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Kenneth Deladrier

Sniper. 37. Former Gendarme; GIGN; French Foreign Legion.

0 · 83 views · located in The Real World, 2015

a character in “The Internationals”, as played by Cypher


Deladrier bears a distinct resemblance to the grizzly bear of the Pacific Northwest; standing at 6'5" and weighing in at a scale-tipping 248 pounds solid, he is an impressively large specimen of homo sapiens more at home in a circus strongman routine than a military organization. He looks, for all the world, like he just walked out of the Black Forest as well; a shock of short-cropped black hair hugging his scalp, connecting to a prodigious beard covering most of his lower face in a wooly shroud with the consistency of shag carpeting. He is a man of cubes and hard angles; his face very hard and squared around the edges, with a large chin and forehead and small brown eyes set beneath it, peering out from eye sockets that appear to have been pushed obscenely far into his skull. His skin is rather dark and tan, rendered down to a leather-like texture from years of weathering and sun exposure, and it is stretched almost too tightly over a torso that looks mysteriously like it is made from the chassis of a Range Rover or an Abrams tank. His arms and legs are somewhat short in comparison to his trunk-like body, with large biceps and thighs tapering down to thinner forearms and calves.

Surprisingly, he has no tattoos. He has a small stud in one of his ears, but that's it for piercings. As a general tendency, he wears his headband tied around his right bicep as opposed to on his forehead--he doesn't do headbands--but sticks to the standard uniform otherwise. His street clothes consist of white pocket t-shirts, plaid flannel overshirts, jeans and heavy boots.


Kenneth has sometimes been described as a surgical scalpel--cold, clean and very good at detaching things from other things. He is a quiet man, albeit well spoken, who doesn't place his opinions into the arena unless asked, and doesn't do so in too many words. A calm and collected person who always has his thoughts and belongings in order, Deladrier has a certain sense of organization about him, and everything in his life, from his belongings to his ideals, has a time and place to be filed away in for later use. He doesn't have many friends in the world and doesn't seem to need them, either, despite the fact that he has many people around him at all times except in battle. These people are acquaintances to him; simply there and gone again. It is a necessary attachment for a man like him; he has seen too many people break down at the loss of a friend and lose their edge or their sanity. Deladrier doesn't intend for this to happen to him.

He enjoys smooth jazz and scotch, classical literature and chai tea, and has been known to talk life philosophies at some times.


Primary Skill Set: Marksmanship/sharpshooting. Deladrier is a sniper, and one of the better ones at that, provided the conditions are right and his equipment is kept in good working order.

Secondary Skill Set: Vehicle operation. Kenneth has experience fixing and driving a wide variety of military and civilian light vehicles.

Tertiary Skills: Assault rifle training, sidearm training, combat engineering/sapping, some culinary experience; basic survival training.

Weapons: Kenneth has two weapons of his own, both long arms: a PGM Hecate II anti-materiel rifle (.50 BGM) and an FR F2 sniper rifle (7.62x51 NATO). He is well-versed in operation of most of the weapons used in the GIGN as well as several other weapons; although heavy ordinance (rocket launchers, high explosives, mounted weaponry, LMGs) is somewhat beyond him.

Hand-to-Hand Training: Krav Maga, Savate.


Born in Morocco, Deladrier never excelled in school and eventually passed through his education with nothing particularly remarkable happening. Instead of college; however, Deladrier took up a job at a local mechanic, spending several years fixing broken cars and trucks of every shape and size, eventually earning enough money to go to France, where he earned a dual citizenship. He enlisted in the Gendarmerie and, after a few years, was recommended for a transfer to the GIGN, where he served for several years as a sharpshooter before a wound in the torso got him a medical discharge. Not one to be discouraged by something so simple as a hole in his chest, Deladrier made a full recovery and enlisted in the French Foreign Legion, again serving as a sharpshooter before he was drummed out because of a second injury; this time breaking his leg when falling from a helicopter at low altitude. Fed up with organized militaries and his luck with them, Deladrier jumped at the chance to join the Internationals.

So begins...

Kenneth Deladrier's Story