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Jonathon McCoy Creery

Class is a matter of survival of the fittest.

0 · 376 views · located in White Chapel, London circa 1886

a character in “The Iron Touched.”, as played by Shané




Jonathon McCoy Creery

{ AGE }



He is a head taller than his sister and has the hereditary small build of the McCoy Creery family.

Jonathon is well-known for being attractive and is deemed as a 'good catch' by many of the young women. With high cheekbones and a confident, proud air he comes across as both wealthy and of high status. He has the families thick curly brown hair and bronze complexion. He has dark hazel eyes that are altogether piercing and formidable. Though when he smiles his eyes sparkle and his mouth curves in a cheeky grin.

Jonathon always dresses for the upper class. With high necked collars, dark colored jackets and high fashion cravats he makes a formidable appearance. He always comes across as serious and strong in his attire.

His fashion sense and poise always puts Jonathon at the top of the hierarchy. Only the most well-to-do dare confront him as his aura always emanates status and class. Without his smile, Jonathon always looks hard faced and arrogant.



Father- Sir Joseph McCoy Creery
Mother- Lady Elanore McCory Creery
Younger Sister- Lorena McCoy Creer

Jonathon is strong-willed young man following in the footsteps of his father. He is generally well-mannered and good-natured living up to the high expectations of London's Upper Class. He values knowledge and scientific literature, carefully modeling himself off his father. Unfortunately Jonathon has a strong disdain for the lower class, women and most of all the Iron Touched. To those he feels are beneath him he becomes arrogant, spiteful and manipulative.

Much like his younger sister, he is also very outspoken, never shirking from expressing his views and opinions. In arguments he can become harsh and vindictive while miraculously still upholding both class and refinement. Jonathon has become quite arrogant thanks to the schooling of his father on the hierarchy. For him all hierarchy pins on Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. Peoples lot in life are bought about from personal characteristics and therefore he has a strong victim-blaming ethic. He also has no qualms about using the lower classes for his own personal pleasure and can often be found in one of White Chapels many brothels after dark.

Despite all this Jonathon underneath it all genuinely cares for his family and friends. He comes across as warm and humorous, though any serious affection he has trouble expressing. He enjoys playing the protective role over his younger sister and taking those he deems of value under his wing.


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~Horse riding~

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Disappointing his father
He's worried about his sisters future

Gentleman-like mannerisms for upper class women
Looking out for his family

Speaking his mind
Spending his nights in White Chapel
Often being unable to clearly express affection


Jonathon has always been part of the Upper Class Aristocracy and has never forgotten. He practically worships his father and follows all his ideals and values. He, like Lorena, was bought up with a high emphasis on knowledge and literature, particularly the sciences. He has followed in his fathers footsteps of studying some of the more popular theories lining up with Darwins Theory of Evolution, particularly how the fittest survive and apparent evidence of the Iron Touched being lower on the evolutionary scale.

He has always been very close with his sister, though has always been the bossier sibling treating her much like one would a small child. He's always been over protective of her and often takes on some of the more parental characteristics such as scolding her for various mishaps and attempting to shape her with advice. Nonetheless the two have remained close, particularly as recently Lorena has begun to stand on her own two feet and stand up to him.


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So begins...

Jonathon McCoy Creery's Story

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#, as written by Shané

"Ri-ight," Billy nodded his head, "Of course. We're not good enough to associate with, but we're good enough to bed, but only if you are paying an Iron Touched. My good sir, I think it's them who are doing you the service, not the other way around," Billy smiled brightly, "But I'll leave you to your view of the world." Billy looked to Julian, "I think we're done here."

Billy's explanation of Jonathon's mindset made Lorena feel sick. There was no consolation when all his accusations were correct. There was nothing for her to say, so she kept her mouth shut but her gaze bore into her brother as he turned to face her again. At this time his face was expressionless. He had no reason to refute Billy as he truly didn't find the man worthy of any kind of explanation or meaningful discussion. Julian glared at Jonathon before offering Lorena a choice.

Immediately panic rose in her. He slowly started to leave with Billy, his hand leaving her back and her chest seemed to constrict as she realised there was a weighty choice to make. Jonathon was oblivious to her fear at first and he immediately offered her his arm expecting her to follow him. When she did not immediately take it his features hardened momentarily.

"Lorena lets go."

She found she couldn't answer him, her eyes darting back to the direction the rest of the group was heading. Seeing the worry in his sister, Jonathon's expression immediately softened.

"Loren, we need to head home. Look, I'm sorry for the….unpleasant exchange-" He ran his fingers through his hair. "But you have no future here. You don't know a thing about living on the streets and out of all the Iron Touched you couldn't have aligned yourself with a more dangerous choice."

Jonathon was speaking earnestly now, partially pleading with her. He took one of her hands looking her right in the eye. She started to pull away, but he only spoke faster.

"You know the Ripper's on the street. Two of them a practically walking dead. That girl and-" He gestured wildly to Billy "him. Anyone who sees them knows they're Iron Touched. They have absolutely no chance, and by defect neither do you or the rest of the group."

Immediately she wrenched her hand out of his grasp, her expression one of shock. No doubt the two he proclaimed condemned had heard his poisoned words.

"How can you even say that…"

"You need to look at the facts. I'm possibly saving your life-"

"Enough!" Her face darkened like thunder suddenly. "With your kind of reasoning why should you bother helping me? I am just as low on your flawed hierarchy as they are and if I have that kind of value you should be pleased if I have a chance of being wiped out. Isn't that exactly what is supposed to happen? Survival of the fittest Jon. And don't you dare try convincing yourself that just because I come from the shallow upper class that it changes anything. In fact doesn't it just bring you lower? I've proven you tainted, for you have my own damned blood running through your veins!"

She turned from him then, briskly going to join the others. His jaw clenched, Jonathon watched with growing fury.

"You'll come back here at once, lest father finds out."

"Let him find out and see how messed up his own bloodline is." she managed to choke out without looking behind.

"I hadn't finished." Jonathon growled back, quickly trying to regain control of the situation. "He'll also find out about that motley group you're aligning yourself with."

At once she stopped and turned back over her shoulder.

"Please don't."

He folded his arm across his chest, his determination evidently not waning. Her whole countenance hardened, but she returned to him. His mouth upturned slightly in an expression of unsurprised victory as he proffered his arm again. She took it without looking at him, a scowl darkening her features.

As he started leading her away a burst of frustration echoed through her and in a moment of instinct she fiercely sent back a promise of return as she might with Maestro.

I promise I'll find a way back.

To her surprise her probe went straight into the minds of each of the group. However none of their emotions nor thoughts were open to her. Evidently unless each individual directed communication at her she was unable to 'read' minds.