual degree and power depend on their class so for this example Johnny is Class E.
Johnny concentrates running towards his enemy, ducking under the attack coming at him he comes up his arms already bursting into fire. With a step forward Johnny's delivers a quick flaming left jab.

In this example I'm going to make Josey Bloshmo an S class.
Josey smirks as the man clumsily rolls under her feign of an attack as he comes up in her face as she expected she steps into the attack. Unnaturally she twitchs her body so as to dodge the attack and kisses him. Biting down on his lips as she wrapped her arms around him. Sucking the blood from the man's lips and his ki through that. At the same time he'd be going limp as she sucked the life literally from each cell in his body.

Obviously Josey is op but that's what happens when someone is roughly 50 levels above you. o.-

We are allowing people to start as either a Human, or a level 5 E class Power User. You can start on either the Evil Faction, D.E.T.H. (Deathevokers of Thrall Huron), the Good Faction, SLH (Survival's Last Hope). Or you can be an independent stuck in the middle of it as either a Human or a Level 1 E class Power User.

If you choose to join a Faction and make a level 5 you may start with 2 base abilities. If you start as a level 1 you may only have one. If you choose to be a human you are level 1 as well but do not get any powers or abilities. The following are examples that may be limited by type:

(Coming soon)

Add this in your Character Sheet under the Personality section:

Type/Class: ex: Type 2 - C Class

Under you Equipment Section please add:

Stash: (This will be where anything you "leave" somewhere will be noted.)
Equipment: (What your wearing at the time. )
Inventory: (Be realistic this is what your carrying at the time)

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