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The Journey: The Tales of Four



a part of The Journey: The Tales of Four, by ISpeakTheTruth.

Working on this, also.

ISpeakTheTruth holds sovereignty over Bregar, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Working on this
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Working on this, also.


Bregar is a part of The Journey: The Tales of Four.

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Etta Ravich [2] "The old ladies obviously made a mistake. I don't need any help!" (wip)
Jens Kohen [1] "I'm nothing special."
Kara Nash [1] "Won't you accompany me outside the gates?"
Wynston Baines [1] "Oh, hey! Let's play a game!"

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Ettana "Etta" Ravich
Location: The village of Bregar

The sound of her mother dragging the pots and pans out from the cupboards woke her up, but it was her brothers who decided to play 'monster attack' that caused her to drag herself out of bed.
"Will someone please get them to stop it?"
The girl complained, swinging open her bedroom door and putting on her best scowl to present to her family. Though her face itself looked rather nice, her usual expressions tended to make her appear... unfriendly. The forming frown lines and cold eyes tended to warn people off.
From the kitchen, which was really only a few feet away, her mother Diane smiled, "Good morning to you too, Etta." she said, "Did you have a good sleep?"
Etta let out a yawn and made her way over to her mother, "Yes, it was fine." was her reply.
The mother frowned at her daughter, but did nothing other than announce that she was getting breakfast prepared and that it would be ready soon.

When the food was on the plates and the family of six was settled down around the table, Etta's father, Max, was the first to start a conversation. "So, it's a big day today, huh?" The man said, looking up from the cooked ham and corn.
"I hope I'm chosen this year." One of the brothers said, his brown eyes shining with excitement, "I'd be the first one ever to kill one of the monsters and bring it back to Bregar!"
Etta rolled her eyes, "You seriously don't think that would actually happen, do you Adam?" She asked in a mocking tone, "Like the Fiddleson sisters would ever chose you."
Adam sneered at her, "Who's the one who wants to be a Protector, but can't get accepted into training?"
"Shut up!"
"What? Are you mad?" Adam laughed, "Johnson says you'll probably never make it through, you know."
Their mother narrowed her eyes, "Stop it, both of you." She snapped in a harsh tone, "Ettana, you do not say such things to your brother. Adam, apologize immediately."
The two other brothers did their best to hide the smirks on their faces while the third spat out an apology. Their father nodded and put back on the smile that had momentarily left his face when the two children had been arguing, "Good. Once we've finished our meal, I want all of you to wash your faces and dress nicely. None of you may be picked today, but it has never done harm to look your best."

Above the family, the lights dimmed and went out completely after a few seconds. When they flickered back to life, Etta lowered an eyebrow, "When is the power going to be fixed? It's been acting like this for months." she said, picking at the cooked ham with her fork.
Her father wiped his hands on a napkin and shrugged, "I'm not informed with the Council's activities, Etta, but I'm sure they'll fix it soon."
"Mr. Araya could fix it, if they'd let him."
"He doesn't do that kind of work anymore, idiot." Adam pointed out, "Not after what happened to his son."
The story was, the Council claimed, was that Ak Araya's son had been killed during work one day. The boy and been electrocuted and fried due to clumsy use of equipment was their story, yet a body had never been shown during the funeral. The Araya's had been the machinery people of Bregar, and when Ak and Nisa's son died they stopped their business and never reopened. And now, years later, they pretended that Nolan had never existed.
The story wasn't even supposed to be mentioned.
"Hush, Adam. No one asked for your opinion." Diana said, shooting a cold glare at her son, "The Council will make arrangements for repairs when they have the time. They are very busy people, you know."
Adam scowled, "Of course I know! Everyone only says it about a-"
"Alright!" Max said suddenly, shooting up from his chair and cutting his son's sentence short, "Children, go clean up. We're expected to be outside in half an hour."


