Lana Drew

If I could I would, but I can't so I shan't!

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a character in “The Island of Lost Souls”, as played by EliseCeri


Lana Drew


Whatever you do, do it good!



Full name
Lana McKenzie Drew

Lana will do thanks!





Eye color: Dark blue with a hint of green

Hair Color: slick dark brown

Eye Color: 5'9

Weight: 140 lbs

Skin Tone: light/ fair

Distinct Markings: Three piercings on the left ear, four piercings on the right. A mysterious tattoo of a cat on her foot!




β™₯ Independence
β™₯ Singing
β™₯ Rule breaking
β™₯ Boys
β™₯ Fun
β™₯ Her sister
β™₯ Tv
β™₯Domino's Pizza
β™₯ Music



βœ– Rules
βœ– Curfew
βœ– Bullies
βœ– Being tickled.
βœ– Her Parents
βœ– work
βœ– Pepperoni
βœ– School
βœ– Uniforms


Lana is a rule breaker. But rules are meant to be broken right? On the outside you see a rebellious 24 year old who likes to have a good laugh and doesn't know when to quit it. On the inside is something quite different. Haunted by images of the outside world she has now forgotten, Lana is a lonely, desolate child who finds strength in having control over what she does, and when she does it. Lana can tend to be controlling too. Life on the island is hard for Lana, having to help work and earn her keep, but she's not a fool. She knows there's a reason she's on this island whatever it may be...

One thing she is good at though... is making people laugh. With a cute sense of humor, and a comedic air about her, she knows how to help people have a good time. Her Rule breaking and careless attitude sometimes gets on the nerves of the other inhabitants, sometimes to a point where they try to tame her even though they know it'll be no use.

Character Flaw: Lana's big life mistake was going off the rails. If she hadn't of let her little sister touch those drugs she was offered in the park, maybe things would've been different.

Lana's Life before the island is faded but she can remember growing up in a strong catholic rich family who had strong morals. She was always a troublesome child. It just felt right to break the rules that had been set for her! One day when she was 18 she was sitting in the park with her friends... supposedly looking after her little 10 year old sister. An ex boyfriend came along and started offering Lana some 'special medicine' as he had called it. Lana at first refused knowing full well that this 'special medicine' were drugs, but after a while she felt everyone else getting high and couldn't resist having a hit. Whilst she was off her head, she had of course forgotten about her sister, who had sneaked a hit, and was left in a coma which tore the family apart.

First it was the punishment. They tried to Stop the amount of free time Lana got; which of course didn't work because she would sneak out to see her friends. The next tactic was guilt trip. Blaming her for what had happened and saying that they'd never forgive her for what she'd done. This caused Lana to Become depressed, Being called the devil isn't always the nicest thing to hear after a long day at school. Next it was: ignoring that Lana even existed, not letting her visit her sister in hospital stuff like that. At 20, her sister Megi had fully recovered. But some bridges are too broken to fix.

Lana can't remember how she'd got on the island. She remembered a fog of angry clouds, and the feeling of hopelessness blocking her vision but that was it.... maybe someday she'd find out!

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After living on the island for what seems like years and years, you get used to it. I mean, the rules are just frustrating but its a pretty nice place to live. Away from all the noise of the city. But You do tend to miss life like it was before.

So begins...

Lana Drew's Story