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Lark Evans

Demolitions Expert. 41. Former U.S. Army

0 · 130 views · located in The Real World, 2015

a character in “The Internationals”, as played by Lucian1549


Lark, to be blunt, is short. He's absolutely tiny. To be precise, he stands at just over 5'4". His build is fairly light, and he weighs only 113 pounds. He is in fairly decent shape, and clearly shows an effort to stay fit. However, his muscles are surprisingly weak compared to what one might expect. Lark's hair is light auburn in colour; nothing particularly impressive. His hair makes it obvious that he hasn't been in the army for a while, for it reaches his shoulders in length. In order to keep it from getting in his face, Lark tends to wear his hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, using excessive amounts of hair gel to keep any flyaway hairs slicked back onto his skull, giving his hair a neat, slightly plastic-y appearance. His eyes are a very pale shade of blue-gray, slightly more gray in colour than blue. His pupils are very constricted, looking like small pinpoints, giving Lark a very paranoid, slightly insane appearance. His skin is a very pale colour, and has an almost gray tint to it. His face is flecked with multiple darker spots, and his arms have many small, circular scars and half-healed abscesses on them.

He tends to stick to the uniform, with two minor deviations. Instead of wearing the typical black leather jacket of the uniform, he will wear a black leather trench coat. Basically the same thing, just a whole lot longer. Lark will often wear the high collar of his jacket turned up in order to hide the mottled colour of his face. Instead of wearing his headband around his head, like most normal people wear headbands, he prefers to keep his wrapped around his neck, half-hidden by the collar of his coat. He is often wearing a black fedora tilted down to hide his face. Lark absolutely detests people seeing his face, both for privacy reasons as well as pure embarrassment at his mottled skin tone.

When not on duty, Lark prefers to keep a neat, crisp appearance, and his civilian clothes reflect that. He tends to wear black dress pants that are neatly pressed and show no signs of wrinkles. His shirts are also black. They are button-down dress shirts with long sleeves, no matter how warm the weather is. For shoes, he will still wear his combat boots purely for comfort reasons. He will also still wear his black trench coat and his fedora.


Lark is a very harsh person who can be seen as very uncaring and cruel. He doesn't show many emotions, and the ones he does show usually are anger and arrogance. It is not that he purposely tries to be cruel, he just has no tolerance for problems that are smaller than his. He sees emotions as weakness, and assumes that people who display their emotions openly as weak and easy to read. Lark detests it when people remark on his height or his name, or both. Whenever someone tries to take a picture of him, Lark always tries to get away from any sort of frame of reference in order to appear taller, and he hates how he has to often look up at people when in conversations with them. He can be very paranoid at times, and often suffers from anxiety attacks due to his history of heroin overdose.

He has a complete obsession with explosives. At this point in time, the average person would probably begin wondering, 'Now, who thought it would be a good idea to let the paranoid junky near explosives?' The reason for this is because Lark actually knows what he is doing, and is good at it. The only times when he ever seems to be calm is when he is making sure not to touch the red wire of the bomb, or is planting dynamite on the bottom of a car. He sees working with explosives as a way to find inner peace. Not to mention, he loves the pretty colours caused by things blowing sky high.

He adores slightly older music, preferring to listen to Queen and The Beatles, among other bands. Of course, Lark's music choice varies widely, and he's fine with anything from classical to death metal to techno. As long as it has some sort of recognisable tune and lyrics that can actually be interpreted to mean something, he's fine with it. The one type of music Lark refuses to listen to is rap. His favourite colour is lavender, and he often gets very defensive if someone makes a comment about how purple isn't a very common colour for males to like. In the romantic view of things, Lark is proudly bisexual, however, he has absolutely no interest in romantic relationships of any sort.


Primary Skill Set: Lark is very 'talented' when it comes to explosives. Basically, if you have an obstacle, whether it is natural or man made, that needs to be destroyed, he's the guy to ask. Need to block an enemy from following? He's the guy. Want to ambush the enemy tank? Why don't you ask Lark? Is there a bomb ticking somewhere nearby? He'll try his best. Need someone to sabotage something for you? Lark's probably already done it.

