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Iris Ash Thaut

"Everybody! I'm Irish, kiss me?"

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a character in “The Island of The Wolf”, as played by AmiOfTheRain


Iris Ash Thaut


Ash, Iry (I ree)



Female Pure Blood Two

Appearance in Description-
As the photo of Iris shows, she has beautiful red hair that was fairly long. She's also a natural red head in that effect. She has a wonderful hourglass figure with blue eyes that only increase her natural beauty. She stands at 5'5 and weighs around 125lbs. She also has a few scars in her body from fights she's had in the past as well as a burn mark on the center of her back. She tends to have her hair down with two buns on her sides of her head with black flower hair clips in them when she isn't going to be training. But while she trains, she has her hair pulled back in a ponytail, black tank top and red shorts. Iris has fairly soft skin; many don't dare touch her though for fear that something may happen to them due to her threatening nature.

Iris is a cool, calm, collected person on first meet; stubborn and hot headed though once you become friends with her. Though many people don't believe this with her sweet, adorable appearance, Iris was once known as simply Ash, a cruel and uncaring women. She never even looked twice at people and tried to become friends with them unless they came to her. It was just simply something she was used too. Of course, she changed slowly as she turned 17. That's when she finally become a girl people admired and adored, not someone they feared. Iris loved that feeling, and pushed herself to change more to actually have a friend or two. She hated how cruel she was, and became a sweet, caring young girl who loved to joke around. Of course, when pushed Ash comes out, ready to defend herself for anything. It takes a lot to cool this girl down after she's switched, more like a good knock out in any case. Iris though, all together, is a sweet, caring, calm, collected girl with a stubborn, feisty side ready to be unleashed.

Iris loves:
Wolves (Durrr)
Romantic things

While she hates:
Mental abuse (She can't say it enough)

Iris tends to bite her lip until it bleeds when upset or nervous even though people tell her not too.

Brief History-
Iris was normally always the last one to be recognized for something, since she grew up in a family of 4. Anything she did, was never good enough for them. If fact, they didn't expect anhing from her at all. If they did, she somehow managed to fail every time. So, just to be known, Iris was a trouble maker all throughout her school lives.

Her parents were almost always called by the teachers and principles about Iris beating up kids, or cussing out people. Sometimes she was expelled due other nature and was sent to boarding schools far away. Still, Iris kept acting up everywhere until a near death experience for her. When Iris was 16, riding home with her whole family from one of her boarding schools, there was a car crash. Of course, the other car involed was Iris's family sadly.

The driver of the other car was drunk, with two little girls in the back seat. They were screaming at him to stop, to pull over and call a friend to come get them. He screamed back no, over and over, that was all he said. Of course, our expect by now the Thauts to be hit, and they were. The driver, dead; Iris's parents and siblings, dead; the two little girls and Iris?


Of course, Iris had increddible damaging injuries, but nothing too serious. The girls how ever, we're in serious condition. They has too many organs that were crushed to live... They died that night. Iris though, after five months, was sent to live with her grandparents. They had began to set expections of her, and actually showed that they cared about her.

Iris loved it.

Yet she still became known as Ash due to her spit personality that had evolved with her parents. She took up boxing, and at the same time, became a angel at school and at home. She began to slowly get better with her feelings and how to make friends and protect them. When she got the letter, she decided to take up the offer so she could take a beak from the stress. Even her parents decided she should, so she left the next day.

Theme Song- Broken by Seether and Amy Lee.
Other- Iris actually did bring a baby fox with her that she named Kiko.

So begins...

Iris Ash Thaut's Story