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Nolan Araya

"... Come with me. None of you will last a day out here by yourselves."

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a character in “The Journey: The Tales of Four”, as played by ISpeakTheTruth


Nolan Araya
Muse-Starlight Lyrics
Far away, this ship has taken me far away,
Far away from the memories,
Of the people who care if I live or die. . .


"I hope you all get eaten by a Dok."


"What would you like to know?"

Full name: Nolan Johnathan Araya

Nickname/Title: N/A

Age: 16

Birthday: October 18th

Height: 5'8 feet

Weight: 149 lbs

Favorite activity: Does lounging around count as an activity?

Goals: To kill an Odi

Good at: Tinkering, listening, stealth

Worst at: Helping others, being 'good', climbing

"If it's not a bother, go away."

Positive personality traits:
Negative personality traits:
-Short tempered

-Fixing things
-Hanging around the Laffit
-His friends
-Being able to sleep for an
entire day


-Being told he can't do
-When people misjudge him

Dreams of:
-Killing an Odi, to get even for when his sister was sent out on a Journey and never came back.
-Returning to Bregar. Although he dislikes his old home, even Nolan will admit that it is better than the Wild.

-Arsonphobia- Fear of fire.


"You think you can kill me? Go ahead an try!"

Nolan see's the world as one big place that's out to make his life absolutely miserable. He left Bregar on his own at a rather young age, just after it was revealed that his sister wasn't among the few that were coming back from their Journey.
Although not knowing what took his sibling's life, Nolan suspected it was an Odi and has been on the hunt for one since. While some Rangers think his ambition is more of a death wish, the boy is determined to kill the greatest beast in the Wild.

"Honestly, I'm not very fascinating."

Nolan is the second child and only son to Ak and Nisa Araya. When the boy was younger he would spend his days with his father in the small Bits & Bolts mechanic shop, learning how to create and fix things while his older sister Vianca would go with their mother to the building of the Healers. Although during the work hours the two siblings were not very close, at home the pair was inseparable.
When the sun began to set, just before dinner was off the stove and on the table, Nolan and Vianca would spend the short amount of time playing games near the side of the small house in which they lived. His sister, always a storyteller, would tell him about what she thought it was like on the other side of the walls and how she imagined all the spirits and animals to be like.
Nolan would listen, always with full interest, as his sister explained how much she wanted to be able to venture outside the place they called home. Eventually as he got older, Nolan wanted to explore the unknown as well.
Some time of wishful thinking after, one of the Araya siblings finally got their wish.
Vianca and four others were chosen by the Fiddleson Sisters to go out on a Journey. Nisa and Ak were thrilled, but Nolan was worried. Only a year before, his mother's sister's son had gone on a Journey and hadn't come back. What if Vianca never returned as well?
After his sister left, Nolan would spend more time in the Bits & Bolts shop than anywhere else. During the short period of time between him returning home and dinner being placed on the table, the boy would sit out by the side of the house alone and make up his own stories. His two closest friends, Marcus and Anna, would try to get him to go out more often, but the more time Nolan sat by himself the more he realized that Bregar wasn't his home, it was a prison. Marcus and Anna didn't mind letting their friend have time by himself, but after months passed the two grew bored and left him. It was a month after that when the gates were opened and the two remaining children from the Journey staggered back inside.
Only two out of five had survived out in the Wild. Neither of them were Vianca Araya. Ak and Nisa were crushed, quite obviously. Nolan, though... Nolan was full out angry.
The Journey's were pointless events that were made for the sole purpose of reducing Bregar's population, he thought. Rarely ever had a full group left the safety of the walls and all returned. It was sick, and the Fiddleson Sisters were wrong to continue it.
Nolan and one of the two Journs discussed what had happened out in the Wild. This was illegal, of course, and both knew that if they were caught speaking of the world outside the consequences would be serious, but Nolan was determined to find out what happened out there.
The Journ told him that even though the remaining three of them had gotten past the Doks, Vianca fell for the voices of the Odi's and wandered into the darkest part of the forest. They hadn't heard from her the next morning, and they suspected she was dead, gave up, and went back to Bregar.
Nolan was furious. The person he was speaking to had simply just given up, without even trying to find his sister. After countless nights of figuring it out, the boy made his escape.
It was stupid and made out of pure anger and want to revenge, but the moment he fled the village Nolan has been on the hunt for the Odi that took Vianca's life. He would find it, attack it, and watch it die.
Not long after Nolan entered the Wild, he found himself in caught up with the Rangers, humans who somehow managed to live in the dark forests and managing not to get themselves killed. They offered him a spot in their group, and the boy was eager to take it.

~CS by Lovebird~

So begins...

Nolan Araya's Story