Rebekah Zoll

"I didn't do it.."

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a character in “The Island of Lost Souls”, as played by kyrax17




Life is too short to be perfect.



Full name
Rebekah Anne Zoll

Bekah, Becky






Eye Color

Light Brown
Hair Color
Dark brown with light brown highlights.
120 lbs.
Skin Tone
Distinct Markings:
Rebekah has a tiny dove tattooed behind her left ear and no one knows that she has it.



â™Ĩ People that make her laugh
â™Ĩ Hugs
â™Ĩ The rain
â™Ĩ Watching the night sky

✖ Losing loved ones
✖ Being alone
✖ Not being liked by others
✖ Dying alone


Rebekah can be needy at times. She doesn't know how to be independent. She relies on others to do things for her and she expects it without asking. Sometimes she can overreact, most of the time that is. She is still suffering from her brother's death. Some days she doesn't even want to get out of bed because she's feeling so down. So she shut off the emotions and memories that are connected to him so that she can feel normal. She has a problem with her guilt. That's all she feels sometimes. She tries to help people with their problems and guide them in the right direction so that they don't end up like her.

So she can be pushy sometimes too. When she starts to think about her brother and that day, she shuts off her emotions and she can be really mean and rude. Though she'll apologize right after because she'll feel bad for taking her pain out on others. She doesn't smile as much anymore, or laugh. Mostly she just cries or sits there with a blank stare in her eyes and wait until she's alone to cry.

Character Flaw: Rebekah's life mistake was walking away after witnessing the death of her brother.

Rebekah was always the happy girl in school. She worked hard and rarely ever had to be told twice to do anything. In her eyes, she had the perfect life. She had two parents that loved her and an annoying little brother to match. She wasn't always this worried about everything. She wasn't always this paranoid about things that may or may not happen. It all started when she was seventeen and her younger brother was killed. It was a foggy day and she was in a hurry to get home so that she could go out with her friends. Her mom had forced her to once again walk her little brother home from school. She was too busy texting her friend to notice that her brother was far behind. She yelled at him to catch up, angry that he was taking such a long time. She continued to text her friend as he ran into the road to catch up to her. There was a truck passing by and he ran right in front of it. Her brother was killed instantly and she was fine. After that she ran, she didn't want to feel the terrible guilt that follows her. She went home as if everything were normal and said that she hadn't seen her brother all day. She couldn't stand to stick around seeing her mother so broken and it all being because of her, so after a few months she moved out. She moved in with a friend and never went back home. She still feels guilt and to blame for this, but she also feels as if God is out to get her now for killing her brother.

The day that Rebekah and her boyfriend of four years decided to go to Australia changed everything. She had recovered for the most part from witnessing her brother being killed. She still blamed herself, but as long as she kept that part of herself shut out, she was okay. She didn't talk about it, ever. She wanted to be happy and to move on. And she couldn't be happier to be getting out of America, if even for two weeks. She couldn't wait to take pictures, go to the restaurants, and relax for once. The trip was nice, but she thought it to be too short and she was definitely sad when they had to leave. As she boarded the plane, she had an eerie feeling. She had never liked planes to begin with. In her life she had only had a total of two plane trips, including the flight coming to Australia. She found herself safely in her seat, hand in hand with Matt, her long term boyfriend, and everything seemed to be alright. Then the plane crashed and she lost herself again..

Who did you lose in the crash?
I lost the love of my life, my boyfriend Matt.

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