Kyo Futatane

Blue eyes, Bullet

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a character in “The Invisible Spectrum”, as played by MeiMei-Chan



Name: Kyo Futatane
Age: 17
Grade: 10
Current School: North Tokyo High

Image Her old High School

Parents: Her dad, Itsuki Futatane
Siblings: None
Pets: A Beta fish named Riko

Image Her dad

Hair: Black, long, straight, neatly cut bangs
Eyes: Blue
Height: 100 cm
Weight: 103 lbs
Skin tone: Naturally pale

Wardrobe: Gothic Punk stuff like studded belts and fingerless gloves, she wears a lot of black and has a soft spot for oversized Granny sweaters (don't ask). She's a person who likes to be comfortable and usually wears combat boots or sports shoes. She also wears a lot of bracelets. Like, a lot of bracelets. Her ears are pierced and she likes dolphin themed jewelry, so a lot of her bracelets, earring and necklaces have dolphins on them.

Class: Bullet
Weapons of Choice: Usually a bow and arrow or Katana, sometimes she'll use a gun but not often
Color: Blue

Image Age 6

Likes: Coffee, Sports, Anime, Music, Piano, Sarcastic Commentary
Dislikes: Most Sweets, Cigarette Smoke, Perfume, Animal Hair
Habits: Pretending not to notice people so they don't know she's listening to every word they say
Phobias: Cages


Backstory: Kyo doesn't have much of a backstory, her life was pretty ordinary. Her parents divorced when she was 6, and her mom moved to the states, leaving her with her selective mute, nerdy ass dad. She grew up mostly on her own since her dad was never awake when she was. Kyo started playing the piano when she was 3, and it was the only thing that kept her from running away several different times after her mom abandoned her. She's grown quite skilled and won an award at school the year she graduated Middle School. Kyo's been a Straight-A student since childhood. She never really had anything to work towards, so she just worked her ass off in school to pass the time faster. She's never really had any "friends" per say, since she scares everyone off, but she has deep abandonment issues and wishes someone would come to actually care about her the way her parents didn't.

So begins...

Kyo Futatane's Story


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Kyo sighed loudly as she taped shut the last of her boxes. Her room was now empty, the only thing there was her bed and desk, which of course she wasn't taking with her. "Bullet Academy, eh?" She carried the last box downstairs and stuck it into the holding area of the bus she was apparently to take. The driver yelled to say it was time to go. Kyo wished her father had been decent enough to at least see her off, but no, instead he was at work.

Kyo sat in the last row of seats, staring out the window as she waited for her dad to message or call, either of which were likely to happen. 'This is stupid...' she thought. She still had conflicting feelings about going to the famous Bullet Academy. She'd always known this day was coming, the day she'd be stuck in a different role.

"This already sucks."