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Carolina Joan Walker

Her sister's keeper

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a character in “The Intrepid Ones”, as played by diabolicalxdamsel


Name: Carolina Joan Walker. I havent decided on if I'm gonna call her CJ or Joan in the roleplay yet. She hates her first name.
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Ability: Unknown. Those in Méur belive that she has come along to take care of her very powerful, very autistic sister and possesses no abilities of her own.

Appearence: Even though she no longer lives in squalor, Carolina looks rather sickly and underfed. Her once tan skin is fading under the artificial light. She has hard, dark eyes with the corners sprouting some premature crows feet. She has shoulder length, choppy black hair and sharp features.


Carolina keeps her distance from most people. She's very quiet and possesses the demeanor of a girl who had to grow up way too fast. She's serious, tough, and lacks any kind of tact. Only her sister recives softness from her. She thinks any human is untrustworthy and capable of betrayal. On the other hand, this is the first time she has been exposed to so many other gifted people and that makes her wary as well. She has a thick, deep south accent.


Carolina grew up in a ratty trailer in Shreveport, Louisiana with a junkie mother. When she was eight, her mother beat incredible odds and gave birth to a second daughter named Mary-Beth. Folks had long believed that the government became more slack on the narcotics industry not just because it helped in population control, but also because many caused sterilization. Despite the new addition, the authorities didn't intervene; they figured that the dangerous living conditions and neglectful parenting would help the issue solve itself. Carolina spent most of her time caring for Mary-Beth while their mother spent days away from home in search for her fix. She even dropped out of school her sophomore year of high school because she needed constant care.It wasn't until Mary-Beth turned four that Carolina realized something was unusual about her. She struggled to communicate verbally and her emotional scale had two settings: completely distant or in a fit of rage. It took some time and a hell of a lot of patience, but Carolina learned how to communicate with her sist ter and that quelled the rage and helped open her up emotionally. She learned of her sister's ability when she was sixteen. Sometimes, when her mom and drunkard boyfriend were home, she'd sneak out and buy booze late at night from a middle-aged tweaker that worked at a bar downtown. He'd steal the liquor and sell it at twice the cost to the underage urchins in town. This night however, a gunfight ensued between him and two other men as she neared the end of the alley where he sold and bought his product. She turned to run, but a stray bullet struck her in her right arm. She managed to make it home. Mary-Beth greeted her with the same quietness and distant gaze as usual. However, she seemed to notice the bleeding arm. She placed a hand over her own arm on the same place Carolina bled. Carolina could feel tingling and heat. The pain faded and the bleeding stopped. Then, as if she were watching the healing process on fast forward, the wound closed itself. Just like her own gift, Carolina didn't utter a word to anyone else. As the years passed, Mary-Beth showed other, subtle signs of her abilities. She seemed to be the opposite of an empath in the sense that she could project her feelings onto her sister. For example, if she were hungry, she would begin tapping her stomach with her fingers and soon Carolina would feel hungry too. They stayed under the radar until Mary-Beth was nearly fifteen. While collecting metal litter to turn in for money, they happened upon a stray dog that had been hit by a vehicle. It's leg was broken and for the second time ever, Mary-Beth performed her miracle. Unfortunately, somebody else witnessed the incident and called the authorities. They arrived the next day in black padded uniforms. They promised Carolina that she was going to a special school for gifted children and that she would only be gone for a semester. They said she would have the very best care and be in the hands of the best professionals in the state. Plus, she and her mother would be given a decent check from the government every month. Carolina protested and begged her mother not to let them take her away, but money was tight and her withdrawal were stronger than her common sense. They made good on one part of their promise and Mary-Beth was returned home for a break period after nearly five months. She had changed. She had become completely withdrawn. It was as if she were just sleepwalking. She didn't even seem to recognize her big sister. Carolina had been waiting tables at a local diner to save money since her mother blew through their government checks. She saved enough to leave town and take her sister with her. She would never let them take her away again. It was foolish to think that they weren't being monitored. They just passed the county line when armored vehicles pulled over they truck they had hitched a ride from. Police snatched Mary-Beth who merely looked confused as Carolina started screaming. That screaming must have awoken the sinister thing the government had created in little Mary-Beth Walker. Carolina will never forget the horror, for in that suspended moment her baby sister unleashed something unspeakable. The survivors called for reinforcements and a fleet of helicopters arrived on the scene. Carolina rushed to her sister and managed to calm her back down. She was soon back to her normal self completely disengaged from the destruction she caused. She could hear demands that Mary-Beth be sent to Méur. They wouldn't survive if she fought back, so she begged them to take her too. She told them Mary-Beth needed her. She was the only one who could keep her calm. She was the only one who knew how to communicate with her and without her help, another episode could be triggered. Reluctantly, they agreed and flew them to the city where they have been living only a few short months.

So begins...

Carolina Joan Walker's Story