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The Invisible Spectrum

The Invisible Spectrum


An advanced academy for gifted students, only chosen once every 13 years. 6 pairs are chosen to fit every color of the rainbow. But this year, only three pairs were found, and the system is in mayhem. Maybe they only NEEDED three pairs...

840 readers have visited The Invisible Spectrum since MeiMei-Chan created it.

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So basically its supposed to be a combination of Psycho Pass and Soul Eater stuff, but it didn't quite come out that way. Its still definitely a Sci-Fi thing.

The current world is a pretty quiet place, but in the Invisible Spectrum, there are creatures threatening to destroy humanity called Seibutsus. Regular humans are unknown to this fact because their eyes cannot see Sebutsus. So, the Bullet Academy trains those who can to fight these creatures when they get too close to humans.


The chemicals being released into the air causes the eyes of every individual on Earth to be born brown, and naturally unable to see the Invisible Spectrum. Some people are born with colored eyes that give them an Aura, enabling them to see the Invisible Spectrum and fight of the creatures in it.


The current setting for my character is Japan, but the actual Bullet Academy is in England. In Tokyo its almost Summer.



Bullet Syndrome is an "Illness" that enables the person in question to see the Invisible Spectrum. The Bullet Academy seeks out these individuals and keeps record of them from the time they are diagnosed until they are old enough for recruitment. Recruitment is almost always done when students are in High School. This is because then said recruit will have already lived out a fair portion of their life. Your eyes will be a different color at birth. The color of a diagnosed individual's eyes is always a color of the rainbow:


The different eye colors don't really seem to amount to anything, but they do have a slight effect on the dreams of the diagnosed character. The eye colors often correspond with things that mean a lot to the person, such as memories or past traumas. This usually has to do with the emotional and mental state of the person in mention.

Bullet Academy


There are two classes of students at Bullet Academy: Trainer and Bullet. They will be explained below.

Bullets: Bullets are the warriors and protectors of the human race. Their special eye colors trigger certain cells inside the body and enable a sort of aura to protrude from the body, usually the back. This aura can be turned into weapons and disguises. There are also used to communicate telepathically with other users. With your aura, you are able to fly and breath underwater, stuff like that. Other things like speed, endurance, strength, and intuition are automatically increased as well.
Even though your aura does so much good for you, there are also disadvantages. The aura can be a huge strain on the brain cells and every once in a while, the aura can temporarily take control of your mind & body, causing hallucinations, destructive behavior, and sometimes suicide (but only in really, really bad situations).

Trainers: Trainers are the person in charge of keeping their chosen Bullet from going out of control from the stress of their aura. Trainers also have auras, but they are used for different things. A trainer's aura can be used as a disguise, item, shield, or any type of commonly found item (pillow, chair, etc.) as well as for flying and breathing underwater. A trainer's aura doesn't give off as much of the strain as a Bullet's does.
A Trainer doesn't do much actual fighting, they're in charge of the team's...well, everything. They have to answer calls when a Seibutsu is located and are in charge of the aftermath paperwork, as well as keeping track of the team's classes, meals, cleanliness, allowance, upkeep, and more.


Image Female

Image Male

-Sorry, I would've found a picture without faces (its a policy of mine) but I literally COULD NOT


Required classes at Bullet Academy:

-Aura Control (Learning to keep yourself from falling under the strain of your aura, primarily a class for Bullets)
-Weapons Training (Learning how to use your aura as a weapon)
-Disguise Training (Learning how to use your aura as a disguise)
-Physical Training (PE but more intense)
-Build Training (Trainers only, Learning how to create objects with your aura)
-Bullet Control Training (Trainers only, Learning what to do if your partner loses control)
-Illusions Training (Using your aura control as an in-mind world to submerse yourself when stressed)


Here are the characters I have. Its only basic info so they'll still be your unique characters, I just wanted to make sure there's an even amount of Bullet and Trainers, Males and Females, y'know.

1.) [TAKEN BY MeiMei-Chan] Bullet, Female

2.) [OPEN] Trainer, Female - Cheerful, Witty, Spunky

3.) [TAKEN BY Miyer] Trainer, Male - Kind, Likes making bad puns

4.) [OPEN] Bullet, Male - Arrogant, Alpha personality, *cough*kindofadick*cough*

5.) [OPEN] Bullet, Female - Quiet, Sarcastic, "Emo?"

6.) [OPEN] Trainer, Male - Clever, Showoff, Gets way too serious about stuff sometimes

Toggle Rules

-NO God Moding
-NO explicit content
-NO using characters from the original shows listed in Citations, this isn't a fandom roleplay
-NO rp harassment, bullying, rude commentary or otherwise unless you have consent
-Posts must be at least one small paragraph
-Character Sign Ups MUST be filled out
-Please use the basic characters I already have, they aren't that specific so it shouldn't be hard

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Kyo sighed loudly as she taped shut the last of her boxes. Her room was now empty, the only thing there was her bed and desk, which of course she wasn't taking with her. "Bullet Academy, eh?" She carried the last box downstairs and stuck it into the holding area of the bus she was apparently to take. The driver yelled to say it was time to go. Kyo wished her father had been decent enough to at least see her off, but no, instead he was at work.

Kyo sat in the last row of seats, staring out the window as she waited for her dad to message or call, either of which were likely to happen. 'This is stupid...' she thought. She still had conflicting feelings about going to the famous Bullet Academy. She'd always known this day was coming, the day she'd be stuck in a different role.

"This already sucks."


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LIFE by MeiMei-Chan


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Character Portrait: Kyo Futatane


Character Portrait: Kyo Futatane
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Character Portrait: Kyo Futatane
Kyo Futatane

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Character Portrait: Kyo Futatane
Kyo Futatane

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Re: The Invisible Spectrum

I'd like to reserve number 4, red eyes of course.

It'd be awesome if every character had a different color :)

P.S why is [3] submissive to [3]? typo or is there some kinky self-submission play going on here

Re: The Invisible Spectrum

Can I please reserve role 3??? He will probably have green eyes ^-^

Re: The Invisible Spectrum

Could I reserve Number 5. Probably with Yellow eyes? Also, might I ask what exactly the different Aura colors symbolize? I wasn't exactly clear on that, just from reading the RP description...

The Invisible Spectrum

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