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Leliana George

"I've never been invisible before."

0 · 195 views · located in Virginia, Basye-Bryce Mountain

a character in “The Invisible”, as played by Maeve



Leliana George, her friends and family call her Leli.



Standing at 5'8, Leli is immediately noticable in a crowd. She is lithe, and muscled, but wasn't really built for bulky sports. She's better at track and endurance tests- if it's one of strength, she'll fail. She has golden-yellow hair that falls a little past her shoulders, usually in insane curls that frame her fairly feminine and startlingly beautiful face. She has outstandish features- high cheekbones, stubborn chin, large slanted green eyes. You usually find her outrageous clothes- old time Hollywood is her favorite.

Invisible girl #2

Leli is a dreamer; if anyone could do it, she could. She faces the world with eager eyes- she has seen the bad in the world and still believes in herself. She's one who'll sometimes get so involved in her goals she won't pay attention to anyone. When that happens, the best thing to do is to gently pull her away. She falls hard in love often; yet still she continues to trust her heart and follow her gut feeling. Perhaps that is her mistake. When and if you win her trust, you've earned it for life. She's strongly compassionate and incredibly competitive. Her temper will flare with the smallest of insults. Even without being invisible, she was quite intimidating when she wished to be.

Leli is rather loud and hard to miss, with a sailor's laugh and mouth to match. She isn't afraid to share her opinions with the world. She has a way of wooing people that's almost out of her control- unbeknownst to her, Leli emits a rather energetic aura that attracts many people. She says things that seem too old to be coming from her mouth and often appears wiser than her years. When in doubt, Leli meditates, something strange considering that when having fun, she cannot stay still. She's the one who'll take you on that rollar coaster, she's the one who'll have her final revenge if you break her heart, and that one who'll become your idol within the first ten seconds of meeting her. She doesn't take crap from anybody and isn't one for self-pity. She won't sit around, but do something about it.

Yet sometimes Leli can get out of control with her rebellious nature. She'll do anything just to prove someone wrong- in full knowingness of what she was doing. She'll converse with strangers and people who aren't so good to be around to because she doesn't like judging others. She can let others go too far; often times she gets confused over what's right or wrong, considering there are so many people of both.

Leli was born to her mother [a horse trainer] and her father [a real estate agent]. Although their fields of expertise varied massively, their children are what held them together. Leli was the first child of the family, gifted to them in a cool September day. A younger brother, her twin, soon followed. As children, the two were close. They lived on the coast of North Carolina- where summer begins in April and festivities occur every day. They lived on the waves. But as Leli grew up, she began to have her own life away from her brother. Timmy, as was his name, began to panic. He was shockingly similiar in looks to Leli. So, one night at the age of fourteen when Leli was out, Timmy dressed himself up as her and began to walk around the house, calling up her friends and speaking rudely to their parents. All Timmy wanted to do was bring his sister home, but when she found out she was so infuriated she refused to speak to him again. This drove Timmy to extremes, and he began to dress up more and more. Now, a year or so had passed, and Timmy finally announced he wished to change genders. His parents didn't see any substancial problems with this, besides coming up with the money, when Timmy continued that he wanted to turn into his sister. That crossed the line. Timmy's now living at a private boarding school.
But that's when Leli died, you see.
It was simple. Just a car accident. When Leli woke up, she was in her room. She found that her parents could not see her. She found that she hadn't made up with Timmy. She cried for many days before pulling herself together. She had to find more like her. She was sure she was not the only one.


She has a scar on her forehead from the car crash.
Leli also has a tattoo on her ankle saying 'Carpe Diam,' reminding her to live life to it's fullest.

So begins...

Leliana George's Story