5 Characters Present

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Location: Bregar Village

It was the day of The Choosing, the day the Fiddleson sisters would pick a small group of young adults to venture into the Wild. Some feared this day, others begged for it to come in hopes that they would be granted the honor to be one of the Chosen. As for Jens, he didn't feel dread nor excitement. This was just another day for him. He'd witnessed plenty of these 'Choosing' days growing up, so it wasn't anything new to him. He wasn't really look forward to it since it would just be a wait of time for him to go. He wouldn't be chosen anyway, but unfortunately every citizen had to attend this ceremony.

He'd woken up early that morning to get his siblings cleaned and dressed, not feeling any concern for them since they were still too young to participate. His father had already left to do who knows what. Jens had noticed his fathers early absence on these particular days a while back. For some reason the man always disappeared until the last minute. They'd meet up with him in the main square anyway.

And meet up they did. After the normal routine of cookies Yui and Arthur breakfast, Jens dressed himself in a plain white shirt and dark pants before leading the twins to the center of the village, finding it too much of a hassle to dress all proper-like like most of the citizens of Bregar did on these days. They'd been waiting there for a while as others showed up. Yui and Arthur begun to braid each others bright red hair out of boredom. Only seconds before the ceremony finally started their father found them in the middle of the crowd and now stood beside Jens who held Yui's hand who in turn held Arthur's.

The rest went on as it usually did every few years. The old ladies would have a farewell speech about the past Choosing. Sometimes the public would protest, sometimes they wouldn't. This time around there were two, one being the mother of one of the fallen. As the Protectors lead them away Jens felt his sisters hand tighten around his and he glanced down at her with a small smile to reassure her, though it probably helped her more than it did himself. He hated when people protested. Didn't they know it was useless to resist? Nothing good would come out of it so what was the point...

The ceremony continued on without any hesitation after the two were escorted away and Jens returned his attention to the Fiddleson sisters as they spoke. They would pick their Chosen soon, the teens would leave and few to none would return, and Jens would go home and continue living his life normally everyday. He promised Arthur that he'd teach him how to tell how long ago an animal had passed by by the tracks the next day. They'd have to get up pretty early for that.

"All of you are great, but some of you have proved to be greater. This Time of Choosing, I am pleased to announce to newest of the Chosen, and may their ancestors guide them through their struggles--"

Yui had to go to a birthday tomorrow too. They yet had to pick out a gift. Jens had suggested a few things, but the little red-head had shook her head at each one and pat him on the head with her sketchbook complaining that they were all too boyish, but he'd only been joking around with her. He had a much better idea, but that would be a surprise for tomorrow.

--and return them safely back home. Wynston, of the Banes family..."

He realized he'd started to space out at the ground in his thoughts, but hearing the name of the first Chosen he looked up. He might as well pay attention to the poor souls who'd be shoved out into the unknown. However, the next name to be called was his own. At first he felt complete disbelief and almost thought that maybe he just imagined it. Until he felt his fathers hand on his shoulder. Jen's turned his head to look at him with an expression on confusion, but his father only stared forward with terror in his eyes. Jens swallowed dryly and let go of his sisters hand, knowing exactly what he needed to be doing next.

He didn't really hear the names that were called after his own, after all he was a little too in shock for that, but as he stepped up and the other Chosen joined him he could somewhat put names to faces. He'd taken in a deep breath before turning to face the village crowd, so he was a little calmer now, but he still felt shocked. The last thing he expected, and the last thing he wanted was to be chosen, yet here he was. He moved his eyes from side to side to get a better look at the other teen with him as the sisters continued to speak. Most of them looked excited actually, aside from the smaller girl beside him. Anyone would probably be able to tell that she was clearly afraid, poor girl.

Then there was himself. How was he feeling about the current situation? He wasn't really sure if he was afraid, but he knew he wasn't excited or thrilled. He was still having a hard time actually taking in the fact that he'd been Chosen. What the heck did he have to offer anyway? He'd always done a good job of staying off the radar, and not even on purpose. He was just a naturally unnoticeable person, or so he'd always thought. Apparently, though, the sisters had other plans for him.