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Reina Ross

"I don't forgive and I don't forget."

0 · 238 views · located in Unknown Island

a character in “The Island of Lost Souls”, as played by crystalrain


Reina Ross


I don't forgive and I don't forget.



Full name
Reina Marie Ross

Rei (pronounced "Ray")






Eye Color
Light Blue
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Slightly Tan
Distinct Markings: (Ex: Tattoos? Piercings? Birthmarks?)
Pierced ears and a small tattoo of a dream catcher on her back, between her shoulder blades.



♥Sketching and drawing
♥People who are trustworthy and loyal

✖Crowds or being with a lot strangers
✖People who don't keep promises
✖Crying (In front of other people or when other people cry in front of her)


Reina is usually very independent. She tends not to count on others for important things because she feels like she can't trust other people. It takes a while for other people to gain her trust. Reina doesn't like to tell other people her thoughts and feelings, but if you do gain her trust she'll start opening up to you. She's very guarded at first. Sometimes she comes off as mean and harsh but really she just doesn't want to let anyone in without making sure she can trust them first. Reina also has a bad habit of holding grudges. If you lie to her or betray her or break a promise you've made to her, she'll never forgive you and she'll make sure you remember it.

However, if you're lucky enough to get to know Reina, you'll find someone fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves. She is very caring of the people she loves. She's good at taking care of other people after taking care of her younger sister for so long. Because of being her sister's guardian, she can be very maternal at times. Reina is also very creative, but only shows her artwork to people she trusts.

Character Flaw: After Reina's mother passed away when Reina and her sister, Emily, were young, their father was left to take care of them, but he became an alcoholic. Because of his alcohol problems, he was very negligent and never payed much attention or love to his children. He had a very short temper with them and was often very mean to them. When Reina was 17, her father became very sick and before he died tried to make amends with Reina and Emily, but Reina refused to forgive him and refused to let him see Emily. Shortly after, he passed away. Reina's flaw is that she never granted forgiveness to her father from her and her sister even when he was on his deathbed.



When Reina was 7 and her sister was 2, their mother passed away. Their father was so grief stricken he turned to alcohol to numb his pain. Because of his obsession with alcohol, he was a terrible father to Reina and Emily. Reina basically had to take care of Emily all by herself because her father either neglected them completely or was very mean to them. Reina did the best she could to make Emily's childhood a little better, always making sure her father's anger was directed at her rather than at Emily. Reina never forgot his mean words and actions and his neglect.

When Reina was 17 and Emily was 12, their father became very ill. The nurses at the hospital told Reina that he didn't have much time left. They brought Reina into the hospital room to say her goodbyes. Reina's father begged for her forgiveness before he died, and begged that she would bring Emily so he could ask for her forgiveness too. Reina refused to forgive and to forget all things he had said and done over the years and all the times he promised to sober up and didn't. She also refused to bring Emily to see him.

Reina's father passed away on her 18th birthday. The nurses said that the last words he uttered were about wishing for forgiveness. Since Reina was 18, she became Emily's legal guardian. Reina took the money that she and Emily received upon their father's death and used it for a vacation to Australia with Emily so that they could have fun just the two of them and try to put the past behind them. On the plane ride back to United States, Reina was thinking about how happy she was that it was finally just her and Emily when the plane crashed.

[size=150]Who did you lose in the crash?

I lost the only person I cared about, my younger sister.

What are your thoughts about the other characters?

What are your thoughts about being on the Island?

So begins...

Reina Ross's Story