Secondary Skill Set: Assault rifle training.

Tertiary Skill Set: Basic survival skills, knows how to hot wire cars.

Weapons: All he owns is a MG 34 gun.

Hand-to-Hand Training: He is a orange belt, five below black belt, in Kenpo Karate.


It all started in the city of Princeton, New Jersey, on the day of October 12th, 1974. This was where, 41 years ago, Lark was born. His childhood life was fairly nice, to say the least. He lived in a nice house and had caring parents. Lark's mother was a well known author who had published multiple books and earned quite a bit of money from them, and his father was a head of a large company. Both his parents spent a lot of time with Lark, and he never felt a shortage of attention or money.

He always had an obsession with practical jokes. At first, it started out with the simple pranks: the salt in the drinks, shaving cream on door handles, buckets of water over the door. However, when he turned twelve, things began to change. His obsession with explosives started out very mildly at first: Filling a balloon with baking powder, pouring a whole lot of vinegar into it, and quickly tying it shut to see if the expanding carbon dioxide would make it explode. He was rather disappointed when he found that it didn't work particularly well.

The Internet was very helpful to him, and, by the time he was fifteen, he had learned multiple ways to make an impromptu bomb. Lark never actually tested any, though. Despite having a major obsession with explosives, he still managed to hear his voice of reason, and managed to hold back on actually destroying anything. However, he did research careers that involved exploding things. And this is how he discovered the job of demolitions expert. Lark had his heart set on the job of demolitions expert - or, as the army called it, 'Special Forces Engineer Sergeant' - by the time he was eighteen. He refused to allow anyone to discourage him from this dream job, and constantly spoke about what he considered his future job.

When he was twenty-five, he joined the U.S. Army. Lark passed all of the fitness tests with flying scores; however, he barely scraped by when it came to the height requirements. However, he got accepted into the army, and immediately began training as a demolitions expert. For almost eight years, he was a loyal member of the army. However, during his eighth year of service, things changed. Lark was sabotaging enemy equipment when his was caught. Lark was held imprisoned as a hostage for sixteen months. During those sixteen months, he was treated as little more than an animal. At first, he was tortured for information, and once they thought they found out everything, he was thrown into a cell. Lark got fed once a day, sometimes not even that, and was often brutally treated by the prison guards.

A hostage rescue squad found and rescued Lark on what would have been the beginning of the seventeen month of his time imprisoned. He was brought back to the U.S.A. and hospitalised for severe malnutrition. At this time, it was discovered that he suffered from rather severe post-traumatic stress disorder. After eight months, he was released from the hospital, said to be cured. He requested to join the army once again, as a demolitions expert obviously, and, after passing a psychological evaluation, he was permitted to join once again. By 2010, he was back in the army, messing around with all of the explosives that he loved.

Things began to spiral downhill once again at the beginning of 2013. A surprise drug test on all of the members of the army revealed dangerously high amounts of diacetylmorphine in his blood. Since diacetylmorphine was only ever used as a prescription drug outside of the U.S.A., that lead to only one thing it could be: heroin. A search of Lark's quarters led to reveal that was the truth. Lark was kicked out of the army, and sent to a drug rehabilitation center. There it was discovered that Lark had been using heroin for almost three years, and it had left him highly addicted to it and very dependent on it. He spent over a year in the rehabilitation center, and still hadn't completely recovered by the time he was discharged. After he was discharged, he wasn't in a very good place. He had almost no money, his parents had cut off all contact with him, and he had nowhere to stay. Lark got a job at a Burger King, and managed to borrow enough money from his manager to rent a small flat for a couple of months.

In November of 2014, he heard about The Internationals. Lark inquired more about them, and eventually found out about the meeting after poking around a bit too much. He went to the meeting, wanting to be able to help other people. Lark wanted to stop the horrors of war and torture that he had to go through, as well as end drug trafficking so that people wouldn't have to go through the hell that he had been living in for the past few years of his life. Of course, he never had the power to do any of those, which is why he wants to join The Internationals.

So begins...

Lark Evans's Story