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Emily Glaze

Grunt. 31. Former CIA.

0 · 147 views · located in The Real World, 2015

a character in “The Internationals”, as played by Syreaa


Pages ruffle as you open the box, seemingly well guarded beneath the government building. Dust wafts quickly up towards you, forming a foreboding cloud. Thumbing slowly through the files that haphazardly lay crammed into the dilapidated box, you stop at one, drawn in by it's size. The faded label reads "EMILY GLAZE" and you can barely make out the bright orange letters that cover the file as you pull it out and return the box to it's place on the shelf. Your eyes squint and you can make out the "CONF" in the faded "CONFIDENTIAL". Slowly sitting down, you open it and a small photo falls out, slipping to the floor. You finish lowering yourself down and your eyes fix on the photo, surprised at the quality and nature of the photograph, especially for a picture in the government's files.

You set the photo aside and move on to the first page. The pages seem surprisingly preserved, but you can smell the layer of dust that coats each one of them.

First name: Emily
Surname: Glaze
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: February 28, 1984
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation: Theoretical Physicist
Place of Occupation: Stanford University
Family: Two parents, deceased.
One brother, deceased.
One sister, missing.

Warily, you turn the page and continue reading, enthralled but cautious.


The next page, very similar to the one before, is accompanied by a thin screen like device. You lightly tap the screen and a small motor wizzes to life...

Welcome to ARS (Audio Recovery System)
Enter Password:
Password Override.
Welcome, Administrator.
Audio Files for EMILY GLAZE
-Therapy Tapes
-Government Interviews
-Census Interviews
-Job Interviews
-Personal Audio Logs


EMILY GLAZE therapy tapes selected...




EMILY GLAZE December Therapy Tapes selected...


The sound spills out, crisp and clear. You hear the voice of a man in his late twenties, he sounds charismatic and handsome. His voice seems louder than it should be, and he speaks near the microphone. "Emily Glaze, December Ninth, Two-Thousand Eleven. The office of Dr. Everett Camille, for government retrieval in the ongoing investigation into the life of Emily Glaze." He stops and a knock is heard. The door opens and closes quietly, Dr. Camille's voice softens as he speaks. He seems to have leaned back from the microphone. "Emily, it's a pleasure, welcome to my office."

A female voice, light and delicate, flows through the speaker. You can hear her seat herself on the couch across from the doctor as she talks. "It's my pleasure, Dr. Camille. May I ask why I've been called to your office?"

Dr. Camille's voice never wavers as he speaks. "Your office wants me to make sure that you haven't gone crazy from staring at electrons all day."

Emily's laugh is much like her voice, with a bell-like quality that carries farther than expected. You can hear a smile behind her words as she speaks. "Well, Doctor, I promise you that, as far as I know, I'm in a good state of mind, body, and soul."

"I'm sure you are, but, we must carry on these sessions until the University tells us not to. So, why don't we make the best of it, hm? Why don't we start off with something to get you started talking? Tell me a little bit about your coworkers?"

Emily hesitated for a moment before beginning. She seemed almost reserved as her words came out almost broken, an unusual pattern for such an intelligent woman. "I work with mostly men. My partner is Ben. He's... Interesting. Pretentious, but intelligent."

"Hm. And does his pretentious manner concern you or irk you?" Dr. Camille's voice is filled with something odd, something darker and more primal than before.

Emily's voice wavers slightly, wary of his new tone, "His demeanor does not affect me directly, but it often interferes with his interactions with others who are not accustomed to such a demeaning atmosphere."

A slight shift is heard, a rattle of papers, a cough - then words, "Have you ever had any altercations with Dr. Mosely?"

A another shift is audible, then quick, sharp words, as if recited, crackle slightly with a harsh tension, "I have not. I find him to be intelligent and tolerable."

"Well, it's good to hear you work well with others. It says here you're not married? Are you currently dating?"

Emily's tone does not convey the shock her words seem to portray as she speaks, "Is it appropriate for you to delve into my personal life?"

Dr. Camille's smile is heard as he continues, "Your well being and mental state is formed every where, Emily. The college has to ensure that you're sane and healthy in all aspects of your life. Your work is very important, I would hate to have to recommend you for dismissal because you won't cooperate." A sort of hungry malice creeps into his next words, "The college cares deeply about the mental status of all of its employees. We have to know if you're going to start using secrets as pillow talk or not. Like I said before, you're a very important woman, Emily, and I don't want to have to do anything we'll both dislike."

Even over the tape Emily's voice conveys a wavering calmness covering an unidentifiable fear, "I wouldn't won't that either, Doctor. No, I'm not currently seeing anyone."

Dr. Camille's words are calmer, less intense, "If that changes, we will need to know. You do know the policy on dating coworkers, do you not?"

Silence - presumably Emily has nodded.

"Then that settles that. Why don't you tell me a little about your research?"

The tape's sound fades as words pop up on the screen:
End of Available Recording.
For More of the Recording see Archive B454: Unit C002
To Select a New Recording Press Ok.




EMILY GLAZE June Therapy Tapes selected...


You hear a familiar voice, it's just as before - a little too loud as he leans towards the microphone. "Emily Glaze, June Eleventh, Two-Thousand Twelve. The office of Dr. Everett Camille, for government retrieval in the ongoing investigation into the life of Emily Glaze. A knock, soft and almost timid is heard. "Yes, come in Emily." An odd, almost layered affection coats his words, sincere but covering up something deeper within him.

[b]"Good Afternoon, Doctor."
Emily's smile connects easily with her words, she seems content, and less uptight than when she was first heard.

"How have you been, Emily? Did you have a good day?"

"Yes, it was a wonderful day. Dr. Mosely and I have been working closely on..." The tape skips for a moment.

"Well that's splendid, Emily. I'm very happy that your research is going as well as you had hoped. I do believe you're making great strides, both in your work and here in therapy."

"Have you received word on whether or not I'll have to continue therapy?"

A sigh is heard, "No, I have not. These things take time, Emily. And I don't see why you're so eager to no longer see me."

She laughs lightly, "Everett, it's not you. I just, feel good about things now and feel I'm wasting your time."

"Well I must say you've come a long way. Is there anything you'd like to talk about today?"

"I would like to tell you one of my frustrations, when researching..." The tape fades once again.

You stare at the small screen, slightly flustered. You hear a door open and then close and you scramble to shut the box, grab the file, and turn the screen off. You slide the box back and hold the file to your chest and walk to the nearest exit, all with an air of certainty and belonging.


Behind the Government's Mask:

Emily Glaze has been using her cover as a physicist, (although it is one of her real passions) to monitor research and weapons development around the world as a "neutral" scientist. In reality, she works for the CIA as an agent deep undercover. She hears about the Internationals by accident, an overheard conversation between two of her colleagues, discussing what they thought was a joke. With some research she found the group and has signed up to be a part of it. She hopes to be of some use, since she still has her alternate identity in tack as a physicist.

Primary Skill: Hand-to-hand combat, Jiujitsu. (And yoga.)

Secondary Skills: Hand guns, Glock; acting; lockpicking; general first aid; fluent in German, Latin, French, Sanskrit.

So begins...

Emily Glaze's